Best Impact Sprinklers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Well, if you want to provide water in your backyard and ground to a longer distance, you should install the best impact sprinklers. You don’t have to give water manually because it will cover almost all the area easily. You have to choose the best one for your place.

Best Impact Sprinklers in 2021

1. Rain Bird 35ADJTNTB Brass Impact Sprinkler

# Best impact sprinklers

Rain Bird 35ADJTNTB Brass Impact Sprinkler, Adjustable 0° - 360° Pattern, 23' - 50 Spray Distance

Constructed out of a heavy-duty brass body this sprinkler is adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees pattern. The design of this sprinklers rightly aligns with the modern engineering techniques and is best suited to all your irrigational needs.

This product is more durable as compared to other zinc sprinklers available in the market. It has an adjustable deflector flap that makes it possible for you to adjust its stream length from 23 to 50 inches radius. Its diffuser screw breaks the water into uniform droplets while bronze PJTM spray arm effectively prevents the water from splashing sideways.

The presence of High gallonage output; 3/4″ male pipe thread connection further ensures easy installation. All these features ultimately make it one of the best impact sprinklers currently available in the market.

Product highlights
  • Easy Installation
  • Heavy duty Brass Body
  • 23 to 50 inches stream length
  • Durable than others in the market

2. Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base

# Tripod impact sprinkler

Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base

Equipped with a heavy duty half inch male threaded impact zinc head, this product is the only one of its kind. Unlike other such products, it offers a distance adjustment of up to 80 ft. in diameter. This is what makes this sprinkler ideal for watering large lawn areas.

Moreover, it comes with a durable tripod base that is adjustable from 16 to 37.5 inches in height. The gooseneck attachment present at the base of its tripod stand further makes it easier to connect to your garden hose.

All in all this tripod impact sprinkler is one of the best sprinklers available in the market; it not only satisfies your need for a durable sprinkler but also succeeds in meeting the purpose of its creation. You would not regret giving it a buy.

Product highlights
  • Easy to connect with your garden hose
  • Male threaded impact zinc head
  • Tripod stand

3. Rain Bird P5R Plastic Impact Sprinkler

# Rain bird impact sprinkler

Rain Bird P5R Plastic Impact Sprinkler, Adjustable 0° - 360° Pattern, 25' - 41' Spray Distance

This high impact polymer plastic sprinkler promotes an intelligent use of water. It is thoughtfully designed to meet all your expectations. Possessing a minimalistic design this sprinkler is a long-lasting product that provides adjustability from 0 to 360 degrees. It has a double Brass-weighted arm that allows a slower rotation to ensure better water coverage.

The presence of the diffuser screw further ensures that water is evenly distributed in the form of tiny water droplets. Unlike other water sprinklers, this is quite easy to clean as it comes with a removable bayonet nozzle.

Moreover, the straight flow design of this product is best suited to its function of exhibiting a superior performance even under dirty water conditions.
All in all this rain bird impact sprinkler stands to be the consumer’s first choice.

Product highlights
  • High Polymer plastic body
  • Double Brass-weighted arm
  • Straight flow design
  • Removable bayonet nozzle for easy cleaning

4. Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler

# Best orbit impact sprinkler

Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler - 3-Inch Pop-Up Impact Canister Sprinkler Spray Head, Adjustable from 20 to 360 Degrees, 25 to 45 Foot Radius

Given the features of this Pop-Up Impact Canister Sprinkle, it is undoubtedly the consumer’s first choice in the market. It not only allows distance adjustability from 25 to 45 feet but also allows you to customize the sprinkler adjustability from 20 to 360 degrees. Simply slide the adjustment collar to get your desired spray pattern.

Equipped with a heavy-duty canister, this sprinkler has dual inlets that make it easy to install. Moreover, this sprinkler possesses an anti-clog design that not only makes it durable but also makes it able to serve well under dirty or secondary water conditions.

Precisely, this sprinkler works equally well under both; high as well as low-pressure conditions. You are never going to regret buying this orbit impact sprinkler.

Product highlights
  • Dual inlets for easy installation
  • Suitable for low and high-pressure conditions
  • Anti-clog minimalistic design
  • High polymer plastic body

5. Orbit Heavy Duty Brass Lawn Impact Sprinkler

# Best orbit heavy duty brass impact sprinkler

Orbit Heavy Duty Brass Lawn Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base, Water Yard - 58308D

Thoughtfully designed to promote the intelligent use of water, this heavy duty sprinkler effectively fulfills the purpose of its creation. It not only promises durability but also provides you with hassle-free installation.

This product comes with a tripod stand that allows adjustability from 25 to 48 inches in height. The base of the tripod stands easily connects with a standard garden hose. To ensure a full-coverage and optimal use, this sprinkler allows you distance adjustability of up to 80 ft. in radius in full or half circle patterns.

The male threaded brass sprinkler also has an anti-backsplash arm that ensures smooth rotation. In other words, this orbit heavy duty brass impact sprinkler provides you with almost anything and everything that you could desire for. Stop waiting! Buy this product now.

Product highlights
  • Heavy Duty Brass Body
  • Anti-backsplash arm
  • Highly adjustable Tripod base
  • Durable sprinkler

6. Rain Bird AG-5 All Gallonage Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler

Rain Bird AG-5 All Gallonage Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler, Adjustable 0° - 360° Pattern, 24' - 45' Spray Distance

Are you worried about your irrigational needs in a hard-water area? Stop worrying and purchase this underground impact sprinkler.

This product comes with 5 interchangeable color-coded nozzles that facilitate all-gallonage flow with watering rates ranging from 1.5 gallons per minute to 8.4 gallons per minute. The double-weighted arm ensures slow rotation providing you with uniform water coverage. It also allows you to adjust the spray distance from 24 to 45 inches and the spray arc from 20 to 360 degrees.

Another distinctive feature of this durable high-polymer plastic body sprinkler is that it provides you with infinite pattern adjustment along with full circle or part circle coverage. The minimalistic design of this product is best suited for a wide pressure range from 25 to 50 PSI.

It is easy to install, and no tools are required to change nozzles.

Product highlights
  • Underground sprinkler
  • Suited to hard-water areas
  • Highly adjustable

7. Orbit 56186N Brass Impact Sprinkler on Wheeled Base

Orbit 56186N Brass Impact Sprinkler on Wheeled Base

This brass sprinkler comes with a wheeled base and is best suited for large lawn areas. The wheeled base provides this sprinkler with a distinctive ability to move. Its impact head is made up of brass and is facilitated with a stainless steel control mechanism.

Apart from giving it its mobility, the large metal wheeled base and large wheels not only adds durability to this product but also makes it able to be used either as a single or a series sprinkler. Besides this, this large coverage impact sprinkler offers coverage of up to 80 ft. in diameter.

The presence of a swivel connection to hose leads to a hassle-free installation process, and this product is best suited to outdoor use with cold water only.

Product highlights
  • Large metal wheeled base
  • Can be used as a single or series sprinkler
  • The stainless steel control mechanism
  • Heavy duty brass body

8. 2 Pack – Orbit 1/2 Inch Zinc Impact Sprinkler Head, Lawn and Yard Watering

2 Pack - Orbit 12 Inch Zinc Impact Sprinkler Head, Lawn and Yard Watering

Constructed out of a heavy duty durable metal, this product comes in a pack of 2 zinc impact sprinklers. It is an excellent choice for large area coverage because it can water areas of up to 80 ft. in diameter. Another distinctive quality of this durable metal sprinkler is the presence of a deflector shield. This shield ensures that areas that do not need water will not get it.

This adjustable impact sprinkler also features an anti-backsplash arm that allows it to rotate slowly and facilitates smooth water flow. Unlike most of the sprinklers currently available in the market, this sprinkler can be used both ways; as a single sprinkler and as a series sprinkler.

Precisely, this is a highly durable product that stands out of the crowd in terms of its features.

Product highlights
  • Deflector shield
  • Heavy-duty Zinc body
  • Anti-backsplash arm for smooth rotation
  • Coverage of up to 80 ft.

Impact Sprinklers Buying Guide

If you are going to install an impact sprinkler in your place, choose wisely. Choose according to the coverage of the impact sprinkler plus the area you are going to install it. This buying guide will help you in deciding which impact sprinkler you should buy.

Pop Up Impact Sprinkler Heads:

Such impact sprinklers are adjustable from 0 degrees to 360 degrees plus the spray distance as well. This is the latest technique of watering automatically. You don’t have to water your plants or grass anymore because pop up impact sprinkler head will perform this duty.

As this impact sprinkler water an area of about 40ft of diameter. It can be full or in a circle shape. You can say that this is a universal impact sprinkler head and it can gear stream heads. Its flow will prove its quality and watering performance.

Rain bird Pop Up Impact Sprinkler:

Rainbird pop up impact sprinkler is known for its high-quality watering performance. Some impact sprinklers get clogged because of the minerals and other impurities present in the water. This sprinkler won’t get clogged due to these reasons.

This impact sprinkler will work efficiently, and its performance will be trouble free even if it has to sprinkler hard water. It is easy to adjust this sprinkler because it comes with 5 extra nozzles to adjust the water flow.

Orbit Metal Impact Sprinkler:

This impact sprinkler sprinkles works on a spike base sprinkler head. It can cover an area up to 85 feet high in diameter. You can choose this sprinkler, but it depends on the area where you want to install it. If you want water coverage of 85 feet diameter high, this impact sprinkler is best for your place.


So, we have discussed some various types of best impact sprinklers. You can choose the one in your backyard. The one will set best in your backyard. It also depends on the area of the place you are going to install it. Well, all of them has larger coverage. Water from these sprinklers will pop up to a height, and it will provide water to longer distance plants. Whenever you are going install an impact sprinkler, try to choose the best impact sprinkler. After installing, you just have to turn on the water supply and leave the rest to it.

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