Best Fireplace Wood 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Warmth in the house is an essential factor in every home. The best fireplaces are those that use wood. With the best fireplace wood, you will experience more heat in the house. No leftover chunks of wood as they burn wholly and steadily. Besides, they do not leave the resin of the plant sap as they end up without clogging the fireplace chimney.

Best Fireplace Wood in 2019

1 – Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Rack

Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Rack

The sturdy log rack is unique as it is not only stable but also durable. Its main component is tubular steel, which is quite strong and offers the indoor fire logs adequate support. It provides a means of keeping your fire logs on top of the ground where they remain dry and safe from bugs.

The rack comes in an all weatherproof coating or finish. It can resist rusting further enhancing its durability. The stand has a large capacity for wood storage. It provides a neat way to stack firewood.

The log rack is easy to assemble as all the hardware is accessible. Once assembled, the frame is a perfect size that is suitable for storage on your porch or your deck.

Product highlights
  • It is 96” by 48” inches a perfect fit for the desired place
  • It’s 8-feet long
  • It’s all weatherproof for durability and neatness
  • It holds two-thirds capacity storage

2 – Pleasant Hearth 20″ Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log

Pleasant Hearth 20 Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log

These wood logs are highly versatile and the best wood for indoor fireplace. They can fit in any fire and are a sure bet in ensuring house warmth. They are a perfect replacement for the wood and gas grates including logs and burner sets.

The birch tree firewood logs are easy to use and install. All that you need is a power source to plug them. With these logs, you get the real fireplace feel, appearance, and above all, crackling sound.

The logs are environmentally friendly and keep your hearth clean. They are also safe to use for anyone with a grate. Besides, their embers are quite realistic with an ember and the wood under heat crackling sounds.

Product highlights
  • They produce the burning and crackling sound
  • They are versatile and useful in any fireplace
  • Produce 1350W with a glowing ember
  • 20 Volts outlets are easily accessible

3 – Amagabeli Fireplace Log Rack 

Amagabeli Fireplace Log Rack

The rack not only makes your log stacking appear neat, but it also decorates your fireplace or pit. The stylish log rack comes with hooks for fireplace tool storage.  The tools include fire tongs, brooms, and shovels, among others.

It has a large capacity that can hold a lot of fireplace firewood. With the sturdy steel tubing, the log rack is quite stable. Also, the frame comes with a shelf for holding fire starters. It leaves your fireplace with a simple but elegant organization.

Even with the extra tools and shelf, it is easy and fast to assemble the rack. Also, it is raised to ensure the wood has some breathing space that prevents dampness. The rack comes in handy both indoors and outdoors.

Product highlights
  • Has holders for  fireplace tools and fire starters
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces and pits
  • Has an enormous capacity measuring 29.1*15.8*11.8 inches
  • Point

4 – Regal Flame 9 Piece Petite Set of Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Logs

Regal Flame 9 Piece Petite Set of Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Logs

These logs are the best wood to burn in a fire pit or a fireplace. They come in different lengths of 4 inches on the lower side and 9 inches on the higher side. The logs are also thick, which increases their burning period.

The logs come in different forms and shapes. They are suitable for any fireplace. Also, they are useful even in propane pits, available as inserts for an electric fireplace, ventless stoves for gas and lava rocks, among others.

They are quite realistic as they burn hot with glowing embers. Besides, they are safe, have no toxic emissions, and are environmentally friendly.

Product highlights
  • The main feature is the provision of different and all types of fireplace logs
  • Appear to be real with the orange and red fire embers
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • Come in a set of 3 pine cones and six logs

5 – Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

Are you into filling out your fireplace with indoor or outdoor fireplace logs? Then, these large fireplace logs from Natural Glo are your best bet. They not only deliver warmth, but they are also zero clearance wood burning fireplace.

The logs packages come with ten large ceramic gas fireplace logs. Their lengths range from 10 inches to 15 inches long. They are designed to fill your fireplace and fire pits.

Whether it is a gas fireplace or pit, indoor or outdoor, zero clearance, natural gas or even fake fireplaces, the logs have got you covered.  Besides, they don’t leave behind any residue, making them perfect for your fireplace. The logs burn clean with no toxic emissions associated.

Product highlights
  • The main feature is they are suitable for any fireplace
  • They are large with 10 to 15 inches long
  • They are neat and leave behind zero residue
  • Suitable for individuals with fake fireplaces

Fireplace Wood Buying Guide

Purchasing the right fireplace firewood is not as simple as you might think. There are many factors to consider before making that final purchase decision. These elements ensure that you get the best firewood for your fireplace. Here is the best buying guide for your fireplace wood.

Identify the firewood storage space

It is vital to identify the amount of space you have for firewood storage purposes. Good firewood is bound to be bulky and occupy a lot of space. Besides, air spaces are essential in keeping the quality of fuel purchased intact. It prevents bugs from eating your wood, dampening, and rotting of the logs. Ensuring you have adequate space to store it is the first step towards purchasing the right firewood.


After all, we have discussed relating to the best fireplace wood. You will be able to select the perfect fireplace wood for your indoor or outdoor fireplaces. You will be able to see the value for wood the wood purchase by following the guide. Remember, finders’ keepers whenever it comes to great wood for any fireplace. Make sure you maintain a good firewood source by building a lasting relationship with them. 


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