Best Metal Cutting Chop Saw Reviews 2021

best metal cutting saw

We use a metal cutting saw for cutting metals and metals like material in shape. With the help of a metal cutting saw, the process becomes easier. You have to place the metal product in it, and you just have to apply force. For your work to be done easily, you have to buy the best metal cutting chop saw.

Best Overall: DEWALT DW872 14-inch Multi-Cutter Saw
Best Value: Evolution Power Tools Rage4 7-14-inch
Budget-Friendly: Makita LC1230 12-inch Metal Cutting Saw
Most Popular: DEWALT D28710 14-Inch Abrasive Chop Saw
Buying Guide

Best Metal Cutting Chop Saw in 2021

1. DEWALT DW872 14-inch Multi-Cutter Saw

Best Metal Cutting Chop Saw

The cutting of metals is not so easy, especially if you want perfection without a waste of time and energy. Metal is now made easy with this DEWALT metal cutting band saw. It is an easy to handle tool for cutting metals of various types. This unique multi-tasking saw is a solution to all your cutting problems.

Comparing to the chop saws, this band saw is working wonders with four-time faster performance. It doesn’t matter, what is the metal nature, ferrous or non-ferrous the multi-cutter saw is versatile enough to cut any of these.

The special feature of the depth is making this saw different from other saws. The depth of the cut remains the same for every cutting throughout the life of the blade.

Product highlights
  • The saw can handle multi-cutting tasks.
  • The carbide teeth are to help quick operating.
  • The cutting depth remains constant.

2. Evolution Power Tools Rage4 – Best metal cutting chop saw

Evolution Power Tools Rage4 7-14-inch,  TCT Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw

This chop saw is not only better than a hacksaw but works smoothly and finely. The chop saw by evolution tools is an essential and award-winning tool that is vital for every tradesman. The saw is capable of various materials and different cutting procedures.

It is one of the perfect metal cutting chop saw, works wonders for steel, aluminum, nail embedded wood, and various plastic types. Any ferrous or non-ferrous metal can be easily cut through a single blade.

It saves a lot of energy and time per pound. This chop saw provides you with perfectly smooth cuts with no heated technology and with zero sparks. Even not any coolant is required.

Product highlights
  • It provides smooth and clean cuts for all materials.
  • It is far better than hacksaws.
  • No sparks, no heat, no coolant nothing is needed when you have this tool.

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3. Makita LC1230

Makita LC1230 12-inch Metal Cutting Saw

The metal cutting saw by Makita is different from others with four-time faster performance. The long-lasting blade work for the perfect results of the light pipe, angle iron, tubing, conduit, and channels. Its 15 amp motor let the tool work wonders for you for miter cutting. This metal cutting blade for miter saw is carbide tipped to give you classic clean and exact cuts.

The use of this kind of tool may result in hazardous accidents, so the lock button is there to avoid such incidents with the rough starting of the tool. The supporting feature of the tool is the D-shaped handle. This handle is really useful for easy and comfy gripping.

Product highlights
  • The cutting depth has a maximum of 4-½’.
  • The lock for blade changes is easy to use and handle.
  • For accident prevention, the lock is available.
DEWALT D28710 14-Inch Abrasive Chop Saw

This Dewalt miter saw a metal cutting blade has various beneficial features. The high performance is maintained because of the high power motor of this tool. To manage the changes for differently sized materials, the quick-lock system is what makes this tool different from others.

The smoother cutting and bur-free results are the majors of this chop saw. To avoid the annoying pressure or fatigue, the D-shaped handle makes this chop saw usage more convenient.

The wheel changes for several material cuttings are made now easy with the spindle lock of this well-known tool. Another amazing feature is the oppositely directed sparks which prevent disturbance and incidents.

Product highlights
  • The faster and smoother cuts with bur-free results to give you your desired work.
  • The convenient handle is to make it sure that you don’t feel tired during your work.
  • Directed sparks and locks are making the tool use simple enough.

5. Evolution Power Tools RAGE 3-DB – Best metal cutting sliding circular saw

Evolution Power Tools RAGE 3-DB 10-Inch TCT Multipurpose Cutting Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw

The single blade of this chop saw is capable of cutting various metals, aluminum, wood, wood with embedded nails and different plastics. This chop saw is not a single bevel saw but a double one to easily have bevel cuts both sides without flipping the piece you are working on.

The vertical metal cutting band saw is perfect for 3 various cutting depth levels to have different cuts. With a better capacity than previous RAGE 3, this one is more compatible, portable and easy to handle.

With this extra working saw, miter stand comes for your convenience which is sturdy enough to manage the loads.

Product highlights
  • It comes with 3 cutting depths.
  • You will also have a miter stand for better productivity convenience.
  • The saw can cut different materials with a single blade.

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6. MK Morse CSM9NXTB 9-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw

MK Morse CSM9NXTB 9-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw

The MK Morse offers a fantastically working, portable circular saw with a measurement of 9-inch. This handy piece works with no load and performs so well. The easy-to-use saw is reliable and durable enough for all types of cuts to make cutting convenient for you.

To have accurate and smooth beveled cuts, the machine works at low speed but with high performance. This cordless metal cutting circular saw has guide arrows and sight opening to have the exact results.

The tool also has a place for a waste of tiny chips etc. to avoid the mess and operate with lesser sounds. The retractable blade guard, length adjustments and laser guidance are some special features of this tool.

Product highlights
  • Adjustable length and laser guidance.
  • Portable and handy features.
  • Have a space for waste chips.

7. Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 9-Inch Steel Cutting Circular Saw

The high-quality and high-powered tool is perfect for cool and accurate cuts. The increase in productivity can easily be achieved with a constant depth level of cut. The saw is reliable for cutting steel plates, round pipe, sheet metals, etc.

The faster and cleaner cutting technology is capable of doing the cut in a couple of seconds. As compared to abrasives, this circular saw is far safer in every way with less heat and few sparks.

The bevel tilt function of this heavy-duty tool is outstanding. The faster performance of this ferrous metal cutting circular saw blade makes it different from others. There is no need for coolants, and the cuts will be fine and finished to give an astonishing clean look for every cutwork.

Product highlights
  • Faster performance of just 12 seconds for a finishing cut.
  • Multiple ranges of blades cutting.
  • Perfect tilt function and no traditional issues.

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8. Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 15-Inch Steel Cutting Chop Saw

The power tool by evolution is what a tradesman want. This 15- inch high-quality chop saw is suitable for all your metal cutting procedures. The chop saw works wonders with the exact results of cuts of your requirements.

This high- powered tool is perfect for working on about 1000 metal sheets before replacement. The metal cutting circular saw is a solution to all your cutting issues. The saw has evolution discs that work as 20 abrasive discs.

The tidy and accurate cuts with an adjustable vice feature for various angle cuts are one of the majors of this saw. The tool is outstanding for required cuts with extra finishing and no accidents.

Product highlights
  • Faster and cleaner services.
  • It works on different materials with the smoothness.
  • High- performance with safer use.

9. Evolution Power Tools RAGE 2 Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw

Evolution Power Tools RAGE 2 Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw, 14-inch

This extremely promising product is an easy-to-use tool. This chop saw works on steel, wood, aluminum, etc. the different materials won’t require blade changes as a single blade is enough for all with all types of cuts.

The evolution disc is far better than abrasive discs. The evolution power tool saves your money and time with a perfect result. The good one for all discs is the most beneficial feature of the saw. This chop saw will give you surprising tidy cuts with accurate requirements within a couple of seconds.

This multipurpose chop saw allows you to have any of the miter cuts between 0 to 45° angles with no load, no sparks, and heat and with simple faster performance, the tool is a perfect piece for every cut.

Product highlights
  • Faster cutting with longer capacity.
  • Suitable cutting depth.
  • Low load and no heat operating system.

10. DEWALT DWM120k 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit

DEWALT DWM120k 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit

This amazing small band saw for cutting metal is a must for cutting procedures. For a neat and tidy finished look and easy to operate features nothing is better than this portable, handy band saw kit.

It has control over its speed and an operating way to differentiate various cutting processes. This durable and versatile piece of cutting perfection has an LED feature to have precise and accurate cuts.

The motor strength is enough for several applications. The high-quality saw works with accuracy to give you fine and desired cuts every time.

Product highlights
  • The band saw is easy to use and with a firm grip.
  • It has its control over and speed and applications.
  • LED guidance for better results.
  • It provides you with easier and convenient cutting.

Metal Cutting Chop Saw Buying Guide

While constructing a building, you will need several things, and one of them is metal cutting saw. There are different types of metal cutting saws available in the market, such as you can consider a Milwaukee tools metal cutting saw if you are searching for a metal cutting saw. This buying guide will help you to buy the best one to get your metal items being cut easily. 

The Best Tool for Cutting Metal:

Manual metal cutting is nearly an impossible job to do. To make your work easy, you can buy the best tool for cutting metal which is a metal cutting saw. With the help of this, you can easily cut your hard metal items within time.

Thin Metal Cutting Blade:

If you want to cut thin metal items, you can buy the thin metal cutting blade. Thin metals will easily get cut with the help of cutting blade. With the help of a metal blade, you can only cut things metals that are not hard or thick in width.

The Best Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades:

The metal cutting reciprocating saw blades are best for hard metal items. You will be able to cut hard and heavy metals with this saw blade. You have to set a point where you are going to use it. Use it with force to complete the cutting job easily and in less time. Such saw blades are quite sharp.

Metal Cutting Band Saw: 

Using a metal cutting band saw is quite easier. While using this type of metal cutting, a band saw is easier as compare to saw blades. In this, you have to place the product in it. Apply force on one end of the item and the band will cut your metal item within no time. Before buying, you should go online and check the Metal Cutting Band Saw Reviews on top rated sites.

Metal Cutting Wheel for Circular Saw: 

There will be a cutting wheel with sharp teeth. The wheel will circulate when you place a metal item between the teeth. You just have to apply force on the metal item. The circulating wheel will circulate to cut the metal item. It is quite easier to use. It is best while you are constructing or renovating your place. With the help of this, you can cut the metal items in different positions. You can cut heavy or thin metals with the help of a metal cutting wheel for the circular saw.

Small Saw for Cutting Metal:

Such types of metal cutting saws are best for small metal types. You can cut small metal items that are not heavy or thick in width. Never try to cut thick metal with this metal cutting saw. It will affect the teeth of your small metal cutting saw. You can cut metal blades in smaller sizes or any other metal which is not thick.

Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Saw

You can have an idea of this type of metal cutting saw after reading its name. This type of metal cutting saw is best for some heavy metalwork. Yes, you can cut heavy metals which are quite hard and thick in width. This is an ideal metal cutting saw at a construction site. Where you will need this badly.

With the help of a cutting saw blade, you can cut thin metals easily. You just have to use it at one point with full force. If you want to cut a lock, you can use the metal cutting saw blade. It is quite handy and easy to use.


Well, we have discussed the metal cutting saw above. How they are useful and which one is best for you. How using a metal cutting saw makes your work easier. In a very short period, you will be able to complete all your metal cutting work. You don’t have to cut it manually or with any other sharp thing. You can cut a metal item by placing it in the metal cutting saw. And your work is done. You can cut metal items in shapes as well. You have to buy the best metal cutting chop saw for your work. 

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