Physical Development in Toddlers 1-3 years

When a little baby turns into a toddler, he becomes more confident and wants to do everything by himself. This is the time when you can nurture their health and physical development. Physical development in toddlers 1-3 years is dramatically slow. At this time, they can’t express their feelings. As a parent, you need to understand their feelings.

From birth to 3 months

In this stage, they are babies. But they can recognize their parents well. This time they try to discover their own voice. Although they don’t understand anything but express their feelings by crying and smiling. They communicate with people in their way. They love to make eye contact with people.

They try to stretches their arms and legs all by themselves. Their muscles will start to develop at this time. They try to lift the head by lying on tummy. They happily gurgle if you give them attention. In this time, you do need to make them feel secure.

If you make any sounds or do a movement, then they will happily hold their head up to search for it. 

They can roll over the side, that’s why you need to be careful. Don’t keep them alone in a room. They try to hold objects at this time. So you can give them cheap pit balls

Some babies do not sleep in the night. It is not an abnormal thing. Some babies do this. Just make sure you take care of them. Give them natural milk at this time. It will be best for them. It will improve their health as well as their growth.

From 3 to 6 months

From 3 to 6 months, they start to be strong. They can lift their head 90 degrees. It becomes easy for them to grip toys. They start to leaning sit with someone’s help. If you help them, then they can stand. They can listen and understand everything. Some babies even try to talk.

If you call them, they try to respond to it. They enjoy social interactions. At this time, they can rollover. So it is dangerous to leave them alone. They try to show interest in colors. 

They can recognize their close people. And they love to be with them. They try to show their happy emotion by laughing and squealing. If you remove a toy from their sight, they think it does not exist. And starts to cry for that toy.

In three to six months, a kid becomes more sensitive. They can understand what is happening yo them. They try to do everything. They babble in front of everyone and then wait for a response. They love it if you respond to their babble.

From 6 to 12 months

Starting from 6 to 12 months, if you call them by their name, they easily recognize it. They can sit for a long time without anyone’s help. So you can gift them junior chairs for toddlers. They can sit in there. They love to babble and expect everyone to understand it.

After 8 months, they try to walk. They love to crawling and walking. Sometimes they can get scared of strangers peoples. They can take sip water from a lidless cup.

Sometimes they get nightmares and don’t sleep at night at all. They can show their likes and dislikes or happy or sad expression strongly. They love it if they become the center of attention.

From 12 to 18 months

A 12 to 18 months kid is old and strong to walk and stand solely. You can get them kids plastic clogs as they start to walk by themself. They want to explore everything around them. They have lots of energy. Al the day hey try to play with their toys as they start to understand everything. You can get them the train set for 1-year-old for them.

They are old enough to eat healthy food. They try to hold a spoon and feed themself. They try to climb out of the crib, which is dangerous. They can get hurt from it.

They talk in short phrases as they can say a full sentence. When you talk to them, they respond to it. They understand basic sentences and speaks in small sentences

They can follow simple directions if you give them. They can understand much more than they express it to peoples. They love to see pictures in a book.

If he becomes the center of attention in any gathering, then he loves being it. They love to be alone. They try to play best by themself. They don’t even want to share toys with anyone.

They become impatient at this age and want their favorite things right now.

From 18 to 36 months

At this time they have become enough mature to say two or 3-word sentences. They can count and use some new words. You can get them a  bristle blocks farm set as they can understand shapes and sizes. They love to copies adult behaviors such as talking on a phone. You can give them a toy mobile phone for 2-year-old.

They start to have an interest in a new person, thing, or sound. They love to tell others stories, sings songs, and play. They can run, climb, kick, and throw a ball.

They like to help parents by doing chores in the house. So you can give them a toy vacuum for 2-year-old. It will make them feel that they are cleaning the house with the toy vacuum cleaner.

They try to be the boss but need to know that parents set some limits to them. It makes them frustrated. They try to solve all the problems by trial and error.

They have a lot of fears and can have nightmares. They love to in group activities. They become familiar with their daily routines. They don’t like their things and toys with other kids. They become jealous if their parents give attention to other kids.

You can get them a power wheel car with parental remote. They love to play with durable sand toys.

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