Best Arm Straps For Moving 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The best arm straps for moving on our list, which assist you in using your body to make a maximum level of leverage & lifting power. Hence, you along with your companion could carry your fridge or couch. The arm straps are one straps pair which is ergonomically made to encourage a proper lifting technique. These help in decreasing back injuries because of repetitive as well as heavy lifting. These arm straps for moving employ leverage that makes your goods being carried look 66% lighter. It makes this quite simpler to go up & down the stairs, & to turn around any corner.

Best Arm Straps For Moving 2021

1. Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps

Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps - Lifting Strap for 2 Movers - Move, Lift, Carry, And Secure Furniture, Appliances, Heavy, Bulky Objects Safely, Efficiently, More Easily Like The Pros - Essential Moving Supplies - LD1000

Lifting heavy objects is something that always nourishes you with strains and back pain. These shoulder dolly moving straps have now come to your rescue. The adjustable straps of this product are thoughtfully designed to provide you with stress-free lifting experience.

Equipped with an ability to lift up to 800lbs, these moving straps are ergonomically designed to promote and facilitate proper lifting techniques. This is the reason why these are known to reduce back pain. Built with heavy-duty material, these straps are the best for lifting your bulky furniture.

These moving straps come in one size that fits all because of the unlimited adjustability that this product offers. Durability, comfort, and convenience are what these straps effortlessly provide.

So, grab yours for a stabilized and easy lifting experience like never before.

Product highlights
  • It promotes easy lifting techniques.
  • It is made up of heavy-duty material.
  • It can lift up to 800 lbs.

2. Forearm Forklift Lifting and Moving Straps

Forearm Forklift Lifting and Moving Straps for Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses or Heavy Objects up to 800 Pounds 2-Person, Orange, Model L74995CN

These Forearm Forklift Lifting and Moving Straps effectively cater to all your lifting worries. Promising to reduce the weight of heavy objects by 66%, these patented straps are highly adjustable.

Each of its straps is 9 feet and 4 inches long, this further aids the process of lifting all small, medium, large and extra-large objects. Equipped with an ergonomic design these moving straps encourage proper weightlifting techniques without putting any scratches on your wood or tile floors.

The strength of polypropylene makes these straps able to bear a weight of up to 800 pounds. In all, these easy lifting moving straps are perfect for providing you a pain-free lifting experience. Lifting heavy-duty furniture, appliances, and other bulky objects have never been easier like this.

Product highlights
  • Reduce the weight of objects by 66%.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • 9 feet 4 inches long straps.
  • Bear a maximum weight of 800 pounds.

3. Soft Loop Tie Down Straps

Soft Loop Tie Down Straps - 1,500 Load Capacity & 4,500 Lbs Breaking Strength - 6 Pack - Loops for Securing ATV, UTV, Motorcycles, Scooters, Dirt Bikes, Lawn & Garden Equipment - by AUGO

Soft Loop Tie Down Straps are perfectly designed to secure your vehicles and equipment. Possessing a remarkable weight bearing strength of 1500 lbs, these top quality Loop tie down straps come in a pack of six.

These straps guarantee a greater extent of durability and thus, offer a break strength of up to 4500 lbs. This is what makes them stand out among all other such products.

This product offers multiple uses; from helping to secure your motorcycles, dirt bikes and scooters, it also assists you in securing your lawn equipment. Besides that, these straps are easy to use. Simply wrap them around the handlebars, insert them into the loop, pull to tighten, and you are good to go.

What else do you want in loop tie down strap? Immediately grab one for you!

Product highlights
  • Durable.
  • Weight-bearing strength of 1500 lbs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Break strength of 4500 lbs.

4. SuperSliders Pro-Lifter Moving and Lifting Straps

SuperSliders Pro-Lifter Moving and Lifting Straps

These SuperSliders Pro-Lifter Moving and Lifting Straps are here for all your moving and lifting needs. Now there is no need to worry about shifting from one place to another. These straps are going to make it easier for you to move and lift bulky things weighing up to 600 lbs.

Heading for encouraging proper lifting techniques, these lowes moving straps are made up of a high-strength webbed material. These straps come in a set of two and promise to leave no scratches and scuffs on your expensive wood and tile floors while ensuring a pain-free lifting process.

The 9 feet 3 inches length of these straps provides unlimited adjustment and offers a greater level of convenience and ease.

This product is undoubtedly the most promising high-quality furniture mover available in the market today.

Product highlights
  • 9 feet 3 inches strap length.
  • Durability.
  • Pack of two.
  • Moving and lifting straps.

5. Ozark Trail TT-57 Xi-26-D 76064P

Ozark Trail TT-57 Xi-26-D 76064P, Utility Strap With Quick-Release Buckle, 72 L, Black, 4 Piece

Ozark Trail Utility Straps serve the purpose of clinching down your sleeping bags, bag packs, bikes, tents and car loads. Designed for bringing convenience to your lives, these straps come with a quick release buckle and a 72 inches long strap.

These are thoughtfully designed to offer an easy securing mechanism and are thus, kept highly adjustable.

This product comes in a pack of 4 and includes buckles. The strong polypropylene black straps are there to offer a greater level of durability.

These are also really easy to cut to any desired length as per your requirement. Then, you may even seal fray with the help of a lighter or a match stick. These distinct qualities make them the customer’s first choice in the competitive market.

Product highlights
  • 72 inches strap.
  • Easy to cut and seal fray with lighter or match stick.
  • Pack of 4 with buckles.
  • Quick release buckles.

Arm Straps For Moving Buying Guide

In this section, we will examine three of the best arm straps, so that you can easily pick up the one according to your preferences. As well, you will have a look at how to use moving straps and forearm forklift on stairs.

Lifting Straps for Moving Heavy Items

Only one person is needed. Moving straps are ergonomically created to facilitate and promote proper lifting methods. These save walls and floors from scratches. Plus, you can easily lift even heavy products just by yourself and do not need to ask for help from others.

The arm straps are extremely durable and strong for moving heavy items. These furniture moving straps are for a single person. These lifting straps are designed to carry up to fifteen-hundred kg. These straps are made from polypropylene material; hence you could move anything heavy, big or bulky with the help of them.

How to Use Moving Straps?

Here are top-line tips for using moving traps:

  • Put the harnesses either across your shoulders & chest or forearms. You along with your partner could assist one another in attaching other ends of your straps.
  • Place your straps down on the ground in front of what you’re moving. And then, along with your partner, you have to tip one piece of appliance or furniture backward.
  • Now, move the carrying straps under that item, centering them, however, putting each one just near the outer edge of your object.
  • When you’re just ready to move, do not take large steps.
  • Try to keep your back just straight to avoid strain.

How to Use Forearm Forklift on Stairs?

The forearm forklift works great for shifting the heavy weight of an item that you are trying to move up or down the stairs in such a way your arms and back do not get strained.

For using the forearm forklift, just put it under the object that you intend to move. Then, bend down on your knees & put the forearms into both straps. Put your both hands flat against that object which you’re moving. Try to keep your back just straight & lift up. You would use your forearms strength (than your hands or finger) to move the object on the stairs.


Moving straps are also known as furniture lifting straps. It is a handy little invention that has got the potential to save relocation. It takes a weight off of the body because lifting your furniture with the straps would not be physically demanding. Finding the best arm straps for moving is not very difficult. You could find these in any store which specializes in selling out the moving objects.

In addition to this, moving straps use physics for shifting an item. There are two general kinds of moving straps – forearm and shoulder. Whichever you choose for, you would not make an error.


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