Best Bubble Guns For Toddlers in 2021

Best Bubble Guns For Toddlers

Everyone loves bubbles. Be it, kids or elders. It also suits every kind of occasion. You can use these bubble guns for weeding, picnic, etc. But before buying you need to consider some things like good shape, sturdy, materials, design, etc. There are many kinds of bubble guns, and you need to find the best bubble gun among them.

So to help you choose, we have researched bubble guns and made this article. 

Best Bubble Guns Reviews in 2021

1. Bubble Machine

Best Bubble Guns For Toddlers

Bubbles have been a popular favorite with kids all across the world for years. This automatic durable bubble machine is famous among kids. It makes your kid’s birthday party cool. It looks adorable. This bubble machine looks like a dolphin. And it is easy to use. It is both for outdoor and indoor activities.

It has sturdy and high-quality materials. It is durable and long-lasting. So, you can use it for years without any problem. The design of this bubble machine is a low supportive bottom that will sit securely on most surfaces so that it will avoid accidental spills and tip-over. It can spin10 times and wands pour out more than 500 bubbles.

It can entertain your kids for hours without any problems. The motor of this machine doesn’t make a sound. It gives big bubbles.

This machine is 9 x 9 x 7 inches. It needs 6 AA batteries.

2. Toysery Dinosaur Bubble Shooter Gun Toys for Kids

Toysery Dinosaur Bubble Shooter Gun Toys for Kids

This bubble shooter gun with an LED flashing light is quite amazing. It looks like a dinosaur with some cuteness. It will surely lighten up your kid’s party. This one is super fun for kids. Even a little kid can use this easily. Your kids can play with this for the whole day without getting tired.

It has many LED lights that illustrate bubbles coming out. Bubble blower built with transparent plastic so you can see how much liquid you are using and how it works. It is easy to refill. All you need to do is just put another container on the bottom of the blaster. This bubble shooter gun has two liquid containers.

It is easy to use. Take off the cap from the bubble bottle and turn the bottle onto the gun. It has an automatic system to take care of this. It needs 3 AA batteries.

When you are using this, just try to not spit on the battery.

3. Bubble Gun Blower for Kids

Bubble Gun Blower for Kids

If your kids love blowing bubble, then this gun is going to be their favorite. Because it can blow bubble quickly. Even a toddler can use this professionally. This bubble gun blower is an electric device. You can gift this gun as a gift on birthday, holiday, or Christmas. And kids will love this.

This bubble gun blower is lightweight, so kids can hold this easily. It is battery operated. You need to buy the battery. It can blow 100 bubbles in one second. It has 4-wand to make 4-times more bubbles than others. This bubble gun also comes with a soap solution and a soap dish. This bubble gun has a very innovative and kid-friendly design. Your kids can run while using this, but it won’t get damaged.

It can create thousands of big, colorful bubbles without any hassle. It is 4 x 3 x 4.7 inches so you can say it is smaller in size.

4. Bubble Gun Blower for Kids

Bubble Gun Blower for Kids

Do you love the classic version of bubble gun blower? And want the same for your kid? Then this Bubble Gun Blower for Kids is just for you. You can say this is the best bubble wand for toddlers. This one is super fun for kids. It is safe for kids.

This bubble blowing gun kit comes with a new bubble gun, 2-bottles solution, and 3 AA batteries. You can even make a soap solution at home. This one is a classical and friendly design. It has a Leak-resistant seal.

Your kids can use it without making a mess or destroying the machine. This gun is lightweight. So your kids can easily use it. It can blow up 50 bubbles per second. So it makes a lot of bubbles. The bubbles that come from this machine are long-lasting. This bubble gun is 8.3 x 6.9 x 1.4 inches.

But the container of this bubble gun is small. So you need to fill it frequently.

5. Prextex Pack of 5 Wind up Bubble Gun Shooter

Prextex Pack of 5 Wind up Bubble Gun Shooter

Want a water pistol of modern version for your kids? This Prextex Pack of 5 Wind up Bubble Gun Shooter might be your choice. This transparent bubble gun shooter looks very beautiful. The colors of these bubbler shooters are also fascinating. It is also safe for kids.

This bubble shooter pack has 5-bubble guns. They also give you 5-bubble solutions with this pack. There are different versions of the battery-powered bubble guns.

This bubble is also for those who don’t want electrical issues or don’t feel safe with battery-operated guns for their kids. It is also easy to use for even 1-year old kids. They can use it for the whole of the day without worrying about the battery.

It has an LED light that lights up the gun. Just drag on the trigger, the gears inside will move to make it light up.

The soap container is a way to small, so you need to fill it up frequently. 

6. Joyin Toy 12 Pack 14’’ Bubble Toy (1 Dozen)

Joyin Toy 12 Pack 14’’ Bubble Toy (1 Dozen)

This colorful bubble toy set will surely entertain your kids. This one is for both indoor and outdoor activities. It is suitable for pool parties, children’s birthday, outdoor activities, family reunion, etc. It is just a perfect design for kids to handle. Its materials are also high-quality. It also gives good quality soap.

This pack has 2 Yellow, 2 Blue, 2 Pink, 2 Green, 2 Orange, 2 Turquoise color bubble toys. The bubble wands are 14 inches long. It is easy to carry. Kids can have endless fun with this bubble toy.

The depth of the plastic bottle part is variable and inconsistent. It will not break easily. This toy is both for adults and kids. Both enjoy this.

7. WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit

WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit

Some kids love giant bubbles. For them, WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit is just perfect. This bubble wand creates long and giant bubbles. It will create a family playtime for you. It helps your kid’s social interaction, and also it develops your kid’s creativity. It is also a healthy physical activity for kids.

In this set, you will get a set of giant bubble maker a pouch of WOWmazing bubble concentrate, and Tip & Tricks booklet to help you create large bubbles. It has a 2-handle design which helps you to create a giant bubble.

This bubble maker is lightweight, durable, colorful. It is easy to carry for kids. Both boys and girls of preschool can play with this. The wand of this product is awesome. 

The process is complicated but once you understand it will be easy for you to make. Some people have reviewed soap solution is less.

8. 6-Pcs Bubble Gun Shooter LED light up

6-Pcs Bubble Gun Shooter LED light up

This bubble shooter gun comes with a pack of 6-pieces. You can say, this is the best bubble gun shooter for toddlers. This one is super fun for sure. It is safe for kids. It doesn’t need any kind of battery. The color of this bubble gun is excellent for kid’s perspectives.

This bubble gun has a transparent design. It has 2-colors blue and red. It doesn’t need a battery so your kid can play with these endless hours. It is a manual bubble shooter so you can use it at a party. They also give you soap solutions with it. Kids can use it for outdoor summer activity, bath time, beach, park, yard, and camping whenever they want.

The materials for this product are high-quality and it is also transparent so, you will see how this works. It has an LED light.

This toy is perfect for children 3-years old and up.

9. ArtCreativity Light Up Bubble Gun – Set of 3

ArtCreativity Light Up Bubble Gun - Set of 3

Looking for something fun and creative bubble gun for your kid? Then ArtCreativity Light up Bubble Gun might be a good option for you. It is because this bubble gun looks very refreshing and fun. And it is easy to carry for kids. Now make your summer party more exciting with this bubble shooter.

This set comes with a 3-medium size bubble shooter with the container. This bubble shooter is medium size, and it is suitable for everyone’s hand. It also gives a bubble solution. It is lightweight. This gun has batteries and bubble fluid. This bubble gun is sound free. It makes a constant stream of bubbles with a colorful barrage of flashing LED lights.

This bubble gun needs 3 AAA batteries. This bubble shooter gun is for 3-years and up old kids. It grants you a no-hassle money-back guarantee. But, they are very flimsy not durable. If you are buying a bubble gun for the long term use, then don’t buy it. It is not for the long-term.

10. MAPIXO Light Up Bubble Gun 4 Pack

MAPIXO Light Up Bubble Gun 4 Pack

This pack of 4-transparent bubble gun looks adorable. Both elder and younger kids can enjoy this. This bubble shooter’s gun body and shape are really attractive. They are perfect as summer toys. You can use it for weddings, summer activity, bath time, beach, park, and yard. They are perfect for any event.

This bubble gun holds LED lights. All gun needs 3AA batteries, which don’t include in this pack. You will get 8-bubble solutions in this pack. The color of this bubble gun is eye-catching blue and pink. These bubble guns can entertain in festivals, celebrations, Christmas, and weddings. This bubble gun doesn’t make any kind of annoying sounds.

The materials of this bubble shooter gun are high-quality. This gun is durable and sturdy. The liquid solution of this bubble gun is non-toxic. It doesn’t harm your face or body.

The con of this gun is you need to use a tiny screwdriver to get the batteries in.

Bubble Guns FAQ

How to Choose the Best Bubble Toys?

Before choosing anything, you need to sure what type of bubble gun you or kid wants. If you have done choosing which one you will buy, now check its durability. If your bubble is not durable, then try to not buy it.

Now another step is you need to make sure if your bubble gun is safe for your kid or not. Some bubble guns are electrical. So be careful. And make sure the bubble gun is not too complicated to use.

Are Bubble Machines Better Than Bubble Guns?

Now, it depends on your kid types what they want. Some kids prefer bubble machines over bubble guns, and some kids are vice versa. With a bubble gun, you can make bubbles in one flow. And with a bubble machine, your kid can make much more than a gun. You need to use batteries for bubble machines. Each one has its cons and pros. So choose according to your needs.

Is the bubble gun is safe for kids?

Obviously yes, bubble guns are safe for both kids and adults. The materials are non-toxic and hypoallergenic plastic. But some bubble guns require batteries. So if your kid has got a toddler, then try to keep an eye on him/her. If you talking about bubble solutions, then I would like to say it is not harmful. But keep its reach out of your kid’s eye.

How to make a DIY bubble solution?

Making a DIY bubble solution is an excellent idea for those people who have empty bubble guns at their homes. You can make it easier. The things you need to make this DIY bubble solution:

  • 6-cups of water.
  • One cup of dish soap.
  • One tablespoon of glycerin.
  • 1/4 cup of corn syrup. (If you want)
  • A container.

Take a container. Now pour on it 6-cups of water, One cup of dish soap, One tablespoon of glycerin, or 1/4 cup of corn syrup. Shake it well. And your DIY bubble solution is ready.


Bubble guns are not only for kids, but even elders also love this. So if you are spending some money on this, be sure to spend it wisely. Choose guns on your requirements. 

We have just mentioned some products. It is up to you whether you will buy it or not. Every product has each cons and pros. Among all of them, maybe you can buy the best gun set for your kids. Happy shopping.

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