Best Retractable Clotheslines 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You just can’t throw your wet clothes in tables and chair, so these will get dry. You must perform this duty of drying clothes in a well-mannered way. For this reason, you will need retractable clotheslines. But you should choose the best retractable clotheslines. You can save space by using this clotheslines. But how? Well, whenever you want to hang your clothes on it, simply open it and hang it against the wall. After completing the job of drying, take off the clothes from it and close it. It will fit in small spaces.

Retractable Clotheslines Reviews in 2019

1. SecureLine RC20 20-Foot Retractable Clothesline

SecureLine RC20 20-Foot Retractable Clothesline

This secure line 20-foot retractable clothesline by Leigh is a convenient product for you. Irritated because of the clothes drying issues? You don’t need to worry if you have this single line retractable clothesline. The adjustable feature of this Amazon product makes your clothes drying easier. The product length can be adjusted to any length under 20 foot which convenient enough.

The product makes it super cool for you to hand clothes wherever and whenever you want. You can use this clothesline for both indoor and outdoor laundry. The product is not only limited to specific areas but can be used in any room, balcony, bathroom, etc.

The clothesline housing will never rust as it is comprised of plastic material. To prevent you from annoying the wire is covered with vinyl to provide you with a tangle-free cord.

Product highlights
  • The length can be adjusted to 20 foot.
  • You don’t need to worry for the mounting hardware as it is included.
  • The vinyl cord is easy and strong enough to use.

2. BESy Retractable Clothesline

BESy Retractable Clothesline SUS304 Stainless Steel Clothes Dryer with Adjustable Stainless Steel String Hotel Style Heavy Duty, 9.2 Foot, Polished Chrome Finish, Round Style

This retractable clothesline by BESy is worth buying as the product is innovative and helpful. The chrome finish stainless steel body and cord ensure you for no rusting or sagging with a unique look. The product can be used anywhere including indoors, outdoors, bathrooms, boat, etc.

This retractable clothes hanger can extend up to 9.2 feet and comes with a lock button to avoid mishaps. The product has a strong cord to hold about 22lbs. The product is perfect for any type of clothes if correctly mounted.

The space saving feature of this retractable clothesline makes it easier to use and then put back the cord into the housing.

Product highlights
  • The product comes with chrome finish steel cord and case including mounting hardware.
  • It can be extended to 9.2 feet.
  • You can use it anywhere either indoors or outdoors.

3. Household Essentials 17145-1 Retractable Clothesline

Household Essentials 17145-1 Retractable Clothesline, 5 Line Dryer, Indoor or Outdoor Use, Hang Wet or dry Laundry

This heavy duty 5-line retractable clothesline by Household Essentials is something beyond expectations. This versatile piece of convenience is what you want. You can extend each line up to 34 feet to dry loads of your laundry.

The housing is of aluminum to strengthen the dryer line. There is a twist knob on the end of the housing to solve the issue of sagging lines. You can easily tighten the lines with the help of the knob. The retractable feature makes your clothes drying easy and space saving.

The clothesline can easily be installed on any flat or suitable surface with the mounting hardware which is included inside. This heavy-duty product is invented to make your laundry drying easy and convenient with loads.

Product highlights
  • The clothesline is of compatible plastic with aluminum casing.
  • Each line extends to 34 feet.
  • Perfect for loads with 5 clotheslines to dry both indoors and outdoors.

4. Retractable Clothesline Laundry Line, Indoor and Outdoor Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger

Retractable Clothesline Laundry Line, Indoor and Outdoor Heavy Duty Clothes Hanger, Features 40 Feet Attachable Rope, Single Cord, Wall Mount, Easy InstallationmInstallation, Good for Wet and Dry Clothes

This Homey Base retractable clothes hanger comes with a single cord suitable for heavy laundry. As the cord is single one might think about few clothes to hang over it, but this single heavy-duty cord is strong enough to hold loads.

The retractable clothesline can be extended to 40 feet. The maximum capacity to hold the laundry load is about 30 pounds.

This durable and convenient product is invented to make your laundry drying easy and interesting. Now, you don’t need to worry about the clothes drying whether it is indoor or outdoor as this clothesline can be used anywhere.

You can easily pull out the clothesline, hook it u and tighten the rope. The product can be used for any kind of laundry either heavy or light.

Product highlights
  • This lightweight product holds your loads easily.
  • It can be extended up to 40 feet.
  • The clothesline is suitable for dry or wet laundry to dry anywhere.

5. BESy Retractable Clothesline ABS Case+Aluminium Dryer

BESy Retractable Clothesline ABS Case+Aluminium Dryer with Adjustable Stainless Steel Rope String Hotel Style Heavy Duty, Drill-Free and Wall Mounted Method, 13.8 Feets

The retractable clothesline with a drill-free feature by BESy is one of the best retractable washing lines. It is for a neat and smooth wall without any drilling. The installation is not so typical. It can easily be installed by sticking through the glue or tape.

The product is easy to use retractable clothesline which can be extended to 13.8 feet. The beneficial part is its strength which allows it to hold heavy laundry like wet towels, bathrobes or other wet or dry laundry.

The casing is of aluminum to avoid tangles in the cord or other mishaps. The cord is of stainless steel to avoid rusting due to daily use and contact with moisture.

Product highlights
  • The single but strong cord can hold up to surprisingly 20 kg.
  • The stainless steel rope can be extended to 13.8 feet.
  • Using clothesline with a drill-free installation is easy.

Best Retractable Clotheslines Buying Guide

This buying guide will help you to choose the best retractable clotheslines for your place.

Some Types of Retractable Clotheslines:

Many types of retractable clotheslines are now available in the market. Sometimes, you get confused about which one you should choose. Now, we will discuss different types of retractable clotheslines to help you in choosing the best for your place.

Retractable Washing Clothesline:

There are two different types of retractable washing clothesline. One is for indoor use, and the other one is for outdoor use. You have to install it at a proper space. Then, you have to put your washed clothes on it to get them dry.

Retractable Clothes Dryer:

You can place retractable clothes dryer inside your house or in your backyard as well. This retractable clothes dryer is designed in such a way that it will look classy in your backyard. Your clothes will get dry on it.

Retractable Drying Line:

Never compromise on your clothes. Never create a mess of them as well. After washing them, never put them on chairs or tables to get them dry. Get a retractable drying line on which you can put your clothes in an organized way. Your clothes won’t get damaged if you will dry them on a retractable drying line.

Cheap Retractable Washing Line:

The retractable washing line is not very expensive. You can choose a cheap retractable washing line according to your budget. The function of all retractable washing lines are the same. Therefore, it doesn’t matter, whether it has a high price tag or a low one.

Household Essential Retractable Clothesline:

The retractable clothesline is an essential product of every house. You just can’t throw your washed and wet clothes at any place to let them dry. You need retractable clothesline on which you will be able to manage your wet clothes, and these clothes will get dry easily.

Automatic Retractable Clothesline:

In this type of retractable clothesline, a motor is placed inside it. After drying your clothes on it, to wound back the wires, you have to press the button of the motor. The motor will automatically wound back the wires inside the body of the retractable clothesline.


Well, we have discussed different types of best retractable clotheslines, and their work purpose as well. They are retractable so they won’t cover much space. You can simply hang them in your balcony, small backyard because these clotheslines are designed in such an excellent way. These are quite flexible because you can place them anywhere in your home. Even you can install it against a fence. After completing the job of drying clothes on the retractable clothesline, you can just pull it off from the place where you installed it. Close the clothesline and put it in its place and it won’t require much space to fit in.

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