Best Clogs For Kids In 2020 – Mules Reviewed For Toddlers, Boys & Children

Kids are playful. And that’s why they need a shoe that makes them comfortable in any weather or any season. Clogs are the most suitable option for kids. Your child can wear a clog in any season or any occasion. There are many varieties and many qualities of clogs. So you need to buy the best clogs for your kid.

There are many types of clogs. Some are unicorn type clog, some are rubber clogs, some are cheap clogs, and some are great for the beach or any kind of occasion. There are many kids’ clogs that you may like. And that’s why you need a perfect that fulfills all your requirements. In this article, I am going to mention to 10 best clogs for kids. So that you can find a perfect clog for your kid

Best Clogs For Kids Reviews in 2020

1. Crocs Kids’ Electro Clog

Crocs Kids' Electro Clog

Crock brand is famous for its soft, lightweight, non-marking comfortable shoes. You can use their shoes for formal events to hiking. They also produce shoes for kids. Like little girls or boys clog shoes.

Anyone who is interested in buying classic clogs can get Cross Kids Electro clog. It gives you an exclusively classic look. This baby clog is classic and comfortable.

It is 100% pure synthetic. And it is synthetic sole. So you don’t even have to worry about getting damaged.

This clog has a breathable perforated upper and a massaging footbed, which makes your kid comfortable. It has a convertible backstrap. So it won’t fall off.
But the rubbers of this shoe compressed after a few hours sitting in the sun. Then they become tight shoes for your kid. So, don’t sit under the sun directly. If you purchase a perfect size shoe that fits, the strap will be tight.

2. Crocs Kids’ Boys and Girls Swiftwater Clog

Crocs Kids' Boys and Girls Swiftwater Clog

When you have a playful kid, you should consider Crocs Kids’ Boys and Girls Swiftwater Clog. Because, it is lightweight, quick to dry, and most importantly it’s comfortable.

This shoe is 100% synthetic sole. It has a rough top of the foot and toe coverage. It has a heel strap for a secure. This shoe is made by croslite foam construction which keeps your shoe lightweight and comfortable. Its ports allow air and water through. It is flexible enough to 360° comfort.

This shoe is 11 x 10 x 4 inches. It is only 2 pounds. You can get multiple color shoes. It is also available in a 1-year-old -4-year-old kid’s size.

But you need to be careful when your kid is running because sometimes this shoe can be strap off while running. Otherwise, this shoe is perfect for kids.

3. Clogstrom Clogs for Infant or Toddler Boys and Girls Unisex Sandal Animals Shoe

Clogstrom Clogs for Infant or Toddler Boys and Girls Unisex Sandal Animals Shoe

If you want something unique for your kid, then Clogstrom Clogs for Infant or Toddler Boys and Girls Unisex Sandal Animals Shoe. Their design is unique and cute. Almost every kid would adore them.

This clog looks like a cute caterpillar. It is purely synthetic. This type of shoe is a summer exclusive slipper. They are comfortable, lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Your kid can wear this shoe both outside and inside.  

This sandal has multiple colors so you can choose whatever color you want. It is not like normal boring shoes that hate your child sometimes. It will be a great experience for your kids.

There are some problems with this shoe. It is a bit clumsy for a kid. Glue materials are not good which is why sometimes it breaks down. If you go for a long outing, don’t use this shoe. It will irritate your kid.

4. Crocs Kids’ Karin Clog

Crocs Kids' Karin Clog

This clog is for little girls. For your cute kid, you must want cute clogs. If your thoughts are like this, then here we present you Crocs Kids’ Karin Clog. This clog is super cute. Cute styles for little girls.

As we mentioned before in this article, Crocs are the best for footwear. You can buy clogs for your kids.

These are easy to manage and wash. It is purely synthetic. This shoe is fully molded with croslite for super lightweight comfort. 

This shoe is for 1 year old to 4-year-old toddler. This clog is the same as a classic clog, but it has a bit touch of feminine. 

But some kids can’t wear this clog because it can get terrible blisters on both feet. If you leave this shoe on the sun, it can shrink. So be careful when you use this.

5. Amoji Kids Garden Clogs Slippers

Amoji Kids Garden Clogs Slippers

Want something classy but comfortable for your kid? Then Amoji Kids Garden Clogs Slippers should be your first choice. This shoe looks classy and elegant. You can also buy this shoe along with your kid. This shoe is for men, women, and children.

Its material is special rubber foam which makes it lightweight. It gives you general foot protection. This shoe is also breathable.

This shoe is the sole use of EVA resin material. That’s why it is so comfortable to wear. It is a non-slip shoe so you can say this provides you some protection. You can do any outdoor activities by wearing this shoe.

As this shoe has some hole design near the toe, a little sharp thing can get in and cause an accident. It has a flawed design. So be careful, while using this shoe.


You can buy girls clog/boys clog as per your wish but make sure you check its quality first. Then fulfill your requirements. If you are buying something make sure you brought the perfect things. A toddler’s clogs are also important. So if you can maintain your requirements and price it would be good for you.

When you are buying a clog, make sure you buy the best clog for your kids. Keep in mind that you need to buy soft, comfortable, and warm clogs. So, your kids don’t feel irritation While wearing it. It would be great for your kids.

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