Best Shoe Repair Glue 2020 – Top Rated Glue Reviews for Shoe, Boot, Sneakers Sole Repair

Yesterday, I went to the market to buy a shoe repair glue. But it is difficult to decide which one is the best shoe repair glue because there are many kinds of glue. So I opened the internet and start reading the reviews of shoe repair glue. I also searched for its function and quality. Then I decided why not I share my findings with you so that you can easily select the super glue for shoe repair.

Best Shoe Repair Glue Reviews in 2020

1. E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive, 2f l oz Clear

best glue for shoe soles, heels and for leather shoes

This is the best glue for shoe soles, heels and for leather shoes.  It is suitable for your high heels, low heels, joggers and school boots. It will not destroy the pictures of your shoes. It is a clear and transparent glue. This is super glue, you can use it for bonding wood, fabric, leather, glass, and metal. You can easily wash your cloth and leather, also safe in the dryer.

Product highlights
  • It is not flammable.
  • It does not destroy your pictures on leather and shoes.
  • Universal in its application you can use it for wood, leather, metal, glass and ceramic.
  • Stick fast to a surface or object.

2. Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive for Fixing Worn Shoes or Boots, Clear, 3.7-Ounce Tube

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive for Fixing Worn Shoes or Boots, Clear, 3.7-Ounce Tube

This is stronger than glue. It permanently repairs leather, rubber, vinyl, and canvas. It is perfect for patching small holes. For discrete repairs, it is a clear sealant. It can repair shoe scratch, as useful for basketball shoes, waders, and shoe scuff pair. Shoegoo is good in quality and also a top-rated Amazon glue product. It ranked high in industrial and scientific, adhesive and sealants category.

Product highlights
  • It is waterproof, when you go into the water, your shoe will never tear apart.
  • It increases the grip of a tyre, you can use it on skateboard tyre.
  • Permanent sealant.
  • You can use it on synthetic fabric.

3. Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 4-Gram

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 4-Gram

“Loctite for shoes” is rubber tough and the formula for a flexible impact and water-resistant bond. It is used in ceramic, wood, chipboard, fabric, paper, cardboard rubber, and most hard plastic. You can also use it to bond jewelry as well. It can join all household material.

It’s outside safe, resistant to moisture and temperature. It comes in an airtight storage bottle. It does not dry in the tube. As it is designed self- piercing, screw-on cap keep our children protected from the spill of the glue.

Product highlights
  • Loctite can do Nike shoe repairs. As it is professional shoe glue.
  • This glue is ideal for vertical and harsh surfaces.
  • Its rubber formula can stand up to shock, vibration and toasty temperature.
  • A patented control applicator allows you to dispense the amount you need.

4. Boot-Fix, Shoe Glue: Instant Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue

Boot-Fix, Shoe Glue Instant Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue

If you have broken, clumsy, nailed, spike, fancy, cheap, and muddy shoes. Then you need “Boots fix professional grade glue”. It also works on sandals, sneakers, and handbags. It is useful for your entire family that saves your money and time, makes your shoes comfortable it creates a flexible bond within seconds.

This Shoemaker glue can fix your rubber shoe soles, heel shoes, walking boots, and Tennis shoes. So whatever the occasion on you are, it is suitable for all types of your shoes.

Product highlights
  • A quality shoe repair glue choice of three generations.
  • Remove scratches and give them shine.
  • Useful for athletic shoes, climbing shoes, dress shoes and vinyl footwear.

5. Barge All-purpose Cement, Rubber, Leather Shoe Waterproof Glue 1 Qt (O.946 L)

Barge All-purpose Cement, Rubber, Leather Shoe Waterproof Glue 1 Qt (O.946 L)

32 ounces, this tin is all-purpose cement. This glue is for canvas shoes, soccer shoes, and sneaker shoes. Its strong adhesive quality remains flexible after it dries so it does not just break apart again when the footwear is worn.

Product highlights
  • It has clear substance that dries quickly in 10 to 15 minutes
  • Highly flammable, keep away from children.
  • Useful for car, door, window repair and leather goods.
  • It is water-proof, will not freeze. Easy to spread.

6. Gear Aid Aquaseal SR Shoe and Boot Repair Adhesive

Gear Aid Aquaseal SR Shoe and Boot Repair Adhesive, Clear Glue, 1 oz

Whether you are riding a bike across town to get to work, have a day full of skateboarding to enjoy, working in the graveyard shift at a bustling warehouse, your shoes can separate, causing you to have slapping sole and an embarrassing experience if you don’t have anything at the ready.

Aquaseal can fix anything like rips, snags, flopping soles, punctures, and harsh weather.

Product highlights
  • Best shoe fixer, bonding worn out heels and safe soles from separation.
  • Suitable for all types of boots and shoes only including leather, rubber, neoprene, canvas, suede and Gore-Tex boots.
  • Its cure time is 8 hours.
  • It is designed to create durable toe protector.

7. Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue 4oz

Aleena Leather glue for shoes and leathers expands as it dries to penetrate into the leather surface for a stronger adhesive bond. You can also use it on wood, stone and metal surfaces. It even works great on vinyl flooring. Its grip is paintable and waterproof, making it great for protecting both inside and outside.

Product highlights
  • Now it is available in 118ml bottle.
  • Its high performance cyanoacrylate formula gives strength, quality and durability.
  • It is incredibly strong and ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Added an anti-clog cap with a metal pin inside, ensuring an airtight seal for maximum reusability.

8. Fiebing’s Leathercraft Cement

Fiebing's Leathercraft Cement, 4 oz - High Strength Bond for Leather Projects and More - Non-toxic

If you love DIY projects at home, then you may have found yourself in need of a way to secure pieces of leather to something else. Regular glue that you would use for other craft simply will not sufficient, when it comes to glue in leather, because leather is a type of material that is very durable. For this purpose you can use Fiebing’sleathercraftcement.

Product highlights
  • It is easy to use.
  • Nontoxic formula permanently bond leather.
  • Best adhesive for patches on leather.
  • It is environmental friendly as non-flammable.

9. Loctite Stik n’ Seal Extreme Conditions Adhesive 0.58 Fluid Ounce (1360784)

Loctite Stik n' Seal Extreme Conditions Adhesive 0.58 Fluid Ounce (1360784)

Loctite Stik is completely waterproof and it is designed to hold even in the blistering Summer heat, the icy cold of winter, resistance to weathering, vibration, and ozone, UV.

It has new to flex tech formula which Bond faster than ordinary household adhesive, repair all materials like gaskets, boats, car, dishwasher, window, vent, toys, concrete, stone, plastic, wood, metal and to porous surfaces. It seals all cracks and bonding mirrors. It is perfect for your hobbies.

Product highlights
  • It is perfect for gap filling for imperfect surfaces.
  • Adhesive in all seasons, heat, water, plus UV resistant.
  • Useful for ceiling, ceramic, mirror, plastic, boats, cars and toys.
  • Ultra stick and seal for hard and soft material.

10. Hero Glue Premium

Hero Glue Premium Instant CA Glue, Super Strong, Clear, Home Repairs, Craft Projects, Wood, Metal, Pen Making, Rubber, Plastic, Glass

A great glue which works well on wood and metal, fill all gaps and cracks. A high-performing, versatile and incredibly strong glue for home and office projects.

You can use it for bonding children’s toys and your DIY cards, jewelry repair, plastic bottles. From this, you can create new amazing things as it is easy to use.

It is also used for Nike shoe repair, uggs, roller skates, Stilettos, kitten heels, monk straps, and hiking boots. The best way to apply is recommended that surfaces are clean and free from dust, oil, rust, loose particles. 

Product highlights
  • Useful for small and long boots, cowboy boots.
  • The viscosity of the glue is similar to the viscosity of motor oil.
  • Extra applicator cap and nozzle to keep it fresh from moisture and future clogs.
  • You can use it for antique repairs, jewelry repairs, furniture refinishing, aircraft and car modeling and hardware restoration.

Shoe Repair Glue Buying Guide

When you go to the market for buying a glue you don’t have any idea of which type of glue you need for your cloth, shoes, DIY works, metal and rubber.

Don’t know the best formula of the best glue which is suitable for your shoes and taking your shoes to a cobbler can get pricey.

When you go to the market or shopping online, please keep these points in your mind.

Best adhesive glue formula:

Best adhesive glue has a non-toxic formula that permanently bonds leather, fringes, and beads-work to the leather. It dries quickly and flexible result in shoes and leather.

Cyanoacrylate formula bond different range of materials like wood, metal, ceramic, glass, leather, heels and some plastic bond very tightly.

Epoxies have excellent gap filling properties due to their high cohesive strength. They are generally very hard, durable to bond many substrates successfully in a more extreme environment.

Best glue for household work

Gorilla glue is very adhesive used for construction purposes. It works on wood, stone, form, metal, ceramic, glass and other materials. It is super-fast drying glue easily usable for indoor and outdoor work.


In the final analysis, we know all types of formulas like nontoxic, Cyanoacrylate, Epoxies and flextec for the best glue.

They work on different types of surfaces like metal, gemstone, minerals, Porcelain, rubber, leather, jewelry fixing, heels mending and wood.

You must pick the glue according to your shoe and boots type and wait for the given time, which is mentioned on the packing for better results.

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