Best Secure Mailboxes 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Mailboxes are important as they sometimes store important mail for us. As occurrences of theft continue to increase, one may be considering getting the best secure mailboxes that can safely store whatever mail that they get. You definitely want to get the mailbox that will make you feel secure that anything inside it is safe. Taking mail tends to be an easy crime. It can let burglars get your credit card statement, some credit card offers, or even intercept any check or money that you get. If this has happened to you, or if you want to avoid this, have a look at the below description of mailboxes.

Best Secure Mailboxes Reviews in 2021

1. Salsbury Industries 4460BLK Victorian Surface Mounted Mailbox

# Best wall mount locking mailbox

Salsbury Industries 4460BLK Victorian Surface Mounted Mailbox, Black

A masterpiece in art, specifically designed to complement your home. The surface of the box is so well crafted and because of this it withstands all types of weather conditions. The mailbox has a swinging brass that moves inward. These Mail Boxes are made with pure stainless steel.

It has also got a moveable screw that can very easily adjust the mail flap. Every mailbox has got two holes that help you to install it at any place where you want to. No doubt, it is the best wall mount locking mailbox.

These fantastic looking Victorian styled mailboxes are found in different colors and textures. The colors may include black, beige, brown and grey as well.

Product highlights
  • This material doesn’t allow dust to accumulate
  • These Mailboxes can be used for mail deliveries in residential areas
  • The mailbox may be surface mounted
  • It contains a locking door and 2 keys for every single surface mailbox

2. Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Locking
Large Mailbox

# Theft proof mailbox

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Locking Mailbox Large Black

This mailbox is designed to be placed in residential areas. It protects your mails against thieves and robbers. This is why, it is also called a theft proof mailbox. The design is innovative and attractive.

It can easily accept small packages and mails without putting too much hindrance. Another best thing about this mailbox is that it is made up of galvanized steel body typically equipped with a heavy gauge.

One of the best locking mechanisms is used to protect it from the malfunctioning. This mechanism is named as anti-pry latch system. It contains 12 disc wafer lock along with 3 laser keys.

Product highlights
  • This mailbox is approved from USPS especially designed for residential areas
  • It protects mails against any type of theft or robbery
  • A unique security system makes it safe
  • 3 laser keys are readily available for all family members

3. Mail Boss 7106 Curbside Locking Mailbox

# Anti theft mailbox

Mail Boss 7106 Curbside Locking Mailbox, Black

One of the best things about Mail Boss 7106 is its size. It can easily accept large packages and big boxes. A safe and secure locking system makes it safe mailbox. So, there is no need to get worried about the loss or theft at all.

The texture is made with galvanized steel consisting of 12 and 14 gauges. This gives it strength and durability to be used for a longer period of time. Powder coating finishing makes it susceptible to all types of weather conditions.

Anti-pry latch locking system secures the overall box from being theft or robbed. The patented fast-trak mounting plate is good enough to install at any place which is appropriate.

Product highlights
  • Mail Boss’ patented Fast-Track mounting plate is good enough for the installation
  • Mail Boss 7106 can accept large packages and mails
  • Powder coating will protect from any type of damage

4. Mailboxes 6900R Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box

# Best waterproof mailbox

Architectural Mailboxes 6900R Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box, Red

Due to its sleek design and solid appearance, the Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box gives an aesthetic appeal to purchase it right now. The marvelous design of this box provides it an unmatchable feature of the best waterproof mailbox.

The use of pure aluminum and blend of steel texture is the core part. Any type of mail may be received in this beautiful-looking mailbox. One of the top quality aluminum alloys along with heavy and tough gauge steel makes it unbreakable.

It also contains a rotating drum that has the tendency to accept large parcels. 3 point lock system is a unique mechanism that guarantees the security and safety of your parcels. Apart from the secured lock system, 2 keys will also be provided in case if you lose one.

Product highlights
  • Best for parcel deliveries
  • The waterproof feature doesn’t allow rust to gather around
  • It has the ability to receive multiple types of parcels

5. Step2 531700 MailMaster StoreMore Mailbox

# Secure roadside mailbox

Step2 531700 MailMaster StoreMore Mailbox

If you are not at home, you don’t need to get worried about your mails, as step2 mail master is in the house. It can easily store up to two weeks mail regardless of its size. Apart from its storing capacity, it is best to secure roadside mailbox.

It has got rear and front that makes it look good enough to access at any point. Despite the fact that its size is compact, it has got good storing capacity. The material or texture with which it is made varies from plastic to steel.

It has got hidden access door of which people are usually unaware. This stamps its security and safety on its own. The design allows you to put your address number on the mailbox so that it becomes easy for the mail provider to access easily.

Product highlights
  • Capacity to store mail for weeks
  • A feature of hidden doors makes it unique
  • Interior access may be availed with front and rear
  • The mailbox has two keys

6. Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum Black

# Built in locking mailbox

Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum Black, Wall-Mount Mailbox, MSK00000

People who need a safe mailbox at their home can choose Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe because of its extraordinary features and design as well. It will keep your mails safe inside its 5-pin cam lock.

The material of this built-in locking mailbox is rust-resistant. There is an elegant appearance and huge brushed doors of aluminum that help in providing safe and easy delivery of mails, magazines, envelopes, and other things related to printing. You will get it in different colors like bronze with brass, bronze with satin, etc. It is also sprayed with white powder.

This one is secured enough that no one can break it easily, and your documents are safe inside it. It has a large storage capacity for your papers.

This mailbox is a decent choice for outgoing mails. Place the paper you want to mail in the internal pick-up tray and operate through the mail slot and raise the mail flag. It’s done.

Product highlights
  • It is best for secure keeping as it has locking cam inside
  • A decent choice for placing it in your home
  • You can send outgoing mails easily

7. Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis Classic Locking Post Mount Parcel Mailbox with High-Security Reinforced Lock

Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis Classic Locking Post Mount Parcel Mailbox with High-Security Reinforced Lock

These mailboxes are best for internet shoppers. These mailboxes have been approved by the Postmaster General. The design is perfect for small bundles of parcels and bundles of mails.

The body of this mailbox is durable because of its heavy steel body. Its body is gauge galvanized with a full coating of powder steel. There are rubbers in the door to provide a sealing effect and it saves mails and other items from outside effects like corrosion.

This mailbox can be placed in the wall and it is moisture resistant and it won’t affect your important things as well.

The lock system is secure enough and it is nearly unbreakable. It has a large storage quantity so that you can place your mail in it in a large quantity. But whenever you close it, never apply too much force and tighten the nuts because it will affect the threaded studs.

Product highlights
  • It is best for large mail bundles.
  • It has a locking feature to keep safe.
  • It has moisture resistant quality.

8. Mail Boss 7418 High-Security Steel Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox

# Lockable post mount mailbox

Mail Boss 7418 High-Security Steel Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox - Office Drop Box - Comment Box - Letter Box - Deposit Box, Bronze

This Lockable post mount mailbox is best to place it on the wall. You can place your posts, mails, a bundle of documents, and key payments in it.

There is a lock on it which is chrome-alloy tempered steel hook cam for security. It is hard enough to break and safe enough for all of the things you place in it. It has a large storage capacity.

Its structure is made of galvanized steel and it has a coating of powdered steel to keep your mails safe from the outside environment and moisture. You can place it inside the wall with the help of screws present on it by using a drill a little bit.

It has the feature of anti-theft because of its lock with laser cut brass keys with 100 possible combinations, so no one will be able to open it.

Product highlights
  • You can place it on the wall.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Anti-theft lock quality with brass cut keys.

9. Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Mailbox

Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Mailbox, Black

This mailbox has the feature of a break in proof mailboxes because of its gauze galvanized structure. The Oasis Mailbox has been approved by the Postmaster General. It is best for small documents bundles and mail bundles as well.

It is coated fully with a powdered form of steel. Rubbers are being installed, so the files will stay safe from corrosion and moisture. And the weather won’t affect your important papers. The hardware of this mailbox is made up of stainless steel.

It is suitable to place it on the wall, pilaster. It has the feature of moisture resistance. If you want to install it on the wall, use Universal Plate 5530.

You can place your important document inside the locked part of the mailbox.

Product highlights
  • Best for small document and mail bundles.
  • Rubbers are installed in the door to keep your paper safe from weather effects.
  • You can place it on the wall as well.

10. Serenelife Modern Wall Mount Lockable Mailbox

Serenelife Modern Wall Mount Lockable Mailbox - Outdoor Galvanized Metal Key Large Capacity - Commercial Rural Home Decorative & Office Business Parcel Box Packages Drop Slot Secure Lock SLMAB06 White

This one has a sleek and elegant design and it is a secure mailbox for packages. There is a large storage capacity and you can place your important files, mails, packages, newspaper, magazines, small parcels, and more papers in it.

You can use it best for an outdoor mailbox. It is made with high-quality galvanized steel. The black coating of powdered steel keeps your important papers safe from weather effects. It has a feature of anti-theft because of its lock quality.

It will be convient for you to place this mailbox in your home or office because of its attractive design. You can add this to your décor while protecting your important items in it.

Just place your mails, payments, and documents through Dropbox. It can be installed easily because it has pre-drilled holes.

Product highlights
  • Slim and sleek design.
  • It keeps your documents safe from weather conditions.
  • You can install it in your home or office wall easily because it has pre-drilled holes.

Types of Secure Mailboxes

You can find different mailboxes that have certain features to help secure your mail from unwanted theft. Mailboxes have been present for a long time, nowadays you can find some that have exciting and advanced features that make them attractive to buy. You need to consider what you need the mailbox for and get one according to your requirements. The below may be able to help you out.

Business and Residential Mailboxes

You may be in need of a mailbox for your business or one for your home. There are some mailboxes that will be better suited for your business. You may need big packages delivered and therefore will have to look for the one that is able to store more mail and mail that is bigger in size. You will have to consider this when looking for one. It will definitely have to be a secure and strong one as you will be getting confidential mail that you do not want anyone to steal.

Residential mailboxes can be gotten according to your needs once again. If you need one only for small packages and not so much mail, you can get one that has a reasonable size. You will also need to be alert of the security features as you don’t want nosy neighbors and others to see what you have inside the mailbox.

Below are the different types of the mailbox that you can consider while getting:

A Digital Lock Mailbox

You can get a digital lock to add to a mailbox to make it more secure. The helpful Digital Locking electronic security type of lock tends to be a popular accessory which one can add to some classic mailboxes. These locks have a number pad which is custom coded to every individual mailbox.

A Keyless Locking Mailbox

This type of mailbox makes it tough for thieves to bring mail from the mailbox. A simple mailbox allows you to open the box and take what you want from it. With a keyless locking one mail, thieves have the difficulty of having to enter some complicated PIN.

This mailbox gets used by the mail person dropping the mail down the impenetrable chute. Therefore, it is tough for others to see what is inside here. Different brands sell keyless locking types of mailboxes and there are different price ranges for this.

Self-Locking Mailboxes

It is possible to get a mailbox that can be self-locked. This will make you feel safe from identity theft. The benefits of getting a mailbox of this sort to include:

  • lock by itself and so protect your identity.
  • Protect any unsupervised mail that you get.
  • Keeps gifts safe inside it.

Unique Wall-Mount Mailbox – Wall Mounted Copper Mailbox

A popular mailbox is a wall mount one. You can get this made in copper making it be strong. This is usually mounted upon the exterior of a house, and they have some benefits:

Secure– Mailboxes that are able to attach directly to the home tend to be less likely to be targets of vandalism as well as theft. These mailboxes have other security features that have been described above.

Convenient– It is possible to get the mail without having to leave your home with a wall mounted mailbox. This is more convenient than having a neighborhood collection box.

Unique– These mailboxes can add the element of style along with uniqueness to a home. Wall mounts are customizable moreover are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, plus materials.

Curbside Locking Mailbox

If you need a mailbox that you want to be put on the sidewalk you can get curbside mailboxes. These will definitely need to be secure as nearly anyone can easily get access to your mail. There are different mailboxes of this sort. A lockable one can be gotten that looks stylish as well. This can keep financial documents and other confidential documents safe.

Best Mailbox Ever- Lowes Locking Mailbox

You can find a good locking mailbox from Lowes, like the Oasis Tribolt mailbox. This has an oversized hopper door design that has internal security baffle. You will get an extra-large helpful locking lower storage compartment.

Some features of this mailbox include:

  • It is constructed using heavy gauge galvanized steel to give it durability.
  • The doors are fitted with secure weather-tight rubber seals.
  • Spacious mail compartment that can store daily mail, small parcels, and also magazine bundles.

Buying Guide of Best Secure Mailboxes

As you know there are many types of mail boxes that you will see once you visit the market. To keep your mail safe, you need to make sure you get the right product. So that’s why here we are giving you small buying guidelines that will help you in the selection of secure locking mailbox for yourself as there are some factors that you need to consider.

Product Material and Elements

Before you buy anything, you need to know the materials and elements of the products. Usually, there are 4 materials that are used for making mailboxes. And these are aluminum, steel, wood, and plastic. Here we are going to talk about it.


Aluminum mailboxes are rust-resistant and lightweight. That’s why people love to use it for themselves. You can also use it for a longer time than you think. You can also maintain it easily without having any problems.


Normally you can use stainless steel hardware things for a longer time. Because they are durable enough for you to use for a long time than you think. It will always be in its structure. 


Wood mailboxes are much more durable than you think. It can resist any weather without any problem. So all the natural qualities make it a perfect material for a mailbox. It will give you long-lasting protection from water and weather.


A plastic mailbox with heavy-duty poly construction will last longer. It is lightweight and easy to maintain but if you are not getting a mailbox temporarily, it would be better for you to avoid plastic mailboxes.

Weather resistance

If you keep your traditional mailbox like post mounted mailbox in the yard, then there is no way you can protect it from the rain or any or other weather calamities. Because post-mounted style will always stay in the outside of your house. So make sure your current mailbox has weather-resistant rubber seals. Make sure it doesn’t get scratches from anything. So it would be convenience for you to think about it.


You have to make sure your mailbox has durable construction like rust-resistant galvanized steel construction. Aluminum construction is also great. Make sure whatever you get it should have solid construction. You also need to pay some attention to the mail shield mechanism as it can protect your mails from the thief.

Latch or Locks

You have to make sure your mailbox contains strong latches and latches. Because for extra protection you need an advanced locking mechanism in your mailbox. Unlocked mailboxes have many cases of parcel thief. There are many locking mailbox options such as residential locking mailboxes or Curbside locking mailboxes. All of these have pick-resistant stainless steel locks. These Lockable Mailboxes also have keys to access door locks. So make sure to get a locked mailbox.

Security and Safety

To escape from bills and mail theft, you need to ensure safety and security mailbox. You cant always keep guard around your mailbox. People from postal services will give you parcel delivery but it can go through package theft. 

You can get a commercial mailbox with internal baffle doors and proper locks.

Design and Color options

There are many style options when it comes to mailboxes. Like wall- or post-mounted design,  dual-locking design, regular mailbox, All-In-One Mailbox, etc. Make sure your one doesn’t have a forgettable design. That’s why you need to pay some attention to the exterior design. Make sure there is an innovative baffle as it will help you to keep even the smallest parcels.

If you live in an apartment, it would be better if you have a cluster box unit. Because this entire unit will help you to keep your mails. Some mailboxes also come with double designs. It should have a durable design.

Whatever product you get, make sure it has multiple color choices.

Size and Capacity

While getting a mailbox for yourself, make sure to consider the size. You also need to think about the package slot. There are a variety of sizes mailboxes are available. If you always receive larger packages from the postal carrier, then you need extra-large size mailbox for yourself. You need to get something with a larger slot size. The same thing goes with medium packages or medium parcels. So you need to know what your mailbox measures.

There should be ample space for mail. So make sure your mailbox has space for that. And you can keep there the volume of mails. 

Installation Process

The installation process should be simple when it comes to installing a mailbox in your yard or in front of your house. Some mailboxes come with installation hardware such as a screwdriver, locks, separate mounting plate, etc. You also have to consider the unit.

If it is hard or takes too much time to install, then you should go for something simple. You can also read mailbox manufacturers before getting it.

Questions to ask before you buy a Mailbox

Are locked mailboxes worth it?

After reading this lockable mailbox review, now you must be aware that how it is important to have social security when it comes to letters or package deliveries. Both post-mount mailbox and locking wall-mount mailbox have lock feature. And it can give you full security. So yes, they worth it. You can also get payment locking drop boxes along with the mailbox.

How Do I Maintain My Locking Mailbox?

You can follow U.S. Postal Service Regulations to maintain your locking mailbox. Other than this to give a layer of protection, you can use a security camera. You can get a Mailbox & Post Combo Kit.

What is the difference between plastic and metal mailboxes?

Usually, plastic mailboxes are lightweight and easy to maintain. But if you are looking for a high-quality mailbox, then it would be better for going with a metal mailbox. Because they are efficient mailbox and you can use for a long time. It would be the ideal choice for you.


The above is an explanation of some of the best secure mailboxes that you can consider getting if you are concerned with keeping your mail secure. With the help of these mailboxes, you can limit the risk of unwanted ID theft occurring, as criminals steal mail so as to get some personal information. You definitely do not want this problem to occur. Therefore, if you want to avoid this problem, you can think about investing in a safe mailbox that is strong and can handle whatever mail you wish to be put inside it. It is better to invest in the best so that you can remain safe from theft. Hopefully, this list of the best secure mailboxes will help you.


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