The Best Wooden Mailbox Reviews 2021

We want to keep saving our mails from wind, dust, rain, and thief. For this purpose, we use a mailbox. But the question is what kind of mailbox we need? There are many types of mailbox made out of wood. But which one is the best wooden mailbox that keeps our mails safe from air, dust, rain, and thief. Let’s check out different mailboxes so we are easy to judge.

Best Wooden Mailbox 2021

1 – Flambeau T-1003 Barn with Black Roof

Best Wooden Mailbox Reviews

What a beautiful, simple and wooden residential mailbox with beautiful contrast of red and black. It is long lasting and weather resistant mailbox that enhance the beauty of my wooden house.

It is carefully crafted with a deep texture to protect the mails. It is also suitable as a rural mailbox. Its long lasting paint keeps safe mails from the weather condition. Every postman can easy to use it.

Product highlights
  • It is ready to install with pre-drilled holes.
  • Eye catching color.
  • Good for small packages.
  • Very sturdy, keep safe mail from thieves.

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2 – Painted Amish Mailbox with Cedar Roof and Windows & Door Trim

Painted Amish Mailbox with Cedar Roof and Windows & Door Trim

Amish mailbox comes in different colors, white and gray, dark gray with white trim, cream with white trim, Wedgewood blue and white trim. Its colors are heat resistant, so images which are in the mailbox do not become faded. It has a beautiful home design, windows, and a door. The door is used to the entrance of mail.

The size is medium, good for small packages. It has galvanized wood screws which protect it from rain and its large roof keep away the rain from its walls. Its weight is 16.45 pounds and the product dimension is 22 x 12.5 x 14.5 inches. It ranked in the best seller among amazon wooden mailbox products.

Product highlights
  • Plastic door and window.
  • Galvanized paint coat to save from termites.
  • Cedar wood mailbox roof, design to protect from rain and snow.
  • Copolymer material with interior strut construction.
  • Handcrafted, so it has no fault. Every inch checks after joining each part.

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3 – Gibraltar Mailboxes Cedar Drive-In Aromatic Cedar Wood, Mailbox Post, DPK00000

Gibraltar Mailboxes Cedar Drive-In Aromatic Cedar Wood, Mailbox Post, DPK00000

When we install wooden mailbox. We need a mailbox post holder. It is simple but hard to break. Its height is perfect which is easy to see from far and keep mails secure from an animal attack. It does not require a lot of strength to drive into the ground.

Product highlights
  • It can support up to 120lbs mailbox post cover.
  • Natural aromatic cedar color.
  • We can attach different types of mailbox like GMB505B01 or GMB515B01.
  • All hardware are included like steel anchor for digging and pre-notched for assembling.

4 – Mayne 581000100 Dover Small Mail Post Only

Mayne 581000100 Dover Mail Post Only

If you are planning to purchase a new mailbox stand, then Mayne 5810-W is the best choice for you. It has a new England style mailbox pole. It is very elegant for mailboxes and posts.

It comes in three different colors, white, clay, and black. It is suitable for small lawns and small mailboxes. It also has long-lasting protection from the elements.

It comes with a decorative post and mailbox support arm with a paper holder. It has a high quality of 100% polyethylene with built-in UV inhibitors for longer use.

Product highlights
  • It has an arm for paper holding.
  • It is made out of plastics and it is durable from fading and cracking.
  • It is a medium size holder and suitable for mailboxes weighing less than 14lbs.
  • It is shipped in two boxes (standard post MP5802W / arm MP5810W).

5 – Gibraltar Mailboxes Cedar Deluxe Drive-In Aromatic Cedar Wood, Mailbox Post, DPKX0000

Gibraltar Mailboxes Cedar Deluxe Drive-In Aromatic Cedar Wood, Mailbox Post, DPKX0000

It has a simple mailbox installation cedar deluxe drive. Gibraltar mailboxes are very cheap, easy to buy, and easy to install. It is made in the U.S.A.
You will get all the mounting tools with this wooden mailbox. This one is a weather-resistant wooden mailbox post. You can install it on the ground without using any tools for it. 

Consumers will love this unique wooden mailbox. This is an unfinished wood mailbox. So you need wooden mailbox plans to make it appear cool. This one is also a paintable wooden mailbox.

Product highlights
  • The cedar deluxe drive is made of genuine aromatic red color.
  • It does not require digging or anchoring in concrete.
  • It can support up to 50 LBS mailbox.

6. Highwood AD-MLBX1-BKE Hazelton Mailbox

Highwood AD-MLBX1-BKE Hazelton Mailbox

Hazelton mailbox is one of the best mailboxes that you will ever see. This one is one of the outdoor wooden mailboxes that will never get destroyed overtimes. It is weatherproof. You can say this one is a timber frame mailbox post.

It will not crack, peel, or rot, no matter how much it is on the outside. You don’t have to paint it to make it look good. But it looks like real wood. Its texture is also smooth and has the perfect finish.

This one has 304 Grade Stainless Steel hardware. It is both durable and fade-resistant. You can assemble it easily. This mailbox is 5 W x 58 H x 28 D inches. You can use it for decorative mailboxes.

Product highlights
  • It is environment friendly mail box pole.
  • You can assemble it with 304 stainless steel hardware.
  • It has a shelf that can support any weight of a mailbox.

7. Mayne 5811-BK Rockport Double Mailbox Post

Mayne 5811-BK Rockport Double Mailbox Post

A perfect mailbox comes with accessories and hardware that you can use for home improvement tools. This one is suitable for large gardens. It is a double mailbox post-build. You can share it or you can use it as multi-family units.

It comes in three colors black, clay, and white. It is easily usable for multi-families, lives in one home. You can install it easily over a standard 4×4 wood post.

It contains high quality of 100% polyethylene with built-in UV inhibitors. If you are receiving too many emails in a day, then it is perfect for you because it supports two mailboxes and two arms with paper holders.

Product highlights
  • A medium size mail box holder minimum 6 and a half inch width.
  • It is used for both purpose residential and commercial.
  • The product ships in two boxes, first standard post MP5802C and the second is two paper holder arms MP5811C.

8. Dutch Barn Style Wooden News Mailbox Red w/White Trim Amish Made in USA

Dutch Barn Style Wooden News Mailbox Red w/White Trim Amish Made in USA

This Amish wooden mailbox looks like those wooden house mailboxes. This vintage wooden mailbox is the best for both rural areas and the city. This cedar wooden mailbox by Amish comes with a mailbox post with a newspaper box.

This mailbox post with a newspaper holder will make sure you can get the newspaper every day. It looks firm and sturdy. So you can use it for a longer time than you think.

It is used for outdoor mailbox and post with wonderful quality and workmanship. It is designed to meet US postal service requirements. It contains weather-proof TI-11 plywood for the floor and sides.

Product highlights
  • Handcrafted news mailbox has cedar roof.
  • One side is the mailbox and the other side is an opening for the newspaper.
  • Red flag is included.
  • Weather-proof plywood for the floor and sides.

9. Good Directions 999191 Lazy Hill Farm Designs Sovereign Large Cedar Mailbox Post, White

Good Directions 999191 Lazy Hill Farm Designs Sovereign Cedar Mailbox Post, White

A Classic mailbox post comes with extremely high quality and beautiful design which is compatible with different traditional architectural styles. You need a replacing wooden mailbox post for it.

It needs cement to anchor. It comes with all the equipment that you need to build it. It needs a custom wood post. Its classic look and compatible design will make sure you can love it.

This large wooden mailbox post will surely be your taste. It has all the sturdy materials that you will love to use. Its decorative arm gives it an elegant vibe that you will like.

Product highlights
  • It fits for large mailbox.
  • Very sturdy because it is made of wood not plastic and ready to assemble.
  • Decorative cap elevates curb appeal.

10. Log Cabin- Look Mailbox Cedar Finish With Green Trim Amish Made In USA

Log Cabin- Look Mailbox Cedar Finish With Green Trim Amish Made In USA

This one is from the Amish wooden mailbox. It is both a handcrafted and durable custom wooden mailbox. It has had a natural cedar color stain finish. This wooden mailbox’s dimensions are 10 W x 18 D x 15 H inches.

Its color is cedar stain with green trim. It is tamper-proof mountain hardware. It is a secure mailbox for your mails. It’s trim and decoration are weather-resistant plastic. So you can say this wooden mailbox for home.

You can also use it as a wooden mailbox for home. This wooden mailbox shield is cedar. It has a latch system, not a locking one. You can use this wooden mailbox for the classroom.

Product highlights
  • Elegant design of roof shingles.
  • Useful for one family.
  • Red flag included.
  • 10 W x 18 D x 15 H inches

Best Wooden Mailbox Buying Guide

Everyone wants a mailbox for his home in which he can save his daily mail and newspaper even if he is out of home or inside busy work for a long time. Before buying a mailbox and mailbox post holder, you should read the best wooden mailbox reviews online and get to know about the following features.

Parts of a mailbox:

A mailbox has various parts for example a red flag, pulling knob, amain box for mail. Traditional mailboxes are no longer required to be built according to USPS. The new standard is:

  • Length: approximately 18 9/16 to 22 13/16 inches.
  • Width: 6 ¼ to 11 inches
  • Height: 6 to 15 inches

Parts of a mailbox holder:

Mailbox holder has many parts such as finial, number plate, post, newspaper holder (optional), bracket support brace, digging tool (optional) and base. The standard size of an assemble product is 20×6.75×8.88 inches.

Durable and weather resistant:

When you are buying a mailbox or a mailbox holder, must keep this point in your mind. Your product must have galvanize paint coat to save it from termites and rusts.It is made of quality Cedar wood, that can safe it from cracks.

Roof of the mailbox:

The roof of a mailbox must protect its wall and inside from rain and snow and do not blow away in a windy season. For this purpose some mail box has roof shingles and some has plywoods roofs.

Quality of a mailbox:

Some mailboxes are cheap. The company who sells cheap mailboxes, is using cheap material. They claim it made of cedar wood, but actually they use another kind of wood and do not coat it with reliable paint that’s why a mailbox destroy within a month.

Secure mailbox post:

Mail theft is the stealing of any piece of mail include letter, postal card, package, bag, identity information and any other article or thing contained.But the question is that how can we save our mailbox from theft?

They are some useful tips through which you can save your mail:

  • Invest a security camera
  • Report to the USPS
  • Collect your mail in time

There are more advanced anti-theft mailboxes with a special locking system to secure your letters and identity information.

At least make your mailbox in good condition to gain the basic mailbox theft protection. It must molded from top grade copolymer material with interior strut construction to make it safe.

Above ground mailbox post:

Your mailbox post must be above the ground so that your mails keep safe from animal attack, children and flood in a rainy day. That’s why when you buy a mailbox holder, must notice its height from the ground.

Your mailbox must be high enough to see from far away in this way it is easy for a postman to find your mailbox.


Overall, our findings provide additional information about the best wooden mailbox. You have a choice to buy a wooden mailbox according to your need, whether you buy a single wooden mailbox or double mailbox for your massive mails. There is an attractive, stylish, elegant mailbox of different designs from Flambeau, Mayne, Gibraltar, and Highwood. You can select anyone in any color and size of your choice which is according to USPS standards. It is up to you what is your desire and needs, but before buying the best wooden mailbox, please read out online reviews and the ratings of these mailboxes.

After reading this article you can easily make a decision because we have discussed all the features of every mailbox and holder in detail. Let’s enhance the beauty of your garden with a stylish and secure mailbox.


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