Best Rat Toys 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Like rat’s size, their needs are also the same. Some people love them to keeps as a pet. They are mischievous as a pet. Sometimes they love to run, and sometimes they love to dig inside in a quiet place. This is why you need to choose the best rat toy for them so that you can entertain them according to their mood.

If you keep them in their cage for the whole day, it will affect them mentally. Giving them a toy is the best thing that you can do to a rat. But it is not easy to buy a toy. So to help you, I have mentioned some toys for rats and some tips in this article. I hope you will read this article carefully. So I hope this article helps you to choose the best toy for your rats.

Best Rat Toys in 2021

1. Kaytee Silent Spinner Assorted Exercise Wheel

Are you looking for a spinner for your rat? That doesn’t make any sound when your rat is spinning on it? Then you should check out this Kaytee Silent Spinner Assorted Exercise Wheel. This spinner has a unique feature that makes sure whenever your rat is spinning on it. It won’t make any noise.

The size of this spinner is 7 Length x 12 Widths x 14 Height inches. It is 1.68 pounds. It is easy to move. Your rat can have a healthy exercise with this spinner. It has high-quality two-toned plastic that makes sure your rat’s furry feet feel comfortable. It doesn’t have any attached wire that will make noise. Your rat can spin in this spinner as per it wishes.

But the wheels of this spinner are kind of fragile. They are not chew-proof. If your rat has a chewing habit, then you will consistently need to change the wheels.

2. Kaytee Puzzle Playground

Looking for something different for your rat that can change his health condition? Then this Kaytee Puzzle Playground is a perfect option for you. With this toy, your rat can exercise every day while playing. It is a fun thing to work. So if you are going to buy this for your rat, then I am sure you are going to satisfied with it.

The dimension of this rat puzzle toy is 2.1 Height x 5.4 Width x 5.4 Length inches. It has 42 interlocking pieces that you can give a shape you want. It has durable plastic that is enough for not to break. You can easily clean this puzzle park. It is fun to play, and your little rat can do exercise with this set. It adds more fun.

But they should improve their service quality. Some people have complained that they have received some broken pieces or some have complained about missing parts.

3. Niteangel Small Animal Cotton Rope Nets

Do you want to keep your rat active and entertained all the time? Then I would suggest you check this Niteangel Small Animal Cotton Rope Net. You can keep rats from getting bored with this Niteangel Small Animal Cotton Rope Net. They can climb up and have fun in this rope net.

This Niteangel Small Animal Cotton Rope Net is 13.4 inches in length and 8.3 inches in width. You can easily connect this rope with any metal clips. It is a perfect way to encourage your rats to exercise. It is sturdy enough for not to reap up.

You can use two or more rope to make a mega rope bridge. You can clean them easily. It doesn’t have any bad odor that would make your rat uncomfortable. You don’t have to worry about space as it doesn’t take too much.

But this rope net is hard to hang. And whenever you wash this rope, it shrunk.

4. Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

Catchy colors sure draw notice. Be it people or your playful rats. This Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler is a colorful toy. And your rat would surely love it. It is a bit different than the other rat toys. And I am sure your rat would love this rat toy. This one is one of the best rat chew toys.

I called this toy as one of the best rat chew toys because it has made with sturdy 100% natural wood and no chemical dye coloring. So it is safe when your rat is chewing this toy. They will never get bored when they are playing with this toy. This toy is 4 x Length, 4 x Width, 3.25 x Height. It supports your rat in healthy activities. It can give satisfaction to your rat’s chewing habit.

But it has a narrow rod that can hurt your rat when he is playing. Other than, this they should focus on improving the quality.

5. ​Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel

For rats, the Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel is a great thing to play. It encourages your rat to explore the entire tube. It is a great tool to provide fun for your rat. Your rat would surely love to play with this tunnel. They can roam the whole tunnel by themselves. They can enter the tunnel and encourage them to hike in this.

This Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel is  23 Length x 6 Width x 6 Height inches. You can expend its size. It has a crinkle material between the fabrics layer. You can connect this crinkle tunnel to other tunnels. It has a durable poly-cotton material. That makes sure whenever you are washing, it won’t ruin. You can clean this in a washing machine.

But after cleaning this crinkle tunnel, it is hard to dry. It is perfect for only small rats. Not for the bigger one. It is not chew-free.

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All the products I have mentioned in this article are great. But in the end, it is up to you what will you choose for your rat. I hope this “Best Rat Toys 2019” will help you to choose the toy for your beloved pet.

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