Best Kids Bowling Sets 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

best kids bowling sets

A bowling set is a perfect toy for your kid. You can use it as an indoor or outdoor activity. It helps them to develop their skills. They can increase their social skills.

But, it is not so easy to find a bowling set for your kids. There are many kinds of bowling sets available on markets or online shopping. Some of them are wooden, some are plastics, and some are foam. So, just to help you, we wrote this article. We have mentioned some bowling sets. I hope this article will help you.

Best Kids Bowling Sets Reviews in 2021

1. Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game

Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game

Melissa & Doug is famous for kids’ stuff. Their brand is popular among parents. They also provide the best toy for your kid. They also make a way to learn while playing. And this time they have brought for kids Monster Bowling game for kids. You can say this one is just perfect for toddlers.

This set comes with 6-monster bowling pins and a 1-beastly bowling ball. It also gives a zippered carrying case so you can easily carry it. They are soft and super cute. The colors are bright and attractive for kids.

The bowling pins and ball are lightweight. This set is perfect for 2-years old to 4-years old kids. This bowling set will develop motor improvement, movement, and hand-eye coordination. It also develops your kid’s communication skills. This set is perfect for little kids.

The pins look cute, but they can’t stand up. Even it is difficult for adults to play. 

2. Melissa & Doug Bowling Friends Preschool Play Set

Melissa & Doug Bowling Friends Preschool Play Set

Now we present another bowling play set from Melissa & Doug. This one is a bit mature than the previous one. This set is a bit different from the first one. This one is for preschoolers. If we are talking about Melissa & Doug, then we know they don’t compromise quality. They make sure that your kid is using the best product.

This product has 6-animal bowling pins with a 4-inch indented bowling ball. It is soft and comfortable to squeeze for toddlers. It has bright colors, and it is durable. It also has a carrier bag to carry these pins and the ball. It is lightweight, so it’s easy to carry. It is excellent for 2-years old kids to 6-years old kids. It has no issues like not standing up smoothly etc.

But some people have complained that this playset has a strong chemical smell. They can’t get rid of it quickly. 

3. Lawn Bowling Game/Skittle Ball

Lawn Bowling GameSkittle Ball

If your kid is tired of plastic and wants something classical, then Lawn Bowling Game/Skittle Ball just for you. This wooden bowling set looks classy, realistic, and attractive. This outdoor-indoor bowling kit is for those kids who want to play like grown-ups. They can play with it endless hours.

These bowling pins look classical yet a bit of a touch of modern style. The material of this product is pinewood. It also gives you a mesh bag. So you can carry this bowling kit anywhere you want. You can play with it indoor or outdoor wherever you want. It has 10-bowling pins, which are 8 inches long and 2-bowling ball, which are 2.3 inches. This toy has only two colors white and blue. They are sturdy enough not to break. This toy set is for 3-years old to 15-years old kids.

But some people have reviewed that, the pins are small and thin for an outdoor play. It also makes some noise, which is irritating for some kids or their parents.

4. Sambro Toy Story Aliens Bowling Set

Sambro Toy Story Aliens Bowling Set

When you have a kid who loves alien stuff, then this Sambro Toy Story Aliens Bowling Set is just a thing that you might need. This unique bowling set looks adorable. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor play. They can play with it whenever they want to be indoor or outdoor.

The material of this product is high-quality plastic. It is strong enough not to break. While playing with this, your kid can move around and get some exercise. This toy is 2.8 x 3.4 x 7.5 inches. It is perfect for 3-years old to 9-years old kids.

This bowling set is durable and easy to use. So you don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety. 

5. iBaseToy Kids Bowling Toy Set

iBaseToy Kids Bowling Toy Set

Tired from wooden or plastic bowling set? Or you want something safe that won’t hurt your babies? If you are thinking like this, then this iBaseToy kid Bowling Toy Set is for you. They use foam to make this set. So you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt.

This bowling set is cute, fun, and colorful. The balls have emoji face. They have 10-bowling pins which are 7.5 inches tall, and two bowling balls which are 4 inches.

The material of this bowling pin set is soft, dense polyurethane foam, so your kid is safe. They also give you a bag to carry these pins and balls. They are lightweight, so your toddler can pick them by themselves. With this, your kids can learn numbers, colors, etc. This bowling set is durable. This toy set is perfect for a 1-year old kid to 8-year old kid.

These bowling pins can’t hold properly. Kids might feel frustrating.

6. Liberty Imports Deluxe Kids Toy Bowling Play Set

Liberty Imports Deluxe Kids Toy Bowling Play Set

If you are looking for giant bowling set for your toddler, then you can buy this Liberty Imports Deluxe Kids Toy Bowling Play Set. This one is perfect for those kids who love to make noise. They have high-quality materials for this. Even your little toddler can also play with this set for the whole day without fuss. 

This set has 6-giant size bowling pins and a ball. These pins are 9.2 inches, and the ball is 5 inches in the round. There are some colorful tiny balls in these pins. They make noise when you are hitting the pins.

They make this set with sturdy ABS plastic. So this bowling set is BPA free and non-toxic. The ASTM / CPSC have given their certificate. Kids can play with it any indoor or outdoor activities. This playset is perfect for 4-year old kids to 10-year-old kids.

But some people said that pins are fragile.

7. Champion Sports Bowling Set

Champion Sports Bowling Set

Do you want a bowling set than can use by both parents and kids? Now here we bring Champion Sports Bowling Set, which is both for parents or kids. They can enjoy this classic look bowling set with the whole family. You can play with this any indoor or outdoor activity.

This set has 10-bowling pins and a five-pound rubber ball. You can play with it like a pro. It can stand up properly. Kids can play with it easily. If you are a beginner who wants to develop your skill can buy it. It also gives you a sheet and a score pad. This set is for from the little kids to all the grownups.

The balls are a bit fragile. So be careful when you are playing with this.

8. Little Tikes Clearly Sports Bowling

Little Tikes Clearly Sports Bowling

These transparent bowling pins are famous among kids. This one is unique. They have colorful balls inside the bowling pins. They can take this set anywhere as they are lightweight. You can play with it for an endless hour. Your kid can hold it with their small hands easily.

You can hear the sounds of a real crashing pin with this. It includes 6-bowling pins and a ball. It develops your kid’s imagination power. The bowling pins are from hard plastic, so they won’t break. These bowling pins can stand up in the carpet easily. This bowling set is toddlers friendly. They are also durable.

But the bowling pins and the ball are heavy so kids might get hurt while playing. Although the ball is made from foam, still it can hurt kids. Some kids get annoyed because of the noise. And it gets old very fast. So be careful while buying this.

9. Kidoozie Six Pin Bowling Set

Kidoozie Six Pin Bowling Set

Want something safe bowling set with a more colorful look and fun? Then this Kidoozie Six Pin Bowling Set might be a good option for you. This colorful bowling set adds more fun to your kid’s playtime. It has many colors, so your kids will love it. The foam they have used very soft and comfortable for your little one.

This set has 6-bowling pins and a softball. They look like a real bowling set, but kid-friendly. They are not heavy, so your kids can carry it anywhere. Even if it gets dirty easily, still you can clean it with some soap and warm water. They also give you a bag to carry.

It helps your kids to focus on the game. This set is for 3-year old kids to 9-years old kids.

But they can’t stand up. And for some kids, this is a bit frustrating. Even if its materials are foam, still it can break quickly.

10. Bowling Zombies

Bowling Zombies

This one is for zombie lovers. There many kids who love zombie figures. This is just ideal for them to play. Imagine you are knocking off all the zombies with a ball. It sounds fun, right? It can provide your babies with endless fun. You can also have fun with your babies.

This bowling set is inspired by Front Porch Classics games. It has 10-bowling pins and two balls. Its material is pure pine wood. Each piece is 4-inches. It is small in size, so it’s easy to carry for your kids. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor play. This wooden bowling set is perfect for kids. It doesn’t take too much space in your house. 

This is not for little kids because they might choke them. It is perfect for 8-year old kids to 15-years old kids.

Kids Bowling Sets Buying Guide


In this article, we have mentioned our top bowling sets. Now it is up to you which one you will buy from our list. Just make sure whatever you will buy for your kid should be the best. 

Finding the best bowling for your kids is not easy, but it is also not impossible. Check your requirements and buy it for your kid. I hope you can match up your requirements from this list.

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