Best Toy Phones for Babies, Kids & Toddlers In 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Finding a toy phone for your kid is not an easy job. Now, you must be wondering, why? Let me answer this question. Not every kid has the same taste. Some want a colorful toy phone, some want something educational, and some want both. So, you need to fulfill your kid’s requirement to buy a toy phone. If you can fulfill your kid’s requirements with high-quality products, only then you can say you have bought the best toy phone for your kid.

I have researched about toy phones on the internet and checked reviews. So, in this article, I am going to tell you about the top 10 best toy phones for toddlers that I got to know.

Best Toy Phones For Kids Reviews in 2020

1. LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone

LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone, Scout, Assorted Colors

When you want a toy phone with all in one, then LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone should be your first choice. It has 15 phone activities as you pretend and play with your very own smartphone. So, isn’t it good?

It has a drool-proof design. It has solid materials. So if your kid managed to drop it, it won’t break easily.

Most of the toy phones don’t even have an actual screen, but surprisingly it has. It has an old-school dot-matrix style display. If you press a number, scout will tell the number. This scout will wave, sing, and dance.

But this phone has no light on the screen. So it means you can’t see anything at night. Even its volume is low that you can’t even hear anything accurately. It is very tough for a kid to hold. They should improve these parts for kids.

2. VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone

VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone

Now I am going to VTech baby first Smartphone review. This toy phone is the most realistic phone ever. I mean your kid can save your number on it and pretend to call anyone. This is something that you would like to experience.

It features ten realistic phone apps, including music, clock, photos, and games. Your kids can play and talk just like an adult. It has voice activation that allows toddlers to speak with a friendly animated bird on the pretend phone screen.

It has five different ring tones. It is intended for kids 2 years old to 5 years old kid. It has 2 AAA batteries during demo use. Change into new batteries for regular use.

But the voice of the animated bird is robotic, not very engaging. It doesn’t have an LCD color. If you get a perfect battery, then it is a good thing for you. But if you not, then this is going to be the worst experience for you.

3. Kidz Delight Tech Too, Tech Set Trio

Kidz Delight Tech Too, Tech Set Trio

This toy phone offers your kid hours of play for growing and learning. In this era, a kid needs to get in touch with technology. This toy will give them such experiences.

It is a plastic material. It has kid-friendly versions of three of the most popular and iconic grown-up devices such as smartphones, TV. remote, and keys. It has 18 touch-sensitive icons and each with its sound and speech. Light flashes with each sound. It is key operated.

This phone has 4 types of games, including learning numbers and various types of languages. The keys are very colorful. It requires 4AAA and 3 AG13 batteries. Its battery life is 3 hours and then you need to charge them. This phone can be used 18-month-old years to 5-year-old kids.

This mobile has a few flaws. Firstly, you cannot change the battery and secondly, there are no screen changes. And the key doesn’t even look real.

4. Fisher-Price Classics Retro Chatter Phone

Want to give your kid 90s experience? Fisher-Price Classics Retro Chatter Phone might be just for you. It is the classic style telephone that we all 90s kid must have played.

This telephone gives us our memory back when we were kids. It gives you a vintage feel. It can make your kid smile just the way you used to smile by watching eyes that roll up and down, a mouth that chatters, and a dial that rings. This friendly telephone is available for an entirely new generation of kids to experience.

This telephone is a Victorian-version plastic phone. It looks really cute. It is also very colorful. It is perfect for a 1-year-old kid to 3-year-old kid.

But this telephone is very small. And its cord is way shorter for kids. 

5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone, Pink

As your kids get older, you need to do something productive for them. You need to find something that can teach your kids while playing. A toy phone should be a good choice for learning.

For a kid-friendly learning phone, you should check out Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone, Pink. This toy phone has a touch screen feature. It kind of looks like an iPhone. It has 20+ sing-along songs and phrases. It teaches numbers, counting, greetings and more.

It is so lightweight that even a 1-year-old kid can easily hold it. It develops your kid’s visual and auditory senses. It can play a great role in communication learning.

Its sound quality is not so good. So if your kid loves songs, then don’t buy it.

6. Infantino Flip and Peek Fun Phone, Teal

Infantino Flip and Peek Fun Phone, Teal

Flip flop lover kids can buy this one. This phone is an excellent choice for toddlers. It is not that much heavy so a 3-month-old child can also hold this. There is an internal peek a boo mirror in this phone, which surprises kids.

When you press a button on this phone, it sounds very realistic This phone also has functions for phrases and greetings. It is available in two languages. One is English and the other is Spanish.

This phone is available in three colors, bright pink, sleek teal, and vibrant green. All of them are very colorful. And its design is very interesting for toddlers.

Its screen is fragile and reflective. Buttons are very hard to deal with. The best thing about this phone is it has two languages. It can teach your kids many things.

7. Learning Resources Teaching Telephone

Learning Resources Teaching Telephone

Need a phone which helps your toddlers learning?  Learning Resources Teaching Telephone should be your first choice. 

This telephone is easily programmable. It teaches children how to call home, 911, and other important numbers. Your child can develop early language and social skills.

It has a realistic ring and extra-large buttons. It requires 3 AAA batteries, which is included in it. This telephone is ideal for ages 3-year-old kids.

This telephone is the winner of 14 awards. So I guess this telephone is ideal for learning. The bright red and yellow plastic part measures 7 inches across and has large buttons for easy use. So, your kids can play with it easily.

Sometimes this telephone can be a little annoying. It will do beep beep sound. Other than this, it works well. It gives a classical vibe. It is great for your kid.

8. VTech Baby Peek-a-Bear Baby Phone

VTech Baby Peek-a-Bear Baby Phone

Vetch introduces baby first Smartphone, which is for 6-month-old babies. With this phone by VTech, your kid will have a phone to use. You can turn the bear’s head to reveal a baby-safe peek-a-boo mirror. And I am sure it will surprise your kid.

It has four colorful buttons to learn numbers and colors. They can hear playful songs, fun phrases, sounds, and music. This phone features 70+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases.

On this phone, there are heart button flashes as sounds and music play. It has a fabric hook and loop fastener which can be added to infant seats, strollers, and car seats.

It has a soft and colorful padded cover, which keeps the baby safe from bumps while they learn to adjust holding the phone up to their ears.

This phone requires 2 AAA batteries. 

Toy Phones Buying Guide


I have mentioned the top 10 best toy phones that you can buy for your kids as your requirements. I have talked about all the negative and positive sides of these products. 

These products work as an alternative to smartphones. They are educational for your kids. Your kids will get to know something new from this. 

We have made this top 10 best toy phones for your kid. Now it is up to you which one you will be buying.

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