Best Couch Caddys 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Once you get a couch caddy, you can’t even imagine how important it is for one’s life. Just imagine you can easily find your remote and don’t have to search for it in the whole house. It is an ideal tool for you to keep your small yet necessary things. For this reason, you need to get the best couch caddy. To help you to find the best couch caddy, I am going to review some products.

Best Couch Caddy Reviews in 2019

1. Fasthomegoods Armrest Caddy Pocket

When we are talking about the best couch caddy, then Fasthomegoods Armrest Caddy Pocket should rank the first place in this list. This one is from high-quality materials. Its minimalist look makes it look elegant. It fits perfectly with most of the things. You can get this with the most profitable deal.

This caddy couch measurement is 37 Length x 12.5 Width inches. It has polyester fabric material. It is durable enough to last longer than others. You can keep this couch caddy on your sofa, bedside, chair, or as a magazine holder. Due to its elegant look, it can match any home decor. You don’t even need to assemble this cady couch as it is ready-made.

2. MDSTOP Sofa Couch Chair Armrest Organizer

Want something more than the previous one I have mentioned? Then see this MDSTOP Sofa Couch Chair Armrest Organizer. This one is much bigger than the previous one. This one is a bit fancy. This couch caddy is for tech things like phone, tablet, remote, etc. It has many colors varieties you choose whichever you want.

This couch caddy is 35 Length x 13 Width inches. It has materials like Waterproof Pongee, PP Foam, and Non-Woven. It fits well on the couch and recliner. If you feel this couch caddy is too long for you, then you can roll it up. You can quickly assemble this caddy couch on your chair or recliner. This one is waterproof. It is easy to wash.

3. BCP Brown Color Velvet Sofa Couch

BCP Brown Color Velvet Sofa Couch has a touch of elegance, yet it is simpler than the other caddy couches. You can organize your things easily. You can put your phone, tablet, remote, note-pad, pen, etc on this couch caddy. It has a color option. So you can order your favorite color couch caddy.

This BCP Brown Color Velvet Sofa Couch is 34 Length x 13 Width inches. It has materials like exterior velvet fabric, PU leather with foam, anti-slip layer. It has five pockets design where you can keep remote, phone, pen, and book. You can easily install this on your couch, sofa, or chair arm.

4. HAKACC Caddy

This HAKACC Caddy is perfect in almost every way. You can keep your personal belongings in here. You can keep pad, phone, remote, control, book, glasses. It is strong and durable. You can put this on your sofa, table, mattress, couch caddy. This one is available in two different colors.

It has 90% Fabric and 10% Leather. It has a mixture of Oxford cloth and leather. The quality of these fabrics is extremely good. They are durable enough for not to torn apart. It has three compartments mesh pockets and a large pocket. You can keep there a book or remote or note pad. You can keep your makeup things right beside your bed. Isn’t it a great thing for you to use?

5. Ikea 003.039.12 Flort Remote control pocket

Sometimes it is really hassled to keep phone, remote, and newspaper with you at the same time. To solve your problem, you need this Ikea 003.039.12 Flort Remote control pocket. All the materials it has are sturdy and stable. This couch caddy is easy to handle. You don’t have to worry about where you should keep this.

This couch caddy’s measurement is 13 Width x 37 Length inches. It has space for four remote. And on the backside, you can keep a newspaper or book. You can easily remove the metal weight. You can use this under the pillow top. You can easily wash this on a washing machine, but you have to be careful about the temperature. It should be no more than 104 F. You should not do dry clean this couch caddy.

Couch Caddy Buying Guide

It is wise to check the buying guide before purchasing any products.

Couch Caddy FAQ

What is couch caddy?

A couch caddy is a place where you can keep your TV remote, phone, notebooks, etc. A couch caddy is a useful thing. With this, you don’t even have to worry about losing your remote.

How to clean couch caddy?

It depends on your couch caddy’s material. You can wash a couch caddy on a washing machine or with your hands. Some couch caddy doesn’t suites the washing machine, and some do.


I have written this article based on my experience. All the products have each flaw and pros. So it is up to you, which one is the best couch caddy for you. Not everyone’s requirements are the same. You should choose based on your requirements. The products I have mentioned are the best couch caddy. Now it depends on you. I hope you will get the best couch caddy through this article. I hope it helps you.

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