Best Wind Chimes 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Wind chimes are considered to be one of the oldest types of percussion instruments. Originally, it is a type of musical instrument made from a cluster of sculptured pipes in different sizes, suspended altogether in a frame so as to produce the sound of clang or chime when they are blown by the wind. They are known to produce sounds that directly influence the emotions of the listeners. Wind chimes had evolved through the years and they now come in various types and designs. The fact that wind chimes can produce sound through wind or motion, another purpose as to why people are buying them is to scare birds, deer, and other animals away. This can keep places such as gardens and patios free from animal threats.

Best Wind Chimes Reviews in 2019

1. Bellaa 27918 Wind Chime Capiz Sea Blue Coastal Handmade 27 inch

This handmade wind chime by Bellaais made up of at least 60 capiz seashells (also known as windowpane oyster) which is popular because of its durability and translucent effect, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor.

Despite the delicate appearance, most of the buyers are delighted that this type of wind chime is able to survive strong winds and heavy rains brought by hurricanes.

Product highlights
  • Made up of natural capiz sea shells.
  • Visually captivating and relaxing bright color.
  • Produces sharp and cheerful chime.
  • Good for indoor and outdoor.

2. Cohasset Gifts 134 Cohasset Plain Antique Bamboo Wind Chime, Large

This handmade wind chime by Cohasset Gifts is perfect for outdoor garden or entryway. It is made up of bamboo tubes and coconut wood which makes it a great additional element to your backyard decoration. Its dimension is 20 x 7 x 7 inches and weighs only 15 ounces.

Product highlights
  • Perfectly crafted for indoor and outdoor.
  • With six bamboo tubes of different sizes, collectively producing low resonant and peaceful sounds.
  • Durable and long lasting.

3. Grieving Gifts Wind Chime Gift Loved One Copper Wind Chime for Mom Dad Grandma Gift Memorial Garden or Porch Unique Wind Chime Outdoor Garden Gift Copper Woodstock Chime fast shipping memorial

This type of wind chime by Weathered Raindrop is made up of copper tubes. Its rustic color adds a visually-captivating rustic look.This stunningly hand-crafted wind chime is made especially for people who are mourning or forthose who struggle to find their inner peace.

The unique sound it makes soothes the feeling of sadness and can induce a sense of peace and relaxation. This wind chime is considered to be one of the best deep tone wind chimes.

Product highlights
  • Made from durable and long-lasting materials.
  • Perfect for outdoor memorial garden.
  • Produces deep and relaxing sound.

4. Memorial Wind Chimes Outdoor Deep Tone, 30 Inches Amazing Grace Wind Chime Outdoor, Sympathy Wind-Chime Personalized with 6 Tuned Tubes, Elegant Chime for Garden, Patio, Balcony and Home, Matte Black

This high-quality wind chime by Astarinis made up of powder-coated aluminum tubes and is perfectly hand-crafted and hand-tuned to achieve a clear and exceptional sound. With this wind chime, you will surely appreciate the blissful and melodic sound thatthe breeze will bring.

Product highlights
  • Tubes are made up of aluminum with thick tubing walls which create enduring deep tone.
  • Perfect for garden, patio, and balcony.
  • Premium quality wind chimes.
  • Chimes are perfectly hand-tuned to create harmonious sound.

5. Wind & Weather WC7333-RED Colored Porcelain Koi Fish Wind Chime, in Red

A wind chime that is made from weather-lasting clay and porcelain. This product of Wind & Weather is crafted in the form of Koi fish. This type of wind chime is famous not only because it is visually and acoustically pleasing, but also because of its symbolism.

In some cultures, Koi Fish is known to signify friendship, love, and loyalty. This wind chime is ideal for outdoor patio or decks. The eye-catching design and bright color add the calming feeling of the sea when this is hanged in your backyard.

Product highlights
  • Water-resistant wind chime.
  • Crafted with durable clay and porcelain materials that can last for years.
  • Produces deep, relaxing tones.
  • Perfect for sea-themed gardens and courtyards.

6. Gift Essentials Seaglass and Driftwood Wind Chime

This hand-crafted type of wind chime by Blue Handworks is crafted from natural driftwood and sandblasted glass; making the chimes produce a harmonious sound of clacking glasses when the wind blows through them.

This nature-inspired design brings a dramatic, rustic effect to your place. The chimes’ color shades add up to the visually-captivating effect when sunlight passes through them. It is also a good choice as a gift for people who loves gardening.

Product highlights
  • Chimes are made from sandblasted glass, making them produce gentle and pleasing sound.
  • Chimes are powder-coated to prevent color fading.
  • Made from durable and long-lasting materials.

7. Woodstock Chimes AGMS Amazing Grace Chime, Medium, Silver

This popular wind chime is a product of Woodstock Chimes. The chimes are made up of 6 silver anodized aluminum tubes and the clapper is made from weather-protected, cherry finish ash wood; making this wind chime a very durable and elegant product.

Under normal breeze conditions, the wind chimes are known to produce a pleasant and stress-relieving sound. This is a great additional component to your sanctuary.

Product highlights
  • Chimes are perfectly hand-tuned to produce widely loved and known hymns.
  • Made from sturdy, long-lasting materials.
  • Produces pleasant sounds even under normal breeze conditions.
  • Durable, weather-resistant.

8. Urban Trends Capiz Wind Chime

This multi-colored wind chime by UMA Enterprises is a great choice for people who love colorful decorations. The translucent chimes are made from natural, high-quality capiz seashells and produce soft, tinkling sound.

This is a perfect additional element for mini gardens and enclosed terraces which exhibit colorful and vibrant decorations. It is also a perfect element for spaces that exhibit coastal decorations.

Chimes are made from natural capiz sea shells.
  • Water-resistant wind chime.
  • Colorful yet elegant design.
  • Perfect for enclosed spaces with gentle breeze conditions.

9. Beachcombers 41.25-Inch Long Burnt Flower Bamboo Windchime Brown

This wind chime by Beachcombers is made from bamboo and coconut wood. The bamboo chimes are placed well with minimal strings only under the suspension platform or ring to avoid tangling. The attached windcatcher is also made from durable bamboo.

Product highlights
  • Chimes are made from durable bamboo and coconut wood.
  • Minimalist yet elegant design
  • Materials used are of high quality.
  • Perfect for mini gardens and patios.

10. Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chime for Patio, Garden, Terrace and Balcony – Beautiful Outdoor Decor – Easy to Install Wind Chimes – Durable and Hand Tuned (Natural/Matte Silver, Medium 29″)

This wind chime by Brooklyn Basix is made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials. The chimes are made from durable, sandblasted recycled aluminum tubes while all the wood components are made up of laminated bamboo. This well-crafted wind chime is perfectly hand-tuned to produce a relaxing and stress-relieving sound. The placement of this windchime should be in a space where there is a free-flowing breeze to ensure the best experience.

Product highlights
  • Materials used are sturdy and long-lasting.
  • A perfect gift for any occasion.
  • It can add an impact to a zen garden or any type of garden.

Wind Chimes Buying Guide

Choosing the best wind chimes can sometimes be a bit tricky because aside from the price, there are other things that should be considered when buying one. The following tips may help you decide on buying your first wind chime.


Wind chimes are among the cheapest products that are helpful in eliciting emotions among the listeners-probably the prime factor as to why people are buying this type of product. There may be various designs to choose from when buying wind chimes but it should not be the foremost consideration when buying one. The design should still not compromise the purpose. Although first introduced as a musical instrument, most people buy and use the best wind chimes not only because of the soothing sound they make but also because of the healing and energizing effect that they believe these instruments induce.


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