Best Airplane Footrests 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Comfort could be tough to come by especially in the quite close confines of the airplane cabin. However, if you have one of the best airplane footrests, you would catch a nice nap & encourage perfect posture, even if in a cramped seat. In case, your feet do not reach the floor, there is a great risk of joint pain & vein thrombosis, as either of those can derail the family vacation or business trip. Footrests for travelers are foldable, lightweight, inflatable, & portable, and easy to pack. These footrests do not take up huge space and weight. Therefore, these are very good travel companions.

Best Airplane Footrests 2021

1. Sleepy Ride Footrest to Prevent Swelling and Soreness

Best Airplane Footrests

This footrest is specifically crafted with thick and high-quality foam. It is more like sitting in a lounger while your feet are resting on pillows. Make your traveling experience a hammock as the legs gently control the movement of the airplane.

The good thing about this footrest is that it protects leg swelling, back pain, and stiffness during the long as well as in short flights. You may feel energized and refresh while reaching the destination.

The adjustable length of the strips provides optimal necessary support to your feet. The footrest is space saving and may easily fit into your handbag, or you may carry this lightweight sleepy ride in your hands without any hesitation whatsoever.

Product highlights
  • Made with thick and high-quality memory foam.
  • It helps in protecting the feet against stiffness, swelling, and back pain.
  • Easily portable from one flight to the other.

2. HOMCA Travel Foot Rest Pillow

HOMCA Travel Foot Rest Pillow, Inflatable Travel Leg Rest Pillow for Foot Rest on Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Office, and Kids to Sleep on Long Flights

This hangar footrest is versatile when it comes to its use. Whether you are traveling in an airplane, train or bus, it helps you to relax your feet without any pinch.

It helps your legs comfortable position and feet to get rest during or after a long journey. It may be used as a kid’s bed or may be used as a chair while you are waiting for your transportation.

This footrest is made with polyvinyl chloride flocking which is durable and washable easily. The material with which it is made is hygienic, healthy, and environmentally friendly.
The product is leak-proof and durable. The eye-catching design has its value. It hardly takes one or half a minute to fill the air with mouth and takes only 5 seconds to discharge the air from it.

Product highlights
  • Multipurpose use.
  • The PVC material is healthy, hygienic, and equally environment-friendly.
  • Leak-proof, designed for mouth blowing.

3. Height Adjustable Portable Travel Footrest

# Best Andyer portable travel footrest

Height Adjustable Portable Travel Footrest

Looking for the best Andyer footrest? If so, this portable footrest is a great choice for you to thrive for. The product is durable and sturdy for long term use.

The combination of two straps and three nails helps it to form a kind of triangle which provides comfort, relaxation, and luxury to your legs and feet.

Adjustable length of the strap provides variable length for the user and lock in the strap does not allow it to open at any point.

The footrest is so easy to use. Hang it to the bracket of the table and simply put your feet on it and you can enjoy a long haul flight without any stiffness, back pain or legs swelling. The weight of the footrest is negligible, so you don’t need to carry extra weight along with your luggage.

Product highlights
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • It provides comfort and eases to your legs and feet.
  • Easy to use.

4. Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillow Kids Airplane Bed to Sleep Adjustable Height Leg Pillow With BONUS Pillow Cover

Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillow  Kids Airplane Bed to Sleep  Adjustable Height Leg Pillow  With BONUS Pillow Cover  Best Kids Travel Accessories for Air, Car, Train

Want to get airplane leg rest? Then, try this inflatable traveler footrest, and you will be amazed at the results. The woes and worries of sleepless flight are just gone. This footrest is certainly going to provide you the best sleep that you can enjoy in the airplane with a seat cushion.

The adjustable straps of the footrest are so well designed that you can easily fit them car seats and airplane seats. The adjustable length of the straps also ensures that the blood circulation remains well in the legs and feet. This footrest is equally helpful and supportive for all ages ranging from kids to old ones.

The footrest is reusable, portable, and lightweight. The lightweight quality assures that you do not need to carry extra weight along with your routine luggage. You can also turn it into a kid’s airplane bed.

Product highlights

  • Forget the worries of sleepless flight.
  • Adjustable straps work in various lengths.
  • Lightweight, portable and reusable.

5. STYDDI Travel Inflatable Footrest Cushion

STYDDI Travel Foot Rest Pillow, Inflatable Footrest Cushion

This footrest provides rest and comfort to your legs and feet during long time travel on the airplane, train, or bus or even after tiring work. Include this footrest in your airplane sleep accessories.

The footrest is ideal for home, office, or travel. The footrest is made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride flocking, which is environment-friendly, soft, and hygienic for body parts. The inflatable pillow can be stored in small places.

It supports the legs from curling or stretching in the car, bus or even an office. The design is scientific and humanized stripped with two different nozzles. It hardly takes one minute to blow the pillow with mouth air and takes about 4 to 5 seconds to release the air.

Product highlights
  • Made with polyvinyl chloride material.
  • It can be stored in relatively small places.
  • Two tight nozzles keep air in the pillow.
  • A perfect companion for traveling.

6. Airplane Footrest Made With Premium Memory Foam

Sleepy Ride - Airplane Footrest Made With Premium Memory Foam

Enjoy the experience of an footrest hammock with this footrest pillow. It provides gentle sway with the movement of the airplane in the air so that your legs and feet do not feel lethargic.

This footrest is made up of polyvinyl chloride flocking. This flocking is a soft and durable foam that provides a great amount of comfort and rest to your legs. It also prevents legs from swelling, stiffness, and back pain that may occur due to long traveling.

The adjustable strap work well in a smooth way to provide you an adjustable length for your feet. You can use it on the airplane for a luxurious flight experience, travel by bus or train.

It is lightweight and easily portable in your handbags.

Product highlights
  • It prevents stiffness, swelling and back pain.
  • Avail adjustable length with flexible straps.

7. Portable Footrest

Portable Footrest

This portable airplane travel footrest is compact and durable. The product is perfect to be used in the office, home, on an airplane or traveling on a bus train.

This footrest is made up of durable ABS plastic which is lightweight, and you can carry it to any place without facing any hindrance whatsoever. The footrest is easily foldable and can transform into shape in no time.

It helps you elevate your legs and feet that ultimately provides a moderate and good blood circulation for your legs. Despite the fact that the footrest is heavy duty, the ease of use and ease of carrying the footrest give it to a different level of satisfaction.

The design is an innovation in the footrest market. The sliding panels add an extra surface for your feet to relax. Self- locking does not allow feet to slide on the surface.

Product highlights

  • Made with ABS plastic.
  • Use it for better blood circulation.
  • The new innovative siding panel design.

8. aKoala Kloud Inflatable Travel Foot Rest

aKoala Kloud Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillow

This inflatable footrest for airplane travel pillow is famous for its large surface area available for your feet. This Koala Kloud footrest keeps your family comfortable on car rides, long airplane flights, and train travels, at home or even in office as well.

It also acts as a comfortable traveling bed for the kids. It hardly takes 90 seconds to inflate the pillow with mouth air. The pillow is leak free and takes only a few seconds to deflate.

The footrest pillow is weightless as low as only 1lb. This weightless quality allows this pillow to adjust in any carry on luggage bag without giving you any trouble. The pillow footrest is made up of polyvinyl chloride flocking and foam which provides comfort and eases to your legs and feet.

The above angle of the pillow keeps the blood circulation smooth during traveling.

Product highlights

  • Best companion in long flights, car, and bus drives.
  • It takes a short time to inflate.
  • Durable and weightless.

9. Foot Rest, New-Type Portable Adjustable Height Travel Footrest Flight Carry-on

Foot Rest, New-Type Portable Adjustable Height Travel Footrest Flight Carry-on

Enjoy the best airplane foot hammock experience with this portable footrest. The separated design footrest is unique and suits best for the comfort of the feet and legs.

The footrest is easy to carry anywhere and hardly adds a burden to the luggage bag. The design of the foot sling provides an easy way to install the footrest. The hook of the footrest spreads either side of the table tray reaching to the length of the feet easily.

The length of the rope stretches from 200 mm to 450 mm. The footrest is made with high-quality canvas which is auto stretchable and adjustable to the feet. The adjustable length of the straps keeps your feet above the ground level and maintains smooth blood circulation in the legs.

Product highlights

  • Unique separated design for each foot.
  • Easy to install, hang it on either side of the table tray.
  • Made with high quality and durable canvas.

10. My EZ Fly Airplane Travel Foot Rest Hammock

My EZ Fly Airplane Travel Foot Rest Hammock

This footrest provides the stable and flat experience of hanging your feet while traveling on a bus train or even an airplane. It means that there is no chance of clashing together between the feet and ankle.

The portable footrest is made with highly durable and comfortable canvas. It supports legs and feet to maintain a smooth circulation of blood. It means sit back and enjoy your comfortable journey with this unique footrest.

The extra added length in the straps helps to adjust the feet in a relaxed position. It is the best remedy against the back pain, stiffness, and swelling of feet during a long journey.

It is much like a breeze to use, as just hand the straps around the tray table and keep your feet in the footrest.

Product highlights

  • Enjoy the flat and stable experience of keeping your feet.
  • Made with highly durable and comfortable canvas.
  • Feel stiffness and swelling free.

Airplane Footrests Buying Guide

Selecting the right product for traveling on a plane relies on your requirements as well as preferences. Below, we have mentioned some tips for travelers like you, which will help you in choose the best footrest.

Airplane Comfort Products

There are 2 kinds of travelers across this globe: one who could sleep on the planes, and two who cannot. Following are some comfort products which could help you if you lie in the second category.

  • Travel Pillow: The memory foam travel pillows have everything that you can need in your travel pillow.
  • Footrest Sling: A portable footrest sling secures your feet around the seatback table for solving a where-I-put-feet issue which is quite general.
  • Bucky Eye Mask: Eye mask is a great improvement. These masks are equipped with the strong strap which will not lose its elasticity the 3rd time you use this.
  • Disinfectant Wipes: these wipes for your armrests as well as tray table might help great.

How to Use Andyer Footrest

Andyer traveling footrest uses 3 nails & 2 straps to make a triangle. It is quite sturdy as well as durable. It is very easy to use Andyer footrest. Just hang your footrest to the tray table bracket and put your foot on this.

  • Hook the string of your footrest to the table in front of you.
  • Snap its buckle (that is pu leather must be inward, & oxford fabric should be outward).
  • Lengthening the feet, float the legs, swing legs to get relief.
  • You can enjoy your time in a comfortable environment while using this.

The Best Way to Sleep on an Airplane

Some people could fall asleep everywhere, anywhere. A footrest is great while traveling in a plane as its sling alleviates soreness and swelling by elevating the feet. You can also buy light compression socks along with a footrest for swelling prevention. So, the footrest will allow you to sleep comfortably.

The straps of the footrest are adjustable & thus hook around the front table; hence it does become a foot hammock. It rocks gently along with the motion of the airplane. Plus, the footrest does not jerk the front seat of the person. You can clip & adjust your footrest carefully even without moving your fellow passenger’s economy seat.

Airplane Comfort Accessories

  • A pillow that adjusts and twists with you hence you have a comfy place actually to place your head.
  • A face mask that brings the skin back to normal life.
  • One tablet stands that you may attach to the table tray for the hands-free experience.
  • You need a portable charger that allows you to charge 2 devices at a time.
  • A set of noise-reducing headphones hence you might block out the talkative neighbors.
  • Hair Towelettes will make your hair seem like you have a blow out at about 40,000 feet.

Two Best Types of Airplane Footrests

Airplane Foot Hammock

Your restless legs and feet on the plane could be the most aggravating feeling on the long flight. For those who fly with the First Class or Business Class passengers, this becomes a tough task to look at how comfy you could get. And while you are dealing with the matter of several inches between you & the passenger, the small adjustments could make a huge difference. The Hammock footrest is foldable up to a very small handheld pouch which takes up little space. It keeps you comfortable.

Inflatable Footrests for Airplane

These footrests could serve as the replacement to the plane’s built-in footrests. However, there’re other replacements too. You can opt for either depending on your preferences.


One main reason that you probably like to travel is relaxing and getting away from busy life. Also, you may need to travel much for your business purposes.

It does not matter what the main reason is, traveling could make you feel exhausted particularly from the walking & being on seats that are not quite comfortable for long hours.

It’s where the best airplane footrests could do wonders for you. Footrests could help in easing the pain on the feet and legs & assist you in enjoying your journey, rather than dreading it.

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