Best Wall Mount Mailbox Reviews 2021

Best Wall Mount Mailbox

Those days are gone when people needed to go to a postal office building to receive their mails. Nowadays, it becomes easy thanks to mailboxes that you can install in your home. Using the best wall mount mailbox can help you to go through this situation.

Before, people used to use residential mailboxes or post mailboxes. Those days are gone when people needed to go to postal offices to receive their mails. Nowadays, it becomes easy thanks to mailboxes that you can install in your home. Using the best wall mount mailbox can help you to go through this situation.

If you are looking for some of the best wall mailboxes, then this article is the right place for you. You will get the perfect solution in this article. Here we will mention some of the top-rated wall mailboxes.

Best Wall Mount Mailbox Reviews

1. Gibraltar Mailboxes 

Gibraltar Mailboxes Windsor come in a fine wide variety of sizes and look that goes well in every type of house. It has a clean and modern appearance that makes people let it buy for modern house. While using this one, there will be no problem for you to use it.

There is a textured powder-coated finish that makes this letter box rust-resistant. So it will help you to use this one for a longer time without getting corrosion or anything. You will have an easy access metal flap for mail insertion with this envelope mailbox.

You will also get a cut-out template with detailed and convenient installation instructions. So it will be fast and easy for you to install on your wall if you follow it properly. And you won’t have to struggle for anything.

This modern mailbox is fully assembled. And all you have to do is attach it to the wall. It also offers you space for address numbers. As it contains stainless steel, so you know it is corrosion-resistant.


  • Comes with detailed instructions
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Powder coating for longevity
  • Modern and clean look with space for the address

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2. Black Townhouse Wall Mount Mailbox with Lock

This Wall-Mount Locking Mailbox Mail Organizer Mailbox with heavy-duty security that will make sure you don’t have to lose your mails when it is inside in it. There is a hidden locking compartment that will k your mails safe. You will also get two keys with this one to make sure your family can access it.

To ensure you can use it for longer, it has rust-resistant galvanized, powder-coated steel as a material. That’s why you can use this vertical mailbox without having any issues. You can use this wall-mounted mailbox instead of a curbside mailbox.

With the help of a black powder-coated finish, you can assure its durability. This vertical wall mount mailbox adds both protection and enhances its look. It also extends its service. Because of the vertical locking mailbox and drop slot mail, this one is more useful than you think.

This standard mailbox comes with an easy-lift tab lid that will give you a smooth operation. It has a small storage capacity. You can keep here magazines, envelopes, etc. You have to do some assembling before you use it.


  • To add some stability, it has black powder-coated steel color
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel construction
  • Easy to lift feature make it easy to install

3. Mail Boss 7162 Metro Mailbox

Mail boss black home presents you with large pieces of mail capacity wall-mounted box that contains 14 and 16 gauge electro-galvanized steel. This type mailbox material is known for its stability and durability. So you don’t need to worry about the strength of this one.

There is a 12 disc wafer lock patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism that will make sure no thief can steal your letters from this special mailbox. And it will help you to stop any leveraged entry on the mailbox.

For optimum weather resistance, there are stainless steel hinges and a black powder coated finish. So no matter how much rain is there or any natural disasters, there will be no effect in this box. Its aesthetic design will make you fall in love with it.

You will get four lag bolts, three keys, a drill bit, and reflective house numbers for the quick installation process and after then your product ready. You can easily install it on the wall of your house.


  • Comes with a drill bit, lag bolts, reflective numbers, and keys
  • High-quality mailbox locking system
  • Ideal for any weather
  • Easy to install

4. Jssmst locking wall mount mailboxes

From this Jssmst brand, here we present you with a lockable mailbox that can hold larger mails, magazines, etc. So you don’t have to waste your time to keep mails of several days without causing any problems. There will be no shortage when it will give you ample space.

With this Jssmst, you will get two keys that can help you to protect your mails against thieves. So you will get full security with these key locks. Other than you, only your family member can open it.

To protect this box from heavy rain, it has a powder-coated finish. Moreover, it has heavy-duty stainless steel constructions that add some utmost durability and long-term strength to this one. No matter how the weather is, there will be no problem. This one is a Galvanized Steel Rust-Proof Metal Post Box.

This Jssmst Mailbox Includes key lock, pre-drilled holes, mounting screws, and instructions that will help you install on the wall easily. There is also enough mail slot to keep things. Its quality will curb appeal.


  • High-quality galvanized steel and powder-coated finish for long term durability.
  • It has larger capacity mail box security.
  • Weatherproof Wall Mount Locking Mailbox – Galvanized Steel w/ Metal Flap
  • Comes with a recessed installation guide

5. Jssmst Locking Wall Mount Mailbox Vertical Wall

Jssmst Safe Lock Box only contains high-quality elements. So you don’t have to worry about the reliability of this product. It has quality galvanized steel for strength that will never get rust or corrosion. Even if your area has heavy rain all the time, you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to this product.

It has a key lock that comes with two keys. So it will provide you security against mail theft. It has a waterproof design. You will also get extra space to keep things like newspapers. It will give you a long service life modern mailbox.

You will get mounting screws, pre-drilled holes, and an instruction to make sure you can install in the wall properly. It has the perfect design. It has a vertical locking drop system.


  • Comes with instructions, pre-drilled holes, mounting screws
  • Waterproof design
  • All the high-quality elements and stainless steel solid construction
  • Resistant powder coating

6. Architectural Mailbox | Mailbox Green

Architectural Mailbox presents your different mailbox colors that will suit any kind of home. It is small but yet it will make sure to hold envelopes and letters for you.

It has a hinged lid that is easy to open for you to access mail retrieval, outgoing mail, and parcel. This one is a light capacity mail box. But also its design and color will make sure to pop out in front of others.

As elements, it has heavy duty stainless steel hinges. It has a place for an address plaque. This one is corrosion resistant both inside and out. You can install it easily in your house.


  • Small yet heavy-duty design
  • Light capacity to hold letters
  • Galvanized steel construction materials
  • Rust resistant both inside and out


If you are looking for an elegant design letter box for yourself, then this Architectural Mailboxes 2572B-10 Princeton Locking Wall Mount Mailbox would be ideal for you to use. Because it has all the sturdy materials that will make sure you can use it for a long time. It has durable construction with die cast aluminum base that increases its longevity.

There is also stainless steel hinge pins that make this durable mailbox corrosion resistant. You can lift its roof easily for access mail retrieval. And there will be no problem for you.

This Standard Horizontal Style Stainless Steel Mailbox has already pre drilled holes. You will get plastic anchors, screws, and other masonry installations with it. You will also get an installation instructions book. This mailbox is available in three colors. These are black, white, and antique bronze.


  • Rust and corrosion resistance materials
  • Comes in many color choices
  • Easy to lift the roof
  • Easy to install

8. Umbra 460322-040 Postino Wall-Mount Mailbox

This wall mailbox comes with a hinged lid that will be easy to open for the owners, not the others. It comes with mounting hardware such as screws to make sure you can install it easily. It has a classic design that gives it a minimalistic look.

You can keep here padded envelopes, letters, parcel mails, etc without any problems. Its versatile design will make sure you can keep it in any house design. It suits everywhere. This one is a universal wall-mounted mailbox that you can use anywhere.

It has a powder coated stainless steel finish that makes it look good and great in any adverse weather conditions. You can also use it inside your home to keep eligible items.


  • Looks perfect in any weather
  • It has high-quality materials.
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Easy to install

9. KYODOLED Steel Key Lock Mail Boxes Outdoor

This locking door wall box from KYODOLED Wall-Mount Mailbox has everything that you are looking for in a mailbox. It has a patented fast trak mounting plate that will make sure you can install it easily. Moreover, its classy design also makes it stand out amongst others.

You will be able to keep here multiple letters, inofficial mails, newspapers, emails, etc without any problem. It has a larger capacity with a secure design. It has 1,000 combination codes that you can make to protect your letters. This locked mailbox is the perfect mailboxes for outside.

There are already 4 pre-drilled holes, mounting screws, and other installation hardware in it. You will also get three steps of installation instructions with this mailbox. It will help you to install it on the porch of your house.


  • Prevent mailbox from rust
  • Anti pry latch access box door design
  • Maximum protection with secure design
  • Perfect size mailbox

10. Parrency Stainless Steel Mailboxes

Now Parrency gets you a mailbox measures 14 inches tall x 12.4 inches deep x 4.1 inches wide. So it has enough capacity to hold several days letter and documents. So you can keep here padded envelopes, magazines, key drops, interoffice mails, business office mails, payment drops, and small boxes without any problems.

It comes with a key lock that has two keys. So it will be hard for someone outside to take your mails and there will be no identity theft. It has a waterproof and transparent powder-coated cover to protect your mails. It will let you know about your mails status. There is also a newspaper holder where you can keep newspapers.


  • Secure locking mailbox
  • Has enough capacity secure to keep key drops, small boxes, magazines, and other larger items
  • Comes with two keys
  • Prevent leveraged entry

Benefits of Using Wall Mailboxes

There are many types of mailboxes available. Like, fence mount mailbox, post mount mailbox, mailbox post wall mailbox, etc. But there are also other mailboxes are available such as wall mailbox. You can mount these mailboxes on the walls of your house.

There are many benefits to using mountable mailboxes. Here we will mention some of the points to let you know.


In the US, almost every year, people file cases for stolen mails from their mailboxes. To avoid it, you can use wall mailboxes. It is because it will attach to your house directly. And it will be impossible for a thief to stole mails from your home. You can save your important files and letters from mails theft.

Easy to get mails

If you have a Mailbox wall mount mailbox post wall mailbox in your house, it will be easy for you to get your parcel and letter from the letter box. You don’t even have to leave your home to get your things. Wall mounted mailboxes are best for mail delivery. You don’t have to go to the neighborhood mailboxes that can mix up your actual items with others. The residential door mail box is not a bad option.


You can bring some uniqueness to your home by installing a wall mount mail organizer mailbox. If you choose the proper color and stylish design that goes well with your house, it can enhance your decoration.

Buying Guide of Mailbox

The best way to choose a mailbox for your house is to know about your needs and requirements. People get mailboxes for their homes to receive mails without any problems. But most people don’t notice that a mailbox can give a strong impression of the house owner’s taste and sense.

There are also other factors that you need to understand before getting a letter box in your house. And here we will give you a small guide about buying a mailbox.

Size of Mailbox and Storage Capacity

What mailbox size is perfect for you depends on your needs. If you are someone who gets mails and documents through your mailbox frequently, then you should get bigger and need a larger high-quality storage solution capacity mailbox for bulk mails.

There are three types of mailbox capacity. There are mailbox large, small, medium-sized Designer mailboxes. Now it depends on you about what you will choose for yourself.

Installation Process

The installation instructions should be easy for your mailbox when you get it for your home. Some mailboxes come with installation hardware tools that make it easy for you to construct them on the wall without facing many problems. Some also come with detailed installation type that helps you if you are an amateur at installing a mailbox on the wall.

Mailbox Materials

As you know, materials can tell you a lot of things about durability. That’s why while choosing a product, you also have to make sure you are choosing the right material that goes well with the environment of your area. There are usually three types of materials are available. These are stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. You can also get lite mailboxes.

Stainless steel mailbox

Stainless steel has maximum durability and you can also use them for a longer time than you might think. The best thing about stainless steel is it is rust-resistant. And can endure any kinds of weather. It always has a durable powder coat finish.

Aluminum mailbox

Usually, aluminum materials are both durable and lightweight. So it will be easy for you to install on your walls. Another best thing about aluminum is it doesn’t get rust easily. And you can keep its appearance for a longer time than you think.

Plastic Mailbox

A plastic mailbox is good to use for a short time. These also come at affordable price. It is because if you are in a harsh weather area, then it can get destroyed. Moreover, it will be easy for mail thieves to steal documents from you.

Locking function

A locking Wall Mount mailboxes Mail Organizer Mailbox can keep your mail safe than the other ones. The locking mechanism gives you both extra security and safety. It keeps your mailbox safe and protected.

There are some mailboxes that come with 12 wafer disc locks. These are better than the normal locks you see in the market. That’s why you should get a secure locking mailbox. It can protect your things better. 

Weather resistance 

Not every area will have the same weather conditions. Some can have bad weather conditions like heavy rain. And some can have good. No matter how damaged weather area you are in, your mailbox should be fine. That’s why you need a mailbox with durable constructions. And it should be weather resistant. So that you can even use it in optimum weather.

Color and Design

The color and design of your wall-mounted mailbox should match with the exterior design of your house. Because if you get the right design and color with your home, then it will enhance your exterior decor.

There are a variety of wall mailbox color options available. You can choose any of them based on the color of your house.

You will also see some modern designs, traditional ones, and retro-style wall-mount mailboxes. It is up to you which one you will choose as there are many style options. There are also different shapes of mailboxes are available.


Where should a wall-mounted mailbox be placed in your house?

Unlike the post mounted mailbox, you have to place a wall mounted letter box in front of the entrance wall of your house. It will help your mail carrier to see the box.

How do you install a wall-mounted mailbox?

The first thing that you have to do is get all the installation hardware that will help you to install it on the wall. Firstly, make a drill hole bit for installation in the place where you want to keep the Wall-Mounted Mailbox Front Door Mailbox. Then place it on the secure wall and hang it there.

How high should a wall mailbox be?

You have to keep mailbox postbox 41 to 45 inches in height. This height is perfect to reach for receiving mails from the box. And you will also get plenty of mail from it.

Which one is better to use? Plastic or metal mailbox?

When it comes to getting a letter box or mailbox for your house, it would be wise to choose the metal one. Although plastics are rust-resistant, but they are not perfect for long-term usage. A 360 rust-proof aluminum mailbox would be a better fit the choice. It would be better to check some perfect budget option before you make a buying choice.


To get a secure wall mailbox means you won’t have to worry about your privacy. There are several types of mailboxes you will see that you can attach to the walls of your house or apartments. Make sure to know your requirements before you buy one for yourself. It will help you to get the best Wall Mount Mailbox Mail Organizer Mailbox for you.

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