Best Folding Shopping Carts Reviews 2021

A shopping cart is something that is very helpful when shopping. If you need to carry your shopping across some distance, you can consider getting the best folding shopping carts. A shopping cart is a bag or basket that is on wheels. This is to carry shopping purchases. A folding one can be easily folded and carried around. If you don’t have some car to travel in, you don’t need to worry as a folding shopping cart can help you with carrying your shopping. There is a variety of present, so it may be confusing about choosing the best one. Well, here we have come up with the 10 best folding shopping carts, as well as, there is a buying guide that will help you in the selection of the right one.

Folding Shopping Carts in 2021

1. Folding Shopping Cart

Folding Shopping Cart - VersaCart Transit Utility Cart - Transport Up to 120 Pounds (Water-Resistant Heavy Duty Canvas), Navy Blue

Just imagine the amount of weight and load that the personal shopping carts for groceries can take from you and obviously from your back. This shopping cart is as light as only 9 lbs but amazingly it can easily carry up to 120 lbs of grocery and other items.

Beautifully designed steel frame along with soft and sturdy water-resistant polyblend cloth inside makes it look attractive and strong. Double rear wheels on the front and back can steer the cart in any direction without any hindrance.

The cart has got nice handles that help your hands to grip them firmly and allow you to shop for hours.

You can keep camping items, grocery, laundry, shopping, picnic items and much more in this shopping cart.

Product highlights
  • Lightweight but can carry a heavy quantity of items.
  • A blend of a steel frame with water-resistant poly blend canvas gives it strength.
  • The combination of handles and steering wheels makes it unique.

2. Lifestyle Solutions Jumbo Deluxe Folding Shopping Cart

# Best folding shopping cart for seniors

Lifestyle Solutions Jumbo Deluxe Folding Shopping Cart with Dual Swivel Wheels and Double Basket - 200 lb capacity.

One of the best things about this shopping cart is the folding capability. This is why, this is considered as the best folding shopping cart for seniors. This super deluxe folding shopping cart is easy to use or when there is less space in your car fold it and go for the shopping.

It can fold flat to 2”, giving you much space for the storage.

Another good thing about this shopping cart is the steel frame. The steel frame is rust free and water resistant. So, you don’t need to get worried about shopping even when the weather is wet outside.

The wheels are oversized, helping you to handle your items. The front two wheels are much smaller than the back wheels. These front wheels can swivel to 360 degrees, giving you the freedom to move anywhere.

One extra basket is also available in the backside, giving you more storage.

Product highlights
  • Shopping cart for seniors.
  • Steel frame with two oversized wheels.
  • Can store up to 200 lbs capacity of items.

3. Trolley Dolly, Blue Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart

Trolley Dolly, Blue Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart

This is a heavy duty folding shopping cart around. This beautiful shopping cart creates a balance between its lightweight structure and everlasting durability.

The heavy-duty large sized wheels can stand up against the heavy items without any hesitation. There are only two wheels that are on the back while on the front side there is a steel stand. The steels stand is rust free and water resistant.

The shopping cart is collapsible easily portable. The folding ability makes it task worthy. You can keep it in the garage, under the bed or on the back side of your car. You can carry this to the beach, shopping malls, and at sidewalks.

It contains 7 different compartments for the storage of various items.

Product highlights
  • Heavy duty foldable and collapsible shopping cart.
  • Large sized wheels can carry an immense amount of weight.
  • Steel frame situated with 7 various types of storage compartments.

4. Wellmax WM99024S Grocery Utility Shopping Cart Easily Collapsible and Portable to Save Space + Heavy Duty

# Stainless steel shopping cart

Wellmax WM99024S Grocery Utility Shopping Cart  Easily Collapsible and Portable to Save Space + Heavy Duty, Light Weight Trolley with Rolling Swivel Wheels

If you are looking for a compact but lightweight stainless steel shopping cart, this utility shopping cart is good enough to serve you all types of purposes. It is a foldable, collapsible, and easily portable shopping cart in the market.

It can store up to 66 lbs of your grocery items. The stainless steel structure is unique and durable. You can easily carry this in any type of weather condition as the material with which it is made of is water resistant and there is no chance that the rust will ever appear.

The design of this shopping cart is perfectly made to withstand the toughest wear and tear. The front two wheels are small in size but can move to 360 degrees, while the back wheels are a lot larger than the front wheels, giving it more strength and power to carry all types of items.

Product highlights
  • Stainless steel is water resistant and rust resistant.
  • Combination of front and back wheels help you to easily move around.
  • Usage is versatile.

5. Olympia Tools 85-404 Pack-N Mesh Rolling Cart, 55 Lb, Plastic, 55LB Black

# Roller shopping trolley

Olympia Tools 85-404 Pack-N Mesh Rolling Cart, 55 Lb, Plastic, 55LB Black

It is a perfect mesh rolling portable shopping cart for all types of grocery items. Apart from the grocery, you can use this roller shopping trolley for sports, schools, laundry and many more.

It is made up of strong and durable plastic. Due to the plastic structure, this mesh rolling cart is lightweight. It has got a push button at the top with which you can extend the telescopic handle long enough. The handle can easily extend up to 39.5” long.

Along with plastic structure, there are four supporting rolling wheels at the bottom. So, you don’t need to carry the whole cart. You can use the bottom wheels to move it anywhere. These four wheels are equal in size, giving you comfort to take your trolley to beach, school, Walmart or garage.

Product highlights
  • Made with rust proof but strong and lightweight plastic.
  • It has the capacity to carry up to 55 pounds of items.
  • Long handle gives you comfort to hold the cart.

6. Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart With Wheels

Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart, Black

Simplify your shopping life with Whitmor grocery trolley bag. With this utility cart, you don’t need to carry a number of polythene bags and sacks along with you as this single trolley is good enough to carry all your utility items in a single cart.

This trolley is better suited for heavy items and jumbo loads. The cart is made up of epoxy coated stainless steel. So, neither the black color of the cart fades out nor the rust musters up on the corners.

The handle of the cart is foam coated. So, even the sweat in your hands will not disturb your shopping fascination. Back wheels are oversized giving the trolley a strong grip while the front two wheels are smaller in a trajectory that helps the trolley to move around.

Product highlights
  • Made with epoxy coated stainless steel.
  • Foam coated handle does not allow your hands to slip off.
  • Collapsible and easy to store at any place.

Foldable Shopping Carts Buying Guide

Below is a helpful guide that aims to tell you about what to consider when looking for a foldable shopping cart. You should get one that is strong and will not break when you are using it. You don’t want to be faced with it breaking and you having to handle all your groceries and shopping that falls out of it. Read on to find out more.

Strong Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Cart

It is very important to get a durable shopping cart. For instance, you can choose a rolser shopping trolley as it is one of the most popular shopping carts these days. Well, have a look at what to consider while looking for a heavy duty shopping cart.


You should look at its wheels. There are some which have wheels made of plastic which only go in two directions, i.e. backward and forward. There are others which swivel 360 degrees. Having one with wheels which turn can be useful. Also, look at the material the wheel is made from. Plastic ones will not have the same strength as metal ones have. They may even not handle bumpy sidewalks as rubber wheels do.

Construction plus material, aluminum shopping cart with swivel wheels

Look at the construction and material of the folding shopping cart. You want a cart which will withstand the weight as well as the pressure that you place on it. Look at the metal that is used to build a particular cart. Steel tends to be pretty sturdy whilst aluminum is less so. You may find an aluminum one that has swivel wheels which is rather durable.

You can choose from a metal frame one or one with a bag. The metal frame one can usually hold more things. Nevertheless, these things get exposed to elements whilst you walk home. A fabric bag one allows it to be simple to keep your purchases protected from rain. Usually, the fabric tends to be water repellent.

Shopping Cart With Seat Elderly

It is even possible to get a shopping cart that has a seat. These carts can help you carry the products you need, and they also give a useful chair. Therefore you will have a place to rest whilst you say for instance wait for a bus to arrive. You can also relax whilst sitting on the seat and enjoying the outdoors.

This is a useful cart for the elderly. The elderly should also enjoy shopping. You can get one in the size that will be able to seat you in it properly. It definitely should be made out of good material and be strong enough to hold the weight of the person who needs to sit in it.

Look at the wheels as well. They should be strong and not cause any disturbance. You really need to consider how durable this type of shopping cart is as safety is very important with this type of one.


There are many different folding shopping carts that you can get. It depends on what you need it for. You should choose the one that has the features which you require. Don’t just buy the cheapest one. Invest in one that is strong. You may even want it to look good so that you can look cool whilst using it. Focus much on the material that the cart is made from. Also, look carefully at its wheels. The wheels even need to be strong and be able to guide properly. You may even want one with a seat. This can be gotten. Try and find the best folding shopping carts that perfectly handle what you need them for.

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