Best Electronic Rat Traps 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

There are various reasons why rats are considered pests for public health. In order to prevent the diseases spread by rats, it is important to use traps. The Best electronic rat traps are available on the market to help you deal with these rodents.

Mice traps become a need of every household susceptible to a rat infestation. Rats contaminate food items they come in contact with. They carry a plethora of diseases including Typhus, Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) and Salmonella. Some of these diseases are extremely fatal for human beings. Rats even damage your upholstery by digging, gnawing and burrowing. So, it is recommended that you should use traps to catch rats.

Best Electronic Rat Traps in 2021

1. Rat Zapper RZC001-4 Classic

Rat Zapper RZC001-4 Classic Rat Trap - 1 Pack

This is a premium rat zapper that you would want to make a part of your household. It is a product that is embedded with so many features that you would surely not regret buying it. It comes with a high-voltage shock humanely that will kill average sized rats and mice.

Another reason that makes it a perfect choice for you is that it owns an easy-to-use structure. You just need to supplement batteries and rat bait and place it in your house after turning it on. Once the rodent trap has caught the culprit, you will be notified with a blinking red light.

It is important to note that you should throw the dead rat/mice directly into the trash.

Product highlights
  • Catch 20 rats with a set of 4 AA batteries
  • Blinking light to notify you
  • Easy to use and clean

2. Victor Electronic Mouse Trap – M2524

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap- No touch, No See disposal - M2524

It is a mouse trap that ensures the use of smart circuit technology to notify you when it has caught a culprit. The smart circuit gives a high voltage shock to the culprit and ensures that it is dead within 5 seconds.

Victor Electronic trap is such an amazing mousetrap that is designed specially to defend kids and pets. It comes with beveled columns that ensure that the mouse doesn’t escape. Another amazing feature of this product is that it traps 100 mice with each set of 4 AA batteries which are not the part of the initial package.

It is exceptionally easy to use and ensures that you are able to remove all kinds of unwanted creatures from your house. With an easy to use mousetrap, you are sure of the fact that it won’t take much of your time to set up a glue trap or simple rat snap trap as well which can be set on outdoors.

Product highlights
  • Kill 100 mice with a set of 4 AA batteries
  • Easy to use
  • Defends kids and pets

3. Eliminator Robust Trap

# Eliminate Rats, Mice and Squirrels Efficiently and Safely [UPGRADED VERSION]

Eliminator Robust Electronic Rat and Rodent Trap - Eliminate Rats, Mice and Squirrels Efficiently and Safely [UPGRADED VERSION]

Eliminator Robust Electronic Trap is a premium swtroom rat killer that kills rats in a few seconds without causing them any kind of pain. This rat killer comes with a precision detection technology that ensures that all kinds of rats are killed instantly.

This trap is safe to use because it is free of all kinds of hazardous poisons and chemicals.

Moreover, it is very easy to set it up to trap a mouse. To enable its functionality, you would need to plug in batteries that are not a part of the package.

It uses 4 D batteries and kills up to 30 rodents per set and gloves can be used for dead bodies cleaning. It releases a 7000V electric shock to the rats instantly without causing him any kind of pain and mess in your house.

Product highlights
  • Produces a 7000V electric shock
  • Doesn’t cause pain to the animal
  • Keeps the area clean as it is easy to use

4. PestZilla Electronic Rat Trap – Powerful High Voltage Trap

PestZilla Electronic Rat Trap – Powerful High Voltage Rodent Trap - Safe and Easy Way to Kill Rats, Mice and Squirrels [UPGRADED VERSION]

A perfect trap that uses precision detection technology that enables it to give a 7000V shock to the rat allowing it to be killed without any delay and pain. It is effective equipment for all the unwanted creatures that fall under the size range of 11” x 4.5” x 5”.

It is a perfect option for households, commercial kitchens, and warehouses as it is easy to use and clean.

The unique element about this product is that it comes with a 5ft plug-in an adapter that is used to charge the batteries. To deploy it, you need to buy 4 D batteries as these are not a part of the package.

Clean your place with all unwanted creatures with the help of this amazing product.

Product highlights
  • Suitable for the use of commercial kitchens, warehouses, and households
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes along with a 5ft adapter

5. Victor M250S Electronic Trap

Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Electronic Mouse Trap - 1 Pack

Victor M250S comes with no touch and no see properties that are hard to find in other devices. The device provides you with a 100% kill rate and allows you to kill up to 100 mice per set of charged batteries. It doesn’t let the unwanted creatures to escape from its beveled columns.

Along with all such amazing features, it also provides users a removable kill chamber. You can easily remove the chamber and clean it. The product ensures that you get the best results and that doesn’t let the rats escape and come over again to disturb.

So, if you are looking for a rat killer, there is no better choice other than this.

Product highlights
  • Brings along no touch and no see experience
  • Removable kill chamber making it easy to clean
  • Doesn’t let the chamber to run away

6. Rat Zapper Ultra Infrared

Rat Zapper Ultra Infrared

Rat Zapper Ultra Infrared is suitable for rats of big size. There will be no mess and no blood whenever it catches a mouse. Simple ordinary food can place under it as bait so your other pets won’t get harmed by it.

And leave to the place where you think it can catch a rat. The rat gets the smell and whenever it enters into the chamber a powerful current will pass to keep the rat to kill rats.

It is a homemade electric rat trap that lessens the risk of the mess created whenever you kill a rat. And if the rat fits in the chamber, the zapper slider will also slide through the rat.

When it catches a rat, a flashlight will start flashing to indicate that it has a rat inside its chamber.

Product highlights
  • No mess, no blood
  • It won’t harm your other pets

7. Hoont Powerful Electronic Trapd

Hoont Powerful Electronic Rodent Trap - Clean and Humane Extermination of Mice, Rats and Squirrels [UPGRADED VERSION]

This eliminator rat trap is a powerful instrument that keeps your place rat-free. You can easily operate this device, by plugging in the trap with the adapter and insert the batteries which are a part of this trap.
Place bait like peanuts, seeds, pet food, or anything that attracts the rats in a bait cup with a location of rat activity. Place the trap wherever you want to get rid of rats, and when it catches the rat, it will emit electricity of 7000V which is enough to kill the rat in one single shot.

And when it catches the rat, it will start flashing a light which will indicate that it has a rat. This trap has the latest technology with a larger chamber that will detect squirrels, mice, chipmunks.

Many people say it will cause no pain to the rats while killing it because of the shocking quantity that is 7000V.

Product highlights
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It kills the rat in one shot by providing 7000V of electricity.
  • It has the latest technology of detecting.

8. Raticator Max Rodent Zapper

Raticator Max Rodent Zapper

Raticator Max Zapper has the latest technology for infrared detection. It is easy to operate this electronic trap. You just have to add batteries, place bait in it, and place it in your place wherever you want. If a rat is trapped inside it, it will be killed by the zapper in the most humane way.

It will create no mess, no blood outside the device. It won’t harm your other pets and the environment as well.

Whenever it kills a rodent, it will start blinking red light to indicate that now you can take the that outside it. Simply slide the zapper and take it out.

It has a stainless steel pad and delivers the mouse in the most cleaned way and a shock is enough for rats.

Product highlights
  • It has stainless steel pads.
  • It will kill the rats without creating a mess.
  • Electric trap lowes kills the rat in a single shot.

9. Victor M2 Smart-Kill Wi-Fi

Victor M2 Smart-Kill Wi-Fi Electronic Rat Trap

You just have to set the trap, and it has the technology of detecting rats. Whenever a rat enters into the tunnel, the smart circuit will detect its presence and it will pass a high voltage current and it will last 2 minutes because a rat can restart its heartbeat. And high voltage for 2 minutes, to make sure that the rat has been killed.

One of the best features of this device is that it will notify you on your cell phone that there is a rat inside it and it’s time to clean it up.

You just have to download the victor smart-kill trap application on your cell and link it with the device and you can operate it from anywhere. Also, peanut butter can be used as bait.

Product highlights
  • It has the technology of smart circuit that will detect a rat if it enters into the tunnel.
  • It passes current for 2 minutes to make sure that it is dead.
  • This device will notify you about killing a rat on your cell phone.

10. Hoont Robust Electronic Trap

Hoont Robust Electronic Rodent Trap - Clean and Humane Extermination of Mice, Rats and Squirrels [UPGRADED VERSION]

It is an upgraded version of the hoont electronic trap. It is easy to use, just plug in with the adaptor, place bait in it and place it wherever you want.

It is harmless for your other pets and it won’t affect the environment because it traps them in the most decent way than traditional traps.

When a rat enters the chamber, it will kill it in a humane manner in just one shot by passing electricity of 7000V which is enough to kill any rodent without causing pain to them.

It has the latest technology for detection as well. It has an adapter of 5ft plug-in adaptor. It has a plug-in indicator light whenever it kills so you don’t have to check the device every time.

Product highlights
  • It is easy to operate and it won’t harm your other pets.
  • It has a plug-in adaptor 5ft long.
  • It has a plug-in indicator light.

Electronic Mouse Traps Buying Guide

Rat infestation is one of the worst problems any household can come across. It requires you to take immediate measures. This is because rats don’t just cause diseases; they also cause damage to your furniture, cabinets, and walls and you can also use the glue trap.

Setting up rat traps is one of the oldest ways to get rid of these rats. Outdoors traps have been in use for a very long time. With the ever-changing household needs, even the glue traps have been advanced. There are several classic traps available on the market to choose from. You can purchase the one depending on your requirements.

Best Rated Electronic Rat Traps

Electronic models have replaced conventional traps like the traditional snap trap and rat poison almost completely. These advanced traps kill the pest by channeling a fatal 8,500 volts of electricity through its body. This exceptionally high voltage is enough to kill these larger rodents including mice and big sized rats. However, this voltage is not as damaging to a human being as it is to mice and rats. That’s why these electric mouse traps are safer to use in households with children and pets.

These traps are as effective as the electronic mosquitos and airborne insect killer and check the online customer review before purchasing. These traps are perfect for the people whose homes are susceptible to frequent rat infestation. For them, it is an investment of a lifetime.

There is a variety of traps available in the market. We will discuss some of these in the following section of this article.

Pestzilla smart kill electronic rat trap in the market

One of the best traps available in the market is Pestzilla. It uses Precision rat detection technology to detect the presence of the rat once it is trapped inside. Then, it discharges a high electric shock of 7000V by which the rats killed instantly.

This perfect mice control solution is effective to kill mice, rats, chipmunks, and squirrels. This trap can be set up in commercial kitchens and warehouses. This trap is very easy to use. All you need to do is to insert batteries, small bait, and plugin. It comes with an adapter but can also be run with 4 D batteries.

Electric Mouse Deterrent

Using electric mouse deterrents is the cruelty-free way of keeping mice away. These rodents repellent release three different sounds to keep mice and rats away. One of these sounds is of low frequency while the rest are ultrasonic sounds. These sounds influence the nervous and auditory system of mice to keep them off your property.

Homemade Electric Mouse Trap

If you don’t want to spend money on expensive electronic traps, you can build one at home. This homemade trap is one of the cheapest ways to electrocute a mouse. This device kills the rat in a matter of seconds. However, it should be kept in mind that these homemade types of traps need to be kept away from children and pets.

In order to make a trap, you will require a metal plate, a small cage, jumper cables as well as a 12V power source. You can purchase cage rat traps and connect them to batteries. Once the rat is trapped, it will be killed instantly.


Rat infestation is one of the most worrisome situations for any household. These rodents cause various disease therefore it’s important to eliminate them from your property before things go out of hands. Best electronic rat traps are available on the market to help you overcome this problem.

You can install these traps at your home, commercial kitchens, and warehouse to avoid damage. Rats even damage your furniture and dig up your floors and garden. Therefore, it is important to keep them away. Conventional methods like rat poison and manual rat traps are not effective these days. However, these modern mice killing devices offer guaranteed results. Keep one of such devices at home to deal with an untimely situation.

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