Best Fireplace Grates 2021 – Reviews

A fireplace grate is a useful item to have if you enjoy having a relaxing fire burning in your home. It is essential to get the best fireplace grates so that you can know that it is safe and will give you the heat that you desire.

There are different types that you can find so it does become confusing which one to select. Three main kinds of fireplace grates exist. These include steel bar employed for bit of wood logs, cast iron that is generally used for wood and coal, as well as grate heaters for wood that produce heat back into your home.

Here we are going to discuss the 10 best fireplace grates and a helpful buying guide that you should consider while looking for a fireplace grate as well as a firewood cage. So make sure to check out these best-rated fireplace grates.

Best Fireplace Grates in 2021

01: Pleasant hearth – 3/4″ premium solid steel fireplace grates

# Lifetime fireplace grate

Best Fireplace Grates

A fireplace is an important part of your home. Maintaining its cleanliness and safety is a tough job. For this reason, this beautiful fireplace grate can become a brilliant addition to your fireplace. It is designed to perfection and serves as a useful product and looks good too.

This fireplace grate is made with high-quality materials and 6 bars made of solid steel. The 24-inch lifetime fireplace grate is manufactured with ¾ inch solid bars, all of which speaks for its durability.

Another important feature of this heavy-duty steel grate product is that it is resistant to heat and keeps the burning material safe. Also, the black color complements all furniture and color schemes so you don’t have to worry about that.

It’s time to get one for your home and be stress-free for the years to come. This is because this fireplace grater comes with a lifetime warranty.

Product highlights
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Has an amazing superior design.

02: HY-C Liberty Foundry G27-4 27 Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Curved Basket Style Fireplace Grate

# Heavy duty cast iron fireplace grates

HY-C Liberty Foundry G27-4 27 Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Curved Basket Style Fireplace Grate, 27 Front W x 12 D x 8 H (4 Leg Height)

Who would not love a fireplace grate that is strong and sturdy? This extraordinary piece by HY-C Liberty is one of a kind. It has all the qualities that you have always wanted in a fireplace grate for your fireplace setting.

The size is reasonable that would fit in the space of the fireplace at your home. It has a depth of 12 inches, so it can hold the logs and other substances well and keep you warm during chilly days. Another benefit is that it improves the process of air-circulation.

This black-color, free-standing fireplace grate has a classic design and suits every type of fireplace. Also, it stands doesn’t require assembling and is really easy to use so you will surely really love having it for your home.

Therefore, if you are looking for the Heavy duty cast iron fireplace grate, this one is definitely for you.

Product highlights
  • Made with strong materials.
  • Adds beauty to the fireplace.
  • Comes in practical designs

03: HY-C Liberty Foundry G500-28 26″ Cast Iron Self-Feeding Fireplace Grate

# Proper fireplace grate placement

HY-C Liberty Foundry G500-28 26 Cast Iron Self-Feeding Fireplace Grate, 26 Front W x 16 D x 7 H (4 Leg Height)

How to make a fireplace safe and beautiful? This question might have crossed the mind of every person who has a fireplace at their home. A very simple answer to this question is to buy a fireplace grate.

This fireplace grate by HY-C Liberty is one of the favorites of many people. It is a self-feeding cast iron fireplace grate. A striking feature of this fireplace grate is its different design. However, you need to assemble it before use.

An important consideration is the proper fireplace grate placement. However, with this 26-inch model, you don’t have to worry about the placement as it fits well in most fireplaces. The 16-inch-deep pan keeps the burning material safe, so the fire produced is hotter and efficient.
It’s time to invest in this amazing fireplace grate and make a new addition to your fireplace

Product highlights
  • Self-feeding cast iron fireplace grate.
  • Reasonable size suits everyone.
  • Requires assembling of parts.

04: Heritage Products Heavy Duty 13 x 10 Inch Steel Grate for Wood Stove & Fireplace – Made in The USA

# Homemade fireplace grate

Heritage Products Heavy Duty 13 x 10 Inch Steel Grate for Wood Stove & Fireplace - Made in The USA

If you are looking for a replacement for the homemade fireplace grate, this steel grate by Heritage Products is the solution for you. Made with heavy-duty steel, this has proven to be the best choice for your wood stoves and fireplaces.

It is wonderful to see how nicely it fits as it is custom-made for your fireplace. Also, This size of grate suits your wood stove and performs dual functions for you. This steel grate is 13 inches long and has a width of 10 inches. So, this small thing is easy to carry too.

It is a great piece for your home that holds the logs in place and offers consistent fire for a long time. The best part is that this steel grate will stick with you for years!

Make your life easier with this steel grate for wood stove by Heritage Products. You will never regret this decision throughout your life.

Product highlights
  • Best choice for wood stove or fireplace.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty materials.
  • Small size and easy to carry.

05: Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Grate

# Best fireplace grate for heat

Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Grate 21 inch Wide Heavy Duty Solid Steel Indoor Chimney Hearth 34 Bar Fire Grates for Outdoor Fire Place Kindling Tools Pit Wood Stove Firewood Burning Rack Holder

This powerful fireplace grate by Amagabeli is for everyone who had bad experiences with fireplace grates in the past.

This Amagabeli Fireplace measures 21 inches wide and 12.5 inches deep which is a reasonable size. Also, the legs are designed in a cross manner giving it a nice look. It’s not only about the perfect size, but this fireplace grate is made from wrought iron which makes it a sturdy and durable piece.

The quality and design together with making the Amagabeli fireplace grate an irresistible item. It comes in a V-shape design with 7 wide bars that can hold the coals in place and serve as the safe fireplace grate for heat.

This fireplace grate suits fireplaces that are occasionally used, it works well in indoor and well as exterior settings. So, if you have a fireplace in your garden, go for this fireplace grate and you will never feel bad again.

Product highlights
  • Offers a sturdy structure
  • Constructed from wrought iron
  • Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use

6. Uniflame Hexagonal Stainless Fireplace Grate

Uniflame Hexagonal Stainless Fireplace Grate, 30 L

The fireplace grate comes with several advantages to the fire builders. The fire builders would love to have better and secure fires. The hexagonal fireplace grate by Uniflame is something different from ordinary fireplace grates.

This stainless steel fireplace grate brings uniqueness to your table. Its hexagonal shape with an attractive black powder-coated finish aid not only burns the better fire but adds beauty to your fireplace. The grate is good enough for your log security. It prevents the logs from rolling.

The airflow is increased with its unique design. The efficiency of flames is also affected by this hexagonal fireplace grate. Holding the burning woods safely, this fireplace grate gives the best aeration for your fire elevation.

Product highlights
  • Attractive and unique design with 100% stainless steel.
  • Elevates better fire with the security of logs.
  • Good for wider fireplaces.

7. Model M-5 High-Efficiency Smoke-Free Fireplace Grate 21″ Wide, 15″ Tall.

Model M-5 High-Efficiency Smoke-Free Fireplace Grate 21 Wide, 15 Tall.

What’s better than a high-efficiency fireplace grate which is good for almost all fireplaces? It is a great chance to make a wise choice for your fireplace. For better flames, warmth, and the attractive decors of your fireplace, you must absolutely go for this smoke-free and high efficiency fireplace grate indoors.

The problem for every fireplace is its smoke and decreasing heat output. This product by Grate Wall of fire is going to be your solution for all problems. It eliminates the smoke thus increases the output of heat, and it works in a safe manner. So there will be no heat damage.

This M-5 is with some amazing decorative features. There are some beautifully created finials as the perfect match for your furniture. The finials are removable if one isn’t amazed by these. The fireplace grate comes with a variety of sizes for your ease as these are suitable for every fireplace.

Product highlights
  • Fit for all kinds of fireplaces.
  • Removable finials are included.
  • Solution to all smoke problems.
  • Decorative fireplace grate

8. Minuteman International Non-Tapered Iron Fireplace Grate

Minuteman International Non-Tapered Iron Fireplace Grate

The durable and reliable fireplace grate is perfect in size and design to keep your logs from moving or rolling. The non-tapered iron fireplace grate has four standard sizes to meet your different requirements. It will do heat distribution in a better way than you think.

The diamond sectioned eight bars are good enough to hold your burning wood safely. This custom fireplace grate is decent and suitable for your fireplace. The design of this grate is to add strength to be firm for satisfying flames. The better the strength the more you enjoy your evening near your fireplace.

Product highlights
  • The iron fireplace grate with black finish.
  • 8 bars for good strength.
  • The depth is 17 inches wide for perfect burning logs.

9. Vestal 324ML Fireplace Cast Iron Grates

Vestal 324ML Cast Iron Fireplace Grate

This creative design is something different to bring you to the next level of fireplace grates. This self feeding fireplace grate is perfectly designed for your coal and wood fires. This 24-inch wide heavy-duty fireplace grate by Vestal Manufacturing is 324ML cast iron material.

This solid fireplace grate is a cup of tea for you to use this grate whenever you want. It is a one-piece item to avoid damage or difficulties. It is an essential item for your fireplace. This fireplace grate provides a solid base for the logs to prevent them from rolling or falling down.

The tapered sides and open ends make this sturdy grate simply durable and perfect for your relaxing nights. This grate is a wise choice to promote ventilation and creativity enough to match with your décor.

Product highlights
  • Cast iron material with a simple and decent design.
  • Promotes ventilation.
  • Open sides and a solid base for burning woods and coal.
  • One piece item.

10. Woodeze 28″ Deep Wood Burning Safety Furnace Forest Lifetime Fireplace Steel Bar Grates

Woodeze 28" Deep Wood Burning Safety Furnace Forest Lifetime Fireplace Grate

The amazingly sized, best heavy-duty fireplace grate is one of the must-haves from hearth accessories for your fireplace. This wood-burning season you will be falling down for this fireplace grate.

This heavy-duty fireplace grate is good for all kind of grates. For your perfect evenings, this grate can burn more powerful fires with the extra emissive feature. It elongates the time for burning due to better ventilation.

The fireplace grate is enough for your fireplace with the increases in fire quality. Rolling logs leads to some costly and life-threatening accidents. To prevent the logs to move from their place, nothing is good then this fireplace grate. Safety comes first, so this grate will give you peace of mind.

Your wood-burning lifestyle will improve with this heavy-duty fireplace grate by Custom Firescreen. The grate comes with unique dimensions. It is 28” inch deep to add more strength and hold to your burning woods with some extended space.

Product highlights
  • The fireplace grate is perfectly designed with stainless steel.
  • The grate comes with 1” steel bar construction.
  • There is a space for better aeration and more burning woods.

Things Need to Consider Before Buying Fireplace grate

To get high-quality fireplace grates, you need to have a full idea of the products. There are many features that you need to consider. A wrong grate can make things a lot worse than you think. That’s why your picks should be something that you find comfortable to use.


There are many type of material that you will see when you are going to get fireplace grates for your house. You should pay some attention to the construction material as they determine whether your product is good enough to use or not. There are three types of materials for fireplace grates and these are stainless steel, cast iron, and grate heater. You can choose any of them as your desirable material. But most people use steel grates as they are perfect to use for outdoor fire pit. And people use cast iron for indoor fireplaces.


When it comes to buying grates for your fireplace, you will see wide price range options. Some of them come at a reasonable price and some of them will be expensive. So make sure to make a budget before you start to buy. Because it is not hard to get it at an affordable price.


Before you buy anything, you need to know the size of grate that you are going to buy. Because if you get the wrong size grate, it may not fit into your fireplace properly. So to avoid this type of situation, you have to get the right size fireplace grate. If you get a large grate, you can keep there a lot of wood logs.


If you are planning to purchases a fireplace grate, you need to know about the bars. The heavier bars, the more durable they will be for you. You can also get one that has flat steel bars. But it would be better to get the heavy steel bars one. And you can also do efficient wood burning.

Types of fireplace log grate

As you know, there is three type of grates where you can keep a chunk of firewood There are stainless steel grates, cast iron grate, etc. You need to choose one that gives a proper distribution of heat with proper airflow. Make sure your grate can go through intense heat if you are planning to use a lifetime fireplace log grate.


There are many attractive designs of grates you will see. And each of them has its own variations. The mesh design of your grate helps you to keep burning coal for a longer time than you think. You will see the basket-style design, vertical design, self-feeding design, etc. Make sure to get one with a sturdy design so that you can use it for a longer time. So that you don’t have to do unnecessary wood waste.


Your grate legs should be able to hold the weight of the logs easily without any problems. If the center support legs can hold them, then you can use your grate for a long time than you actually think. It also helps your logs to prevent sag. You can choose any sturdy model for it.

Protection Fireplace Floor 

While you are getting a grate for yourself, make sure its height should balance with the ground. Only then there will be efficient burning and you can keep the safe chimney floor from the fireplace from heat. It will also provide improved airflow. And there will be no problem with the circulation of air.

Type of Wood

There are different types of wood that you are going to use as logs. Every solid pieces of woods have the tendency to hold the coal that can cause a problem in the air. In this period of time, there can be accidents. So before you use a grate, make sure to know which type of wood you are going to use for firewood burns as they are the fuel sources.


You need to know about the manufacturer’s periods of time before you buy grates.  Usually, traditional grates don’t take a lot of time to install. You cant spend your whole time constructing a grate. So make sure to consider this factor.


Not every product has the stability to give consumers a lifetime guarantee. So you should go for the product that will give you a warranty for a long time.

Questions and Answers of Fireplace Grates

If you are confused on which fireplace grate to get, the below explanation may help you out. You should invest in the one that will be safe and look good in your home. Read on to find out more.

Do You Need a  Steel Fireplace Grate or a Wood Burning Fireplace Blower Grate?

Start off by asking yourself whether you actually need a fireplace grate or not. A wood-burning fireplace is able to make some room cozy as well as warm. Grates are able to raise fuel wood off your floor and even allow air circulation so that better combustion can be achieved.

A grate can fit within the fireplace with around 3 inches of clearance beneath the crossbars present between the grate along with the rear wall moreover up to 6 inches present at the ends, letting fire-tending occur around the grate. If you enjoy sitting in front of the fire and want to bring the outdoors into your home, it is a good idea to consider getting a fireplace grate.

How to Choose a Fireplace Grate?

You should think about getting a heavy-duty grate. This is because cheap grates soften as well as melt when under a hot fire. Be sure that the great properly fits within the fireplace opening. This is so that you can easily close your spark screen or maybe a glass door over your fireplace.

Before getting the fireplace grate, you will want to know how to select one. Below are some points you can keep in mind.

As stated above, there are three main kinds of fireplace grates, i.e. steel bar, cast iron, and grate heaters. Coal is not able to be used on a steel bar grate as the bars tend to be spread too far apart, the coal would actually fall through. When it comes to wood, this can be burned upon the steel grate or the cast iron grate, but they tend to hold embers upon the great therefore blocking airflow from getting to the wood.

If you want a grate that lasts for longer, the cast iron grate is said to last for more time than an average steel bar grate. This excludes really heavy steel bar grates. You can consider which one is the one that you want.

How to Install a Fireplace Grate?

Start by measuring the width and also the depth of your fireplace interior. For those who have ledges or other features within the fireplace that can have some interference when placing the center legs of your grate, you should take measurements inside these features. If your fireplace is a small one, you should measure the height of its opening so that the grate will fit vertically.

Choose a fireplace grate that will properly fit inside your fireplace based upon the interior measurements. For fire safety, you should support the firewood on the grate specifically at the back area of the fireplace.

Fireplace Grate Reviews

You can have a look at the different reviews on fireplace grates to see what different types of grates from different companies have to offer. Get to know what customers felt when buying a certain grate. Find out which grates look good and which are suitable for what fuel types. Reviews can be found online and it is a good idea to go through these when selecting grates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy used fireplace grates?

Certainly, you can buy a used fireplace grate in the cold season if it is in good condition and meet your purpose. Just read the description and customer feedback before making the decision.


If you like the woodsy fragrance along with dancing flames, a fireplace can bring these into your home. A cool day can be enjoyed sitting in front of the fireplace.

There are a variety of fireplace grates that you can get. You need to know which one to get that will able to fulfill your needs. Keep in mind that the grate should fit properly in your fireplace and should be safe as well. Check out how to install the grate also. You should invest in the best fireplace grates so that it will be durable and remain for long.

So which one of them you have found the Best Fireplace Grates to use?


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