Best Beach Toys For Kids 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Outing with your family is great for you and your kid’s mental health. Beach is a great option for a vacation. While you are enjoying your kids also need to enjoy themselves. That’s why you need to buy beach toys for your kids. So that they won’t get bore. There are many kinds of beach toys. Among all of them, finding the best beach toy for your kid is tough. So in this article, I am going to write about some of the best beach toys based on customers review.

Best Beach Toys For Kids Reviews in 2020

1. HENGDA KITE-Beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kite for Kids – Red Mollusc Octopus

HENGDA KITE is for those kids who are always playful and active. This kite is perfect for your kid to play all the way. The color of this kite will give your kids fun. They can stay on the beach for the whole day, and can productively use energy with joy.

This kite is entirely software made. It will take only one minute to get a new kite. Just take out this kite and use it. You can use this kite in the park, or on the beach or your terrace. Keep this into the wind, and it will fly automatically.

This kite is 31 inches wide. We know flying kites is an entertaining activity for both kids and adults. You can get pleasure from your quality time together with your family.

Its stings get tangled easily. And it will cause a problem for you while flying. 

2. Play Sand Toys for Kids

When you want something for your kid that expresses your kid’s creativity, then Play Sand Toys for Kids is just for you. This toy is just perfect for indoor-outdoor activity. 

This toy pack has 23 piece toys. It has 18 play sand molds and five plays and tools. It has plenty of shovels, scoops, and rakes. Your kids can boost their creativity with sand toys fun. It has unique arts and crafts for toddlers. These castle toys have bright and attractive colors, which makes them attractive to toddlers. It has some uncommon molds in this colorful set such as a dinosaur, butterfly, shark, and many more. This toy is for 3+ kids. It is non-toxic.

You can use Brookston, Magic Sand, Moon Dough, Mad Mattr, Sands Alive sands. The molds will manage. This toy has passed CPSC’s test.

These toys are tiny – 1-3 inches. It’s not suitable for small kids to play. The plastic is not sturdy.

3. Kinetic Sand

When you have Kinetic Sand, you can bring your home all the excitements of the beach. In this toy set, they have added everything you require to treat your kids with endless laughs. This sandbox has enough ingredients to make your desired Castel.

In this sandbox, you will get:

  • 340 grams of Kinetic Sand Beach Sand
  • 5 Molds
  • 4 Tools
  • 1 Transformable Sandbox

If you’re looking for an indoor sand mold set that will keep your kids excited engaged for hours, the original Kinetic Sand is your best bet.

Your kids can play with this sand toy for more than 20 ways. This indoor play sand is different from other brands. 

The quality of this sand is excellent. It is very to make a mold with this sand.

But sadly, there are only two colors. And the dough is tough to work with.

4. Click N’ Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

Are you looking for travel sand toys with a backpack? Then Click N’ Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set is just for you. This bag has a fun and colorful 18 piece beach sand toy set for an imaginative day at the beach.

Your kids can make fun and creative shapes and sculptures. It helps your kids to promote their cognitive and imaginative skills. The leashes on the bag are handy.

This set includes a bucket, two shovels, three rakes, two sand sifters, and watering can. There are many designed sand mold like a sea horse, turtle, Octopus, seashell, Duck, starfish, boat, castle.

This beach sand toy set has BPA free material. So you don’t have to worry about it. This beach toy set will keep your children busy for hours at the beach.

The size of these products is very tiny. The toddler may choke them this is not for kids over four. They might get bore.

5. Hape Beach Basics Sand Toy Set

Hape toys are specially designed for 18 months – 12 years old kids. This toy set encourages your kid to play outside and be active. This kind of beach sand toy set is great for your kids.

This Hape Beach Basic Sand Toy Set includes a bucket, sifter, rake, and shovel. This set has everything for a perfect day at the beach. Your kids will enjoy this.

This toy set has child safe materials. It doesn’t contain any non-toxic products. Your kid can make a sandcastle or anything that he/she likes. You can also use this toy set in your home. You can use it during gardening. Your kids can dig a hole with a shovel and put some seeds there.

The quality of this toy is quite surprising. The plastic is thick and doesn’t bend when you are digging.

However, the toys are set small. Even though, they have mention a 12-year-old kid can play with this but in reality, it is not.


In this article, we have just mentioned some of the products based on customer reviews. We have also tried to tell you some pros and cons of these products. However, there is no product that will please everyone. So for your kid, you need to figure out which one is the best beach toy. I hope this article helped you to choose which one you need to buy.

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