How to Describe My Dream House

Everyone has a dream house that they love to imagine. Since childhood, I had imagined my dream house. A dream house is where everything will be according to my taste, Where I can feel relaxed and happy. I have imagined every detail about my dream house. Starting from the garden to the kitchen, I have planned about everything.

This will be a place where I would love to come after the whole day’s work. It will be a place where I would love to spend every minute. I want to keep there everything that makes me happy and cheerful. Now I will describe to you my dream house in this article.

Location of my dream house

I want to have my dream house not far away from the city. But a place where not many people live. After living in a busy city, I want to live somewhere where I can feel the fresh air. This will be a place that I would love to call my home.

There will be a garden in the back yard of my house. I would love to get a big lawn. I want my house to be in a place where I can get all the privileges in emergencies. 

I know getting this type of place is a bit hard and costs money. But I will try to achieve my dreams.

The rooms of my dream house

I want spacious rooms in my house. There will be six bedrooms, a laundry room, a kitchen, bathrooms. I always have wanted a big house where I can live with my family. 

I want to keep the design of my room minimalistic. It becomes bothersome if your room has too much furniture. I want to keep the best electric bed bug heater in my rooms. So even if there are bugs in my room, it will be killed immediately.

The rooms of my dream house

In my bedroom, there will be a big window and a veranda toward the garden. So that whenever I woke up in the morning, the first thing I will see my lovely garden.

I have read about some best room divider ideas articles on the internet. And they have inspired me to keep a room divider in my bedroom and drawing-room. 

I would love to make my bathroom big. It will make me feel relax whenever I am coming home from work and have a proper bath.

In my laundry room, I will keep there a washing machine, a basket where I will keep clothes, iron, iron board, and some replacement ironing board covers.

In my drawing-room, I will keep a fireplace. And near it, I will keep a fireplace wood holder. It will help me to feel the warmth during the winter season.

The color scheme of my dream house

I want my interior rooms should contain light shades. A bright color room gives your room a pleasant look. If you use a dark color for interior rooms, then they don’t make your room bright and shiny. I want to give proper lighting in my rooms. Because lighting can change the concept of colors.
But there would be some rooms where I want to use dark colors. It will give a serious look into the room. In my kitchen, I will use blue, green, and yellow colors. It will inspire me to cook and lighten my mood. And it will give me a good vibe.

Outside of My dream house

The main door of my dream house should be big but not that fancy. I will keep a night guard. And there would be a cheap wooden mailbox from where I will receive my letters or any documents. There will be a swimming pool with water in the backyard of my dream house. So, whenever I want, I can swim there.

I want my dream house to look picturesque from the outside. A classic traditional and simple gate would work fine for me. I will have a garage outside of my house where I will keep my car. I will use heavy-duty nylon garage door rollers so that they can move easily and last long. There will also be a servant room for the night guard.

A dreamy garden

From my childhood, I have always love to do gardening. I know a lot of things about gardening. That is why I have always dreamed of having a lawn or garden in front of my house. It is a great way to keep your mind fresh and happy. In a garden, you can get fresh air and utilize your thoughts.

A dreamy garden

I will plant many types of flowers and trees. I would like to plant Gloriosa Daisy, Marigolds, Yarrow, Beardtongue, Dahlia, Coreopsis, Pineapple Lily, etc. I will get some flea and tick spray for yards so that my garden can remain in good condition. I want to make a treehouse in my garden.


I know it is a difficult job to get such a house if you don’t have a good amount of money. But I will work hard to get a house like this. I want to make mine every dream come true everything regarding this dream house. I hope one day I will succeed to get my dream house.


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