Best Kids Desks 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

best kids desks

A kid’s desks should be something adorable and useful. It should be easy to join every piece. Desks help your kids to do various educational activities. There must be many kinds of kids desks. You must be feeling confused.

So, in this article, I am going to review the top 10 best kid’s desks. If any of these desks meet your requirements, then you should buy them.

Best Overall: VIVO Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set
Best Value: Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk
Budget-Friendly: Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin, Disney Frozen
Most Popular: Lipper International Chalkboard Desk and Chair
Kids Desk: Buying Guide

Best Kids Desks in 2021

1. VIVO Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set

best kids desks

Are you looking for an adjustable smart study desk for your kid? Then I guess VIVO Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set is just the right option for you. It has children’s ergonomic desk chair. This desk and chair set adds fun and safety. It is just perfect for your little one.

This chair is adjustable so you can transfer this anywhere in your house be it study room or bedroom. This chair has an adjustable tilting which surfaces 0-40 degree angles and a pull-out drawer. Desk and chair have solid steel frames. So it is sturdy enough not to break easily. The pull out drawer has enough space to store books, papers, and colors.

This chair is for 3-years old to10- year’s old kids. They will feel comfortable while reading or writing. It is very easy to setup. The design of this chair is very suitable for kids to study without any issue. 

2. Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin, Disney Frozen

Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin, Disney Frozen

When you have a Disney frozen lover kid, then you must buy Delta Children Chair Desk With Storage Bin, Disney Frozen.  This desk looks good. It has print designs for Anna and Elsa. This desk is appealing to kids. It adds fun safety for your kids. Just the way you imagine.

As this desk and chair have the graphic design, so it looks more appealing to kids. The materials of this desk are solid wood and excellent fabric. It has a cup holder, so while studying; they can also drink water or juice or milk without getting up from the desk. This desk is 20.47 Length x 22.83 Width x 23.23 Height Inches. They are perfect for 3-years old to 6-year old kids. This chair can carry up to 50 pounds. This desk has passed all CPSC rules. So, you won’t have to worry about your little one’s safety.
Many people have reviewed they got broken cups. So make sure you check this.

3. Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk

Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk

If you are looking for a chair that looks good and has enough storage to put your kid’s thing, then this desk Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk is the perfect choice for you. This chair and desk set look good in your bedroom and study room or playroom. They can put them all things on this desk and chair set.

This chair and desk set has a long work surface with molded-in parts. It has a linked dry-erase work cover. You can wipe it for cleaning clean. And it can open to the storage area. It has nice colors. It has a shelf and storage drawers to keep art materials.

It has compartments for store books and tablets. It has a push-button light which requires “AAA” batteries, and you need to buy them yourself. It can face up to 34.1 kg. This desk set is perfect for preschool kids and toddlers. 

Lipper International Chalkboard Desk and Chair

This desk and chair set looks classic and gives your kid plenty of artist’s inspiration. This one is perfect for any child. It doesn’t get dirty quickly. It is also ideal for any room like a study room, playroom, or bedroom. You can keep it anywhere you want.

This desk is easy to assemble. It doesn’t take too much time to make this desk. They can write anything in this chalkboard and t is also easy to remove. It has a sturdy design. It has spacious storage space for erasers, chalk, and other stores.

The materials of this desk are beech, pine, and medium density-fiberboard (MDF). It is also durable. The color of this desk is perfect for any kid’s room. The desk is 25″ x 18 3/4″ x 22″; Chair (W x D x H): 11 3/8″ x 13″ x 23 5/8 inches and the chair is 13 1/4″.

This desk set is for early elementary school toddler. You can use a living room bedroom divider for privacy. Try to clean it with a damp cloth, don’t soak it and dry it with a towel.

5. Sauder Pogo Desk

Sauder Pogo Desk

The Sauder Pogo Desk creates a proper workspace for your toddler. It has a huge space for your things. Your kid can put their belongings in it safely. It is perfect for your toddler. You can keep this desk anywhere they want. It suits everywhere in your house either in your bedroom or study room.

The drawer of this sets material is metal. It is safe for your kids. It is sturdy enough not to break. It is easy to join. It has a storage bin. It has enough space to keep an accent lamp, books, drawing materials, pencils, picture frames, and small toys not like bristle block set.

This desk is made with solid wood. It is engineered wood construction. So, you don’t need to worry about your kid’s safety. This desk is 42.64″ x W: 19.37″ x H: 28.94″ inches. This table has an easy-glide drawer. 

But this table can be easily scratched. And this desk takes too many spaces. And, besides the desk, you can buy art easel for a teenager.

6. Mecor Children’s Desk Chair

Mecor Children’s Desk Chair

Adjustable and dynamic desks are nowadays everyone’s favorite. They are easy to use and safe for kids. It is also fun. This one is great for a growing kid who wants to learn many things. This desk set can grow along with your kid. This desk set is multifunctional.

This desk has a large storage to keep things. You can keep this desk from a different angle while reading, writing, and painting. It has a table lamp. You can adjust its height as your requirement. It has high-quality steel material. So it is sturdy and durable. Your kid can keep their pens, utensils, books, papers, and more things in the drawer.

The desk size is 26.14″x18.66″x”21.26-29.92″ inches and the chair size are 13.58″x14.37″x11.81-17.32″ inches. This desk set can spin 0°-40°. This chair is for 3- years old-15- year old kids. But if this lamp broke, you won’t find the slot anywhere.

7. Flash Furniture Student Desk

Flash Furniture Student Desk

This student desk is unusually for the classroom or your homeschooling kid or a playschool. This desk is strong its design is ideal for the classroom. It has some features which also attract elders. They also use it for other things. For these features, everyone craves for this desk.

This desk has a desktop which is .625” thick, and it has black borders to ensure kid’s safety. It has a book box which is 20.5”W x 15”D x 5.25”H inches. This box has heavy metal material. Kids can keep books, paper, and other accessories.

The legs of this desk are the perfect size for kids. You can easily move it to other places. It has nylon glides so wobbling on the uneven floor won’t happen. This table is easy to adjust.

Not just kids, even adults can also study in this table as well as an ironing table.

8. South Shore Study Table Desk Furniture

South Shore Study Table Desk Furniture

If you are looking for a desk which can be used by both adult and kids, then South Shore has bought you the right thing. This desk is affordable for anyone. You can think it also as a future investment. This desk grows with your babies. So if you are planning to buy a desk that can be used later, then South Shore Study Table Desk Furniture is for you.
This modern design desk is perfect. You can join this table in a few hours. It is not hard, but you need to keep your patience. This desk is Strong, large, highly functional and nice-looking. This table suits any room. It is compatible with other furniture.

This desk is spacious. Your kids can keep their books, papers, stationery, toys, and more things. This desk is 36.75″ H x 42″ W x 20″ D inches. Its weight is 81lbs.

But its assembly instructions are very hard to understand. Some of you might not be able to understand.

9. Melissa & Doug Child’s Lift-Top Desk & Chair

Melissa & Doug Child’s Lift-Top Desk & Chair

Melissa & Doug have been always best for kids. They make all their products with high-quality materials. They are well known for their quality. Now, they present Melissa & Doug Child’s Lift-Top Desk & Chair, which is simple, yet gives a modern vibe. It makes your kid comfortable.
This desk and chair are made with high-quality wood. They give a smooth finishing. This desk and chair are 16.1 x 23.6 x 23.2 inches. The height of the chair seat is 12 1/2″.This desk and chair hold up to 120 pounds. This desk chair has a safety-hinged lid and strengthened legs. So, you can say this chair and desk lasts longer. This chair and table are easy to assemble.

This desk and chair are perfect for 3-years old to 8-years old kids. You can use a portable footrest for more relaxation. It is very spacious. Your kids can keep their books, papers, and other stationeries. This can be a great gift for your kids. 

Kids Desks Buying Guide


In this article, I have just mentioned some products which are best according to public reviews. All products are not perfect for every kid. So, you should take some time and decide which one you should buy. Because if you buy the wrong one, you will be the one who will face the loss.

We have just mentioned the top 9 best kid’s desk. If you find something useful from this article, then buy it for your kid.

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