Easy Beauty Care Tips to Improve Your Face, Skin, and Hair

Every woman wishes to have healthy and natural glowing hair and skin, especially when you don’t want to spend too much time and money on fancy beauty procedures that won’t even last for long.

There are many beauty tips that you can do during the day or before going to bed that will improve your hair, skin, and face, to keep your face ever fresh. Some of these beauty tips will actually help you save time when getting ready to leave the house in the morning.

With these tips, you’ll make the most out of the products you probably already have at home, and it is not using them at their full capacity, whether they are makeup and skincare products or hair items that you bought and is not sure how they can help you.

The tips are simple, easy to follow, you won’t need to spend too much time doing them, so no changes to your routine, and in the end, you’ll have beautiful and healthy skin and hair.

Manicure At Home

When we talk about maintaining ourselves, a manicure holds huge importance because hands and feet reflect our personality. You don’t have to visit the salon for the manicure and can maintain your hands, feet, and nails at home. You can protect your nails by applying a tiny amount of vaseline to the boundary line between your nails and skin. Experts recommend the use of moisture on your hands to protect your skin from drying.

Apply dry shampoo to your hair before going to bed

If you had a busy day and didn’t have the time to wash your hair before going to bed or if you will have to wake up too early the next day and doesn’t want to wash and dry it before leaving the house, you can apply dry shampoo right before sleeping and during the night it will absorb all the oil from your hair, so you can wake up with fresh and clean hair.

Applying the dry shampoo in your entire hair extension won’t even take 2 minutes and on the next day, you can simply brush it to make it look good. A tip that will save time and make it look like your hair has been washed and dried before you left your house.

Use more than one face mask to improve your skin

The skin on your face is not the same in all areas. The skin on your nose can be oily with blackheads while the skin on your cheeks is dry with no acne. If you use only one face mask with one property and purpose it will not meet all the needs of your skin.

So, to ensure that your entire face will look healthy and with its best appearance, apply different masks at the same time and each area of your face will receive the appropriate nutrients. If your nose and forehead are oily you can apply a charcoal face mask that will absorb the oil and prevent acne, and if your cheeks are dry you can go for a hydrating mask.
Face masks are not a one size fits all product, you need to apply, test, and see how each area of your skin reacts to it.

Use the diffuser to dry your hair

The blow dryer usually does not perform well for women with curly hair. Drying the curls like you’d dry a flat and straight hair will only make the curls look undefined with a lot of frizz, and with time the hair will get very damaged.

But there is an item that comes with most blow dryers that will change the life of girls with curly hair: the diffuser. This way, the hair will dry already shaped in curls with no frizz in it. And to dry is super simple: you can twirl the hair or the curls, put it on the diffuser and make up and down movements while the blow dryer is on.

At the end, you’ll have defined hair, free of frizz and damage.

Exfoliate your skin and scalp

Most people know about the benefits of exfoliating your face skin, you’ll remove all the dead skin, help your cells to regenerate, and you’ll have glowy and flawless skin, with no blackheads and acne.

But exfoliating your scalp is actually a good and healthy practice as most people forget that there is skin in there too. Doing it once a week will remove the dead skin cells, will decrease the oil production — so if you have oily hair this can be a lifesaver — and ensure that all the products you apply will get absorbed.

You can easily find scalp scrubbers with natural ingredients that are not too expensive. Go for the ones with sugar crystals instead of salt crystals, they tend to be more gentle, and won’t do any damages if you let them dry in your hair.

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Apply tinted sunscreen every day

You are probably tired of hearing that you need to apply sunscreen every single day to protect your skin from the UV radiation, that causes sunburns, faster aging, and can lead to skin cancer in the long term. And you have to apply sunscreen even when you are not leaving your house, as the light from the cellphones, TV’s and laptops screen can also damage the skin.

But if you never found a sunscreen with a nice consistency that feels good on your face, or doesn’t like the texture of the makeup on top of the sunscreen, you can solve the problem with a tinted sunscreen.

The most famous brands already released a version of their best sunscreen that has color in it, so you will have a sunscreen and a foundation altogether in one product.

Find the color that matches your skin tone, and you’ll be protected from the UV radiation while hiding the imperfection you normally hide with your foundation. This can be the first step of your makeup foundation, and you can apply the concealer and the powder on top of it to avoid oily spots.

And the best part is that you can reapply it later, and it will look like you have just applied fresh makeup. You will be protected and looking beautiful.

Dark circles need more hydration and not concealer

Women with dark circles under their eyes tend to apply a lot of concealers in order to hide it. Sometimes they even apply two or three different concealers with different colors to hide it. The problem is that too much concealer can make the dark circles more prominent, give your entire face an unnatural appearance and even make you look a little older.

Dark circles under the eyes need to be hydrated every single day with appropriate moisture and products, and when you apply makeup, go for one concealer that matches your skin tone and blend it very well. The more natural it looks the better you’ll hide it.

Don’t apply concealers two or three tones lighter than your skin, this will make your under eye look too bright without covering the dark circles.

Apply eye makeup first

If you are planning on applying dark eyeshadows, do it before you apply the rest of your makeup. If you do your skin makeup first, the eyeshadow will fall on your face and cheeks ruining the entire makeup, and it will be hard to remove it.

Apply the eyeshadow, clean whatever bits fell on your face, and then apply the foundation, concealer, and powder.

Use face powder to make the lipstick last

If you want to make your lipstick last without fading or smudging, you can try the face powder tip and see how better it will look and how much more it will last.

There are two ways of doing it: with and without a tissue. Without the tissue, with clean lips, apply a thin layer of your lipstick and with the help of a makeup brush apply the face powder directly into your lips, and then apply another layer of the lipstick for fair skin.

With the tissue you won’t apply the powder directly into your lips, you’ll put the tissue in front of your lips and apply the powder in it. So just a little powder will get in touch with your lips.

You can try both methods and see which one will work best and make your lipstick last longer while looking incredible.

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Apply Concealers In Light Amount

Applying concealers heavily is not a good idea, and it makes your skin unnatural. A thin layer of light concealer would be a good fit for your skin and completely change your complexion. Concealers help in toning your skin and make your shade even all over the skin.

Face Gloss Completely Change You

Your skin must glow even when you’re at home to keep your skin fresh and glowing all time. The face gloss gives the glow you need; it doesn’t blush your skin and highlights the skin without doing much to your skin.

Groom Eyebrows Without Getting Into Hassles

Using pencils for shaping eyebrows has become an obsolete trend, and you should use brow pomade that gives better results in no time.

Lip Liner Leaves A Lasting Impact

Lip liner adds styles to your personality and makes them look striking. Use a sharp pencil precisely and use striking colors to make them distinctive.

Remove Stray Hair On Your Face

This is a common issue with women and they want to completely get rid of them. Don’t use tweezers or threads. Expert beauticians suggest using wax and laser treatment to get a clear effect on your skin.


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