Best Bristle Block Sets 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Bristle Block Sets

Kids are growing up and it means their brain is also growing with them. In this time they should play with something that makes their creativity and imagination one level up. Block sets are great for them to play. But finding the perfect one for a child is not easy. There are many kinds of block set in the market. That’s why, in this article, I am going to review some of the Best Bristle Block Sets building toy for kids.

Best Overall: Blocks by Battat
Best Value: 128 Pieces in a Bucket
Most Popular: B. toys – Blocks Stackadoos
Budget Friendly: Bristle Block Spinaroos

Best Bristle Block Sets Reviews

1. Bristle Blocks by Battat

Best Bristle Block Sets

If you are looking for a classic block set for your kid, Then this one might be for you. This one is for young, curious minds. With their creativity, they can give any shape they prefer. This bristle shape block is exciting for kids. It brings out your kid’s creativity.

This toy has flexible, interlocking bristles that stick together at any angle. It can make a frustration-free building toy. This one has 112 pieces of blocks in different sizes. It has vibrant colors in every piece. It has 8-functional wheels for the motion to object. It has extra options for young builders.

It is 12.5 x 3 x 14 inches. It is perfect for a 2-year old to a 5-year old child. This product is BPA free. So you can say it is safe for kids. This block is fit with Spinaroo and Stackadoo block kits.

But the toy blocks are weak. And it can come apart. That’s why sometimes it can be frustrating for kids. 

2. Bristle Blocks by Battat-128 Pieces in a Bucket

Bristle Blocks by Battat-128 Pieces

This bristle shape Block set comes with a storage bucket. This one is for all ages kids. The design of this block is flexible enough for a child. Your older kids can create their masterpieces. This one gives your kids the to use their idea. They make their little world. This block is, particularly for children.

The blocks are soft and rubbery for small hands to hold. So it will not hurt your kids. You kids can connect it at any angle they want. It has trees, lianas, flowers, and 3- animal-shaped blocks. In total, this block set has 128 quality pieces. It has sensory activity, bright colors, and various textures. You can store these colorful toy blocks in the bucket. It has uplifting colors with different textures.

This bristle shape block set is easy to clean. Take some lukewarm soapy water and clean it. Let it dry.

This toy is free from phthalates and BPA. So it is safe for your kid. 

There are small parts in this set that can fit in your kid’s mouth if he is 1-year old or 2-year old.

3. B. toys – Bristle Blocks Stackadoos

B. toys - Bristle Blocks Stackadoos – 68

When you feel a box or a bucket is big enough for you, or it is not easy to carry, then you can buy this. This one is small in size and easy to carry. It is easy to play, create, and build. You can bring out your kid’s imagination with this.

The blocks of this set are very colorful. It can attract your kid’s concentration easily to improve hand-eye coordination it will give your kid a great sense of color. It has enough pieces to build a robot, rocket ship, car, etc. The texture of this set is excellent. It is soft and rubbery. It has a storage pouch. So you can keep blocks for toddlers. This perfect toy is for 2-year old to the 3-year old kid.

This bristle shape block is free from BPA. It is safe for kids. 

This is not a traditional block set. It is different from other sets. The shape of this block is weird.

4. Infantino Sensory Press and Stay Sensory Blocks

Currently Not available

This one is for a 1-year-old kid to 2-year-old kids. It is ideal for them. There are different shapes, and each one is suitable for younger kids. This is something different for your kid to experience. In this way, your kids develop their imagination and creativity. These blocks are easy to push together or pull apart.

It has 24 blocks for kids. It is easy to make. And your little one can give anything they want. It encourages your kids to create their imagination. It stacks up together, and your kid can build sideways. It has bright and beautiful colors. It can easily attract your kid’s attention. Its texture is very soft and rubbery.

This block is big enough for not to fit in your kid’s mouth but enough to fit your kid’s hand.

But the edges of those blocks are very sharp it can hurt your kid. Sometimes it is harder to be piled up.

5. B toys by Battat bristle Blocks for Toddlers

B toys by Battat - Bristle Block Spinaroos

Want something different blocks? Then this educational toy set will be perfect for you. It has some creative bristles pieces which help increase hand-eye coordination. There is much great variety of shapes. The box of this block set is handy. It remains engaged. It can entertain your kid for the whole day. It has countless forms to create.

These toddler plastic blocks are colorful, and your kid can connect them at any angle. It has a sensory activity. It has different textures. This block set has 75 pieces, and each of them has a different color. This toy is phthalates and BPA free. This toy has a smooth finish and soft corners. This toy improves your kid’s concentration, attention span, and mind. It helps your kids to express their interest and creativity.

It has a reusable storage box. This block set is for 2- years old to 6-.years old. It also gives you creative ideas booklet. Your kid can spin this at a 360º angle by using hands.

6. Bristles Blocks by Battat

Bristle Blocks by Battat best

If you are looking for something more than a traditional block set for your kid, then this Battat bristle block kit is just for you. This one has a 3D toy. So, it will be a new experience for your kid. It can also entertain your kid without any hassle. They can create their masterpiece. They can be developmental building blocks for you.

This block set is soft, rubbery, and colorful. They can connect it at any angle they want. This set has a little dog and a family of 4 members. This set symbols their journey as a traveler. It is easy to connect for toddlers. It comes up with different textures. These blocks are easy to store and carry. It improves memory and creativity levels. It has smooth finishes and soft edges. It will help you to give you the family time that you need to spend with your kid.

These blocks are easy to clean. You only need lukewarm water and liquid soap. Then let it dry.

But the pieces fall apart easily. It doesn’t fit well. Headpieces for the figures don’t stay on perfectly.

7. B. Block Stackadoos

B. Bristle Block Stackadoos

This one is for those people who want small size block kits for their kids. Kids can carry them easily. It is flexible enough to use for even baby. This block kit looks different than others. It is so fun that kids even play them for hours.

These bristle building blocks are great for kids. It has 3D designs of buildings. The pieces of this block have vibrant, modern colors. That means it can attract kids’ attention easily. Your kid can make creatures, basic building toys, and more. They can make anything with these blocks. There are various sizes and shapes of blocks. You can also add other blocks with this one. This block kit is compatible with other block kits.

It has 68 pieces. It is soft and chunky enough for a little kid to play. This set is for 2-years old to 6-years old kids.

The blocks are difficult to push together. The baby might need parents to help. Other than this it has no problem.

8. Picasso Tiles Bristle Building Blocks

Picasso Tiles Bristle Building Blocks Tiles Construction Toy Set

This one is for older kids like kindergarten kids. It is an educational learning kit. That means they can learn while playing. It will develop their brain and creativity levels. This kit will take their imagination 1-level up. This kit is fun to play. If you want something educational plaything, then you should buy this one.

It comes with 120 pieces. With this block set, you can build more than 20 types of buildings. This one is specially made to encourage kids to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). They can be single or make the team to play. It is a perfect activity for group learning and teamwork.

This block kit is non-toxic and BPA free. So, it is safe for kids. Its material is high-quality. This kid is sturdy enough to play. It has different bright colors with excellent textures. This is for 36 months to 12 years old kids. 

But it is tough to fit in the box without stacking.

9. Beginner Blocks STEM Building Set for Kids

Beginner Blocks STEM Building Set for Kids

This block playset is packaged economically in a perfect gift box. It is perfect for the kid who just learned how to make a building toy with these blocks by using hands. It allows using creativity, imagination, etc. Your kid can open up their mind. This kit is also great for learning and educational things. 

It has 150 pieces. These pieces are great with other major brands. The per square piece is 2.2 inches or 5.6 cm. It has all kinds of bright colors that kids love and can learn counting. They can make a car or dollhouse whatever they want. They can also play with this in water. All the materials are sturdy and of high quality. It is non-toxic. Free of BPA and phthalates. So they are safe for your kids.

This is perfect for dull kids who doesn’t like an electric car as they are always bored. Don’t give this kit to younger kids. They might choke them because some pieces are too small for them.

Buying Guide of Best Bristle Block Sets Building Toy For Kids

Bristle blocks are for every child. From a toddler to school age children, everyone can use it for their brain. It can encourage them to have creativity for stem education. So here we are giving you a buying guide for bristle blocks that you can give your babies.

Storage and Size

Usually, you will get in a block set plenty of blocks. You need to get the perfect toy stacking block sets that will help you to get enough storage. You will also see many size and shape building blocks. So if you have enough access to your house, you can get the larger ones.


Getting blocks is a kind of investment. So you have to pay some attention to the structure and the quality of the product. Your child can create many creations with it. Like if it has magnets, then it will be easy for your kid to join them. You need to pay attention to some little things.


It is hard to clean the entire block collection. So if the process is easy and simple then it can save a lot of time. Make sure not to keep your block unwashed for a long time. If you do this, then it can be hard for you to clean them.

FAQ of Bristle Block Sets

How to clean block sets?

Cleaning bristle shape blocks are not that difficult. All you need hot water and some vinegar. Ii will help your blocks to loose some dirt. Now a toothbrush and scrub gently.

Another way to clean is to soak blocks in warm water. Now scrub it with some dishwasher. After washing, dry them properly.

Don’t make them too much dirty. Because if they get dirt completely, then it will be not easy to clean them.

What is the age limit for block sets?

Block sets are perfect for a 2-years old kid to 9 years old kid like a toy canister vacuum. But mainly it is ideal for the kid who just learned how to make buildings by themselves. A 2-year old might choke them if the pieces are small. Blocks sets are ideal for child brain development.

How to choose bristle block sets?

You need to choose blocks according to your requirements. You need to make sure the blocks you are choosing are suitable for your kids. There are many types of blocks available in the market or online, you can see videos online for increasing creation. Some are for toddlers, and some are for grown-up kids. So if you read the packaging well, then you can choose blocks.

Are bristle blocks safe for kids?

Bristle shape blocks are phthalates and BPA free. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or any harmful materials jumbo bowling set. You can also choose wooden blocks for your kid. So you don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety. However, If your blocks have small pieces, then keep them away from little kids. They might choke them.

Do blocks help a child’s development?

Blocks help a child’s development. It will give your kid a learning idea. It will help your kid to stimulates creativity. It improves your kid’s vocabulary, math skills, balance, and geometry. They can use their creativity while playing with these block sets. They can know about size, shape, weight, leverage, and balance. . So it is really helpful for their mental development as well as improve motor skills. In a different way – children’s height adjustable easel can help for mental development.


Many people think it is easy to buy a block set. But, when you buy this you need to think about many things like price, quality, purpose to buy, your kid will find it interesting or not tats when the problem starts. As a parent, we always want to get the best thing for our kid. And that’s why we made this article so that you can buy the best bristle block set for your little one.

We have just mentioned some facts about these products. Now it’s up to you which one you will buy for your kid as your requirements.

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