Best Wooden Train Sets 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best wooden train sets

Toy trains have been the best toy for kids in every generation. We also have played with toy trains in our childhood. We also want our kids can play with this toy. As parents, we all want the best for our kids. There are many kinds of wooden train sets in markets beside Melissa and Doug bowling set. Some are a battery-powered train, some are a classic train, some electric train, some give a table set and some are not. Among all of these, you need to find the best wooden train set for your toddler. In this article, I am going to review these wooden train sets.

Best Overall: KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table
Best Value: Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set
Budget-Friendly: Tiny Conductor Carl Wooden Train Track Town
Most Popular: Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set
Wooden Train Set: Buying Guide

Best Wooden Train Sets in 2021

1. KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

Learning becomes fun when you have a KidKraft waterfall mountain train set and table. It comes with three strong red plastic cartons that can slide under the table for effortless storage. It has a Special T-molded edge to prevent chipping. The landscaped play board is silk-screened.

This train comes with 120 durable pieces, which make this brightly and attractively colored KidKraft train set perfect for creative play.

The table is 48 3/4″, by 32 1/2″ by 15″ and made out of sturdy wood. This train set has a helipad, helicopter, small airport runway that consists of four puzzle pieces, a plane, a plastic mountain with a waterfall, a bridge, a turntable that really works, a crane, and small wooden pieces made to look like a hospital, police station, fire station, and gas station.

Instructions on the track are very poorly described. So, some of you might have trouble understanding.

2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set

Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set

This train set is best for 3-year-old or up kids. This set is big compares to other train sets. Its design is different compared to others, and it is a bit difficult. But it adds more fun.

It has a total of 130 pieces. There are 100 pieces for the train track and the remaining 30 for the trains and other accessories. It is durable and secure. This set has various types of trains, trees, bridges, etc.

This train set includes a freight train with cargo, a passenger train, and a flatbed truck. It has four different configurations. The instructions, for this set is easy. You can understand it well. It has durable wooden materials and you can use laundry detergent to clean them.

But there are some cons magnets are not enough to connect the train cars. Track pieces don’t fit perfectly. Some people have accused that pieces are missing from the box. Other than these cons, this set is idle for kids.

3. Tiny Conductor Carl Wooden Train Track Town

Tiny Conductor Carl Wooden Train Track Town

This Conductor Carl Wooden Train Track Town is education for kids. It is ideal for 3-year-old to 6-year-old kids. It looks like a clover shape. This train set has 67 pieces. It has all accomplices like a train car, long curved tracks, short curved tracks, four male-to-male connectors, and more.

This set is compatible and made of real wood. Its quality is surprisingly great. You can say this is the best wooden train sets for toddlers. It is easy to play. And you can purchase it at a reasonable price. 

This playset encourages your kids to do something creative and productive. It develops your kid’s social and cognitive skills. It is compatible with Thomas & Friend Train Set and Brio Train Sets.

It is very easy to mold. You can also consider Peppa pig toys.

Make sure you check all pieces are in this set. The bridges are not suitable high to fit. The pieces can fall apart easily.

Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set

For a crafted solid wooden train kit, Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set can be a good option for you. This set can give unlimited hours of fun for kids. This set has a train engine, coaches, buildings, a bridge, city vehicles, road signs, trees, and figurines. 

This train set is beautifully crafted with solid wooden. It has 100 pieces. It is fun to play a triple-loop layout. It combines with two very handy and a 3-way track pieces for future expansion.

It fits 100% with Thomas Wooden and Brio Railway System. This train set has passed CPSC’s test. They are a great starter for your kid. It can be extended into a larger set. It has a quality of colorful ingredients to spark creative play.

But maybe these track pieces will not pit together perfectly. It doesn’t have enough pieces included connecting track. Sometimes these wooden pieces can split.

While playing you can give them water in the Estilo glass water bottle.

5. Orbrium Toys Wooden Train Set

Orbrium Toys Wooden Train Set

Orbrium Toys Wooden Train Set can increase your kid’s imagination. Be it the train under the bridge or passengers at the train station or stopping at the railroad crossing, there is no stopping for your kid’s imagination. This playset is also compatible with other brands so your kid can expend his/her imagination with it.

The 52 pcs set includes 23 tracks, 4 trains/cars, 1 railroad crossing, 1 train station, 1 bridge, 7 building pieces, 8 trees, 7 figurines/road signs.

So we can say this is a great beginner set or increase to the existing train set. It encourages kids to apply their creativity in problem-solving. It is a great beginner train set for toddlers 3 years and up. If you compare this train set with other brands, this one will give hours of fun. 

But some people reviewed that some pieces were missing from the set. And these pieces splinter, break apart or may not fit together.

This train set contains small pieces and may cause a choking risk for your kid.

6. KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train Set

KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train Set

It is a great train set that comes with 61 pieces and a durable storage box. It is brilliantly detailed wooden pieces. It encourages your kids to play with creativity. The construction of this playset is smart and strong. 

The packaging of this product is very detailed and the instructions are easy to understand. It contains train track pieces, a mountain with three waterfalls and a lake, a fire truck and police station, airport with a helicopter and helipad. When kids finish their play, they can keep all the pieces in the storage box.

You can say this is the best wooden train for toddlers to play. It allows your kid to use their creativity to create different track configurations. It is not expensive. It comes at a reasonable price. It fits with other train sets.

But because its pieces are small, your kids choke it while playing. Some track pieces don’t fit together and can spread like Toysery bubble gun.

7. Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Motorized Railway

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Motorized Railway

We have seen a lot of trains set for your younger one. Now, it’s time for your older kids. This train set design is inspired by Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends DVD movie, The Great Race. This is an electric train set.

This train set is over six feet long with two separate tracks for racing each other. Your kid just needs to do is, place Thomas and Percy on the track and release the brake. Then they’re off to the races.

They’ll complete each other with a full loop on a separate train track. The one who finishes the line first is the winner.

This train set is uniquely designed for toy trains so they can go at high speeds to cross the finish line.

It allows kids to build their custom railway. The railway can be increased to create a longer race track. It encourages your kids to develops their thoughts and creativity.

But their train track connections aren’t smooth to running or trains stopping or needing to be pushed to continue racing. Batteries need to be replaced regularly.

8. Orbrium Toys triple-Loop Wooden Train Set Fits Thomas Brio Chugging ton

Orbrium Toys triple-Loop Wooden Train Set Fits Thomas Brio Chugging ton

This clover-shaped train track is made of solid wood. This is a 100 piece of a train set. It has a triple-loop layout. So it is fun to play. It has 2 very versatile 3-way track pieces for future expansion.

This set comes along with an engine, coaches, a bridge, buildings, city vehicles like a police cruiser, ambulance, cars, buses, road signs, trees, and figurines. It is perfectly compatible with Thomas Wooden and the Brio toddler train set.

These train sets passed CPSC’s test. And they have complied with CPSIA. It is made from beautiful beech wood. This train is not for under 3-year-old kid. It is affordable. It is easy to assemble.

The pieces are very small your kids can choke this. So be careful. The most irritating thing is the piece that divides the track into three sections just keeps splitting and would be good for the kids if they wear rubber clogs. You need to use glue to stick together. The bridge is not tall enough to fit a train. It might cause a problem.

9. Conductor Carl Wooden Train Track Town

Conductor Carl Wooden Train Track Town

This train set is similar to the previous one. This one has 2 engines, 34 pieces of track, 12 vehicles, 15 people/signs, and 39 trees and houses. So you can say this one is adventurous.

This one is different from other train sets. It is for 3 years old or up. It is also designed like a clover. It has all parts that needed for a train set. You can add your pre-built train sets from any other major brand. It sticks well. Trains and cars connect magnetically.

For the price, this set is pretty good. This set is the best wooden train sets for toddlers but not for older kids. If you buy this for your older kid, make sure you have purchased some extra pieces.

It can be a great Christmas gift for your kid. It may be a cheap wooden train but better than the plastic one.

Check all the pieces after buying it. Pieces can fall apart easily.

10. Conductor Carl Train Set

Conductor Carl Train Set

Your kids will enjoy this Conductor Carl Train Set. This set comes with a toy train table set. It will give your kid an adventurous experience. 

This wooden train set comes with Conductor Carl Engine Car, 43 pieces of track, 9 vehicles, 10 people & signs, 18 trees & houses, and the Conductor Carl table. 

This train is just perfect for toddlers. They can make their world with their creative mind. They can solve problems. The wooden track is single-piece construction. It has no dangerous loose pins.

It passed the CPSIA test. This train is certified lead and phthalates free. So it is safe for your kid. This train set is compatible with other major brands like brio train etc.

Parents need to drill holes in the set because original ones aren’t placed in the right spot. The train table can be damaged when you are unpacking pieces and during construction.

Wooden Train Sets Buying Guide


There are many kinds of wooden train sets. It is kind of tough to find the best wooden set for your kids. In this article, I have just given my opinion about these train sets. It is up to you which one you will use for your kids. So I hope you will buy the best wooden train set for your kid.

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