Best Ironing Board Covers 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

With the best ironing board cover, you can iron your clothes quickly. For some people ironing the fabric is a little dull and time-consuming work. You need to have the proper accessories for ironing cloth. And this is why you need an ironing board cover. An ironing board cover protects your ironing board fro getting extra heat.

It is not easy to find the best quality ironing board covers. There are many types of ironing board covers. So to help you I have mentioned some of the best-rated ironing board covers in this article. It will help you to choose the best ironing cover.

Best Ironing Board Covers Reviews in 2020

1. Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

If ironing cloth is frustrating and dull for you, then you should look for this Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover. It helps you to iron your fabric in a simpler and faster way. So you will not feel bored while ironing your dresses. It looks trendy than other ironing board covers.

This iron board cover is 47 up to 54 inches in length and 15 up to 18 inches wide. It has extra thick padding that helps to cut extra ironing heat. Because of its fabric, you may find some smell, but after a few uses, you will not find any. It fits well with an extra-wide ironing board also. It is simple to put on the ironing board. It reduces ironing time. I guess this one is great to use.

2. Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover

Are you looking for an ironing board that can resist scorching? Then check out this Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover. It has everything that you are looking for an ironing board cover. You can quickly iron clothes without any problems. It has all high-quality materials. You do not need to work harder with this board cover.

This ironing board is 15 Width x 54 Height x 2.5 Length inches. It has elastic edges and hook-loop straps that make sure this cover is safe to use. You don’t need to worry about slipping this cover. It fits all standard sized ironing boards. Its thick padding makes sure your board doesn’t ruin easily. You can take it off effortlessly. It fits well in all standard size ironing boards.

3. Gorilla Grip Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover

Gorilla Grip Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover is the best cover in every aspect. It has all the qualities that you want. This one is thick and heavy padded. You can say this cover is the toughest you have ever meet. It is the best deal that you can ever get.

This ironing board cover has a silver silicone surface. This ironing board is 15 Width x 54 Height x 2.5 Length inches. It has elastic edges that can keep this cover in the same position. It has two underside Velcro straps that are for extra safety. This ironing board can fit into any iron board. But the problem with this board cover is it stains quickly.

4. Whitmor Deluxe Ironing Board Cover

This Whitmor Deluxe Ironing Board Cover is stylish and stable. You won’t feel bored when you are ironing clothes due to their design. It can resist scorch and gives a new look. It supports all your ironing needs. This ironing board cover is removable and adjustable. You can remove it and adjust it as per your wish.

This ironing board cover is 15 Width x 54 Height x 2.5 Length inches. It has the heavy-duty stretch cord that keeps this cover in one place. This ironing board cover has a thick protective pad that keeps your iron protect from excess heat. Its pattern makes this ironing board cover stylish. It fits any standard size iron board well.

5. SUNKLOOF Scorch Resistance Ironing Board Cover

Do you like eco-friendly materials? This  SUNKLOOF Scorch Resistance Ironing Board Cover is eco-friendly. This one is a bit different and unique than the other ironing board covers. It can resist high temperatures. Its cloth art makes it more beautiful. It makes your ironing time comfortable and enjoyable. You won’t feel bored.

This SUNKLOOF Scorch Resistance Ironing Board Cover is 15 Width x 54 Height x 1.5 Length inches. This ironing cover has three layers. It has stain-resist cotton, thicker foam pad, and breathable cloth. It can eliminate all wrinkles and creases from your clothing quickly. It has a non-slip nose pocket that keeps this cover in one place. It is easy to put on your iron board. This ironing board cover comes with 4-optional clips and large protective mesh cloth.

Ironing Board Covers Buying Guide

Always check the buying guide before buying any product.

Ironing Board Cover FAQ

How often should you change the ironing board cover?

You can use an ironing board cover for 5-7 years. Because of its padding system, it lasts longer. But then again, it depends on how you have used ironing board cover and its quality. So try to treat your things properly. 

Can ironing board covers be washed?

Yes. You can clean an ironing board if your ironing board cover has 100% fabric. If it has some other materials, then it is better not to clean them. But if it has 100% cotton or other stuff, then you can clean it. 

Take a bowl of warm water then put some mild detergent on it. Now dip your ironing cover on it. Now wash it. Then dry it on a hanger.

Why do you need an ironing board cover?

You need an ironing board cover to protect your ironing board. When your iron’s heat is tempting, it will ruin your iron board. So that is why it should from a material which reflects the heat. If it reflects heat, the ironing board will not suffer from extreme heat.


All the ironing boards cover I have mentioned in this article are the best. You can choose any ironing board cover I have mentioned as per your needs. Other than this, you should take proper care of your things.

I hope this article has helped you to find the best ironing board cover that you need.

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