Best Waterproof Passport Holders 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Waterproof Passport Holders

A passport is a very important document that needs to be kept safe and secure at all times. For this, you can get any of the best waterproof passport holders available in the market to protect your passport. A waterproof passport holder will be able to keep your passport safe from liquids. When you put your passport into your bag, it is possible that juice or water etc. can start leaking and your passport and other documents get damaged. We are sure, you definitely don’t want to harm your passport, therefore, a waterproof passport holder is something that can help you out here. Let us start off by telling you what a waterproof passport holder actually is.

What Is A Waterproof Passport Holder?

This is a holder that can keep your passport safe from getting wet. A waterproof passport holder may not simply be a holder that will keep your passport safe. A holder can be gotten that keep your travel documents safe and dry. It is helpful to keep travel documents safe from getting lost and destroyed, especially your passport.

When you are traveling, you may be involved in fun activities, such as walking in the rain, swimming, or scuba diving, etc. So, at that time, if you want to keep your passport and travel documents with you, you will need a waterproof holder for this. Below are 10 best waterproof passport holders that you can consider for buying!

Best Waterproof Passport Holders Reviews in 2021

1. Blue sky BASICS Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

# Best waterproof passport holders

Blue sky BASICS Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

If you want to take your important documents to somewhere, where you are feared that these may get wet, this holder will be the wisest choice. It is safe because it is waterproof and made with triple seal protection. It is spacious from the inside, so you can place your documents like passport or tickets along with cell phone in it.

The strap on the pouch is short and adjustable. You can wear it in a cross body style. You can take this pouch on the beach and underwater as well.

If you fear that you will lose your things by leaving behind, you can take this pouch with you because it looks classy and you take this in your handbag while traveling.

Product highlights
  • Waterproof with triple protection.
  • Spacious enough so you can place your things in it.
  • You can adjust the strap according to your body fitting.

2. Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case

Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case

If you want to take your phone underwater while going for a swim and you want to click your pictures there, this waterproof cell phone pouch is the best option. You can click the photos through a volume button underwater with the help of this bag without causing any damage to your phone.

It is transparent, therefore, you can watch your cell phone screen and operate it without having any problem. Cell phones less than 6.5 inches can be placed inside this waterproof bag.

You can also place your important documents and other valuable stuff like passport and credit cards in it. It will keep your phone and documents safe from water, sand, dust, and snow as well. You can enjoy your activity or travel while keeping your important things in this waterproof bag.

Product highlights
  • It is waterproof
  • It is transparent
  • You can place your valuable stuff in it

3. Passport Holder- by YOMO – Classic Neck Travel Wallet

# Best passport holder for neck

Passport Holder- by YOMO. RFID Safe. The Classic Neck Travel Wallet

This is the best passport holder for neck. You can place your passport or other important documents in it while traveling. If you are thinking that thief will scan your stuff from this wallet, don’t worry. It is lab tested about its RIFD technology. No one will be able to scan your important stuff like credit cards number or details of other important documents if it is placed inside it.

It is spacious enough because it has 5 pockets which can hold your passport, credit cards, and cell phone etc. in it. The long strip on this classy bag is adjustable and you can wear it in any style you want to.

It has all the qualities which you will need for a passport and other documents holder. You can carry this at any place by keeping all your important documents in it.

Product highlights
  • RIFD technology
  • Spacious enough
  • You can use this wallet wherever you want because it looks classy

4. Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet – Passport Holder to Keep Your Cash And Documents Safe

# Best travelon family passport holder

Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking – Passport Holder to Keep Your Cash And Documents Safe – Get Peace Of Mind When Traveling

This is best travelon family passport holder, as you can place your passport and other important stuff like cell phone and credit cards in it together and you won’t lose your stuff.

It has the RIFD technology, so no one will be able to look into your bag and get an idea about the stuff in it. It has two pockets with zips. In these pockets, you can arrange your stuff, for instance, your mobile phone in one pocket and documents in the other one. It will be suitable for both men and women while traveling.

It is designed for safer and comfortable tours, so you can take all the important things with you wherever you go by placing them in it.

Product highlights
  • It has the RIFD technology
  • It is spacious enough
  • It has pockets with zips so you can place your passport in it which will make your immigration task easier

5. Tarriss Travel Gear RFID Passport Holder & Neck Wallet/Neck Stash

# Best hidden passport holder

Tarriss Travel Gear RFID Passport Holder & Neck Wallet/Neck Stash

It is the best hidden passport holder because it has the RIFD technology, which keeps your stuff details invisible from other people like the thief. It is made up of high-quality material to keep your things safe.

You can wear this passport holder inside your clothes because its size is smaller and it won’t get prominent. You can also wear it in cross body style. It has a strap which is adjustable. There is a lining of soft fabric, therefore, it won’t tease you while wearing it. It will provide comfort to your skin.

It has different pockets with zips, so you can arrange the stuff according to your requirements. Further, you don’t have to worry that your important stuff will get wet even if you are sweating or it’s raining, because it is waterproof.

Product highlights
  • RIFD technology
  • Straps are adjustable and you can wear this holder inside your clothes
  • It is waterproof, yet comfortable enough to wear

6. Neck Wallet Travel Pouch & Passport Holder

Neck Wallet Travel Pouch & Passport Holder - RFID Blocking with 5 Bonus Sleeves

Many people travel around the world daily and for many, it is hard to keep things together and aligned. So, there is a solution to their problems now and that is the Neck Wallet Pouch and passport holder. But how to use passport holder? It is quite handy to use, you can simply place your passport and other important stuff like money, tickets, and credit cards inside it.

It has the latest RIFD technology, so no one will be able to look through your wallet. Its design is quite classy and you can carry this wallet while traveling or wherever you want.

It is lightweight with different layers, therefore, you can place your things in it easily. And all the layers are zipped to secure your stuff from the thief. And no one will be able to take out your stuff from this travel pouch.

Product highlights
  • It has RIFD technology
  • It has 3 different layers and all are zipped
  • It is lightweight and its design is quite handy

7. Travel Neck Pouch with RFID, Travel Wallet That Keeps You Safe, For Men And Women

Travel Neck Pouch with RFID, Travel Wallet That Keeps You Safe, For Men And Women

You want to keep your documents and other valuable stuff together and aligned while traveling, go for this passport holder and travel wallet. It is spacious with different pocket sections and zips to keep your stuff safe.

No one will be able to look through your wallet because the passport section is made with double RIFD technology. Organize your stuff inside this wallet in a well-managed way and enjoy your traveling. You can place your money inside it as well because it works as a wallet too.

It is best for both men and women. It is quite handy and you can place it in your handbag or suitcase because it won’t need a huge place to fit in. It is a small pouch with all the features you want to have in it.

Product highlights
  • It has different pockets to keep your stuff aligned together.
  • It has double RIFD technology.
  • It fits in your handbag easily.

8. aLOKSAK LOKSAK Waterproof Bags

aLOKSAK LOKSAK Waterproof Bags - Small Multipack

It is a passport wallet with zipper and you can place your other important stuff in it. The zipper technology keeps your stuff safe from outside environmental effects. It is leak-proof, so if you place any liquid stuff in it and put it in your bag, it won’t leak.

It is waterproof, thus, if you get wet, it won’t harm your important things. While going for a swim on the beach, you can place your valuable thing like cell phone, credits cards and money in it and have a great stress-free swim.

It is best for hikers, scuba divers, travelers, and many others because it keeps your stuff safe from damage. As you know that environmental factors like dust, snow, and water can damage your things.

Product highlights
  • It is leak proof and waterproof.
  • Its zipper keeps the stuff inside it safe.
  • It is for hikers, scuba divers, and travelers.

9. iSuperb Passport Wallet Organizer

iSuperb Passport Wallet Organizer

This passport wallet organizer is made up of polyester. It has different pockets with zipper closure. It will keep your stuff safe and organized. Now, you don’t need to worry about your valuable stuff because you can keep all your valuables together in this iSuperb Organizer.

It has different pockets, in which you can place your different stuff including cell phone and credit cards and it has a pen slot as well. It is waterproof, so don’t fret about the things inside it, which might get wet.

It is lightweight and quite handy. You can carry this wherever you go by placing it in your handbag or suitcase. And it looks stylish as well because it is designed in such a decent way. Your items will stay undamaged inside this wallet.

Product highlights
  • It is waterproof.
  • It has different pockets with zipped closure.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Easy to carry, you can place it inside your handbag or suitcase.

10. YUMQUA Clear Waterproof Bags

# Best waterproof document holder

YUMQUA Clear Waterproof Bags

It is transparent that means you can watch your thing while carrying them. You can place your important items inside this waterproof bag. It is the best waterproof document holder, as you can put your important documents in it without having any fear.

Your stuff won’t get damaged even if you take this while swimming. There are different sizes available, so you can manage your things accordingly. It allows you to use your cell phone while placing it in this waterproof bag.

You can put your hiking stuff, such as maps in it and you can also place your camera in it because it will stay safe in this pouch. There are an extra zipper and triple folded tape enclosure that keeps your stuff safe from water, snow, and sand as well.

Product highlights
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is transparent.
  • It has an extra zipper and a triple folded tape enclosure.

Waterproof Passport Holders Buying Guide

You can find different waterproof passport holders that have different and exciting features. You can have a look at what these passport holders offer and get the one that will be best suited to your own requirements.

Read on to find out about some different kinds that are available.

A Waterproof Leather Wallet

You can get one of these to store your passport and also other important documents in. The benefit of this is that you can store your other documents along with your passport inside a secure leather waterproof wallet.

It is possible to protect important documents with this waterproof wallet which can experience getting splashed, soaked and also dunked.

There are different types that you can consider. If you are looking for a wallet that will keep goods dry and even secure when they are submerged, you can consider this wallet. You can get one that will simply stand an unexpected storm whilst going somewhere.

The benefit of a leather one is that it looks good. You can get one made from good leather which is strong and can keep everything safe.

A Passport And Boarding Pass Holder

If you want a holder that can keep your important travel documents in one place so that you can easily access them when needed, you can think about getting the holder that stores your passport and also boarding pass together.

You will therefore not be confused when you need to take these out when needed urgently whilst traveling. There is a variety of these available at different prices.

A Family Passport Holder

There are family passport holders that are convenient for those who wish to keep all family documents in one place. If you don’t like that confusion when having to quickly find some document for some family member which may have fallen in another compartment of your bag, a holder that stores all family passports in one place can help you out. You can get the size of your choice.

Features of a Good Passport Holder:

  • It should be able to securely keep your passport without it falling out.
  • It can keep the passport safe from rain and other external influences.
  • It will be able to comfortably store your passport and some other documents.
  • It has pockets for your passport and also other documents like an ID card, boarding passes, etc., if you need one like this.
  • It can be easily zipped up or closed in another way.
  • A wallet perfectly sized that has an area for your passport and other needed documents when traveling
  • It should be sturdy.


The above are some things that you can look at when wanting to get the best waterproof passport holders. When getting a holder like this, you should consider what you need it for. If you want one that will keep all your family’s passports in one place, you can get one like this. If you want a wallet that will keep your passport, boarding pass, and other documents in one place, you can get a waterproof holder. It is better to get one that is made from good material like a leather one. This can stay for more time and you will not have the threat of breaking whilst you are traveling.


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