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Making a garden in the school is a great idea. It can help kids to do some extra curriculum activities. They can learn something new. And gardening is a great hobby. It can open their mind to do something new. It makes them active. They can learn about plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. It is a great way to keep their mind fresh.

It is not a new idea to make a garden in school. Many schools have done this before. I know this era is all about technology. If if they do something like gardening practically, then it would be better for them. Not every school has a facility to make a garden in the school.

Types of Gardens

As I have said before, not every school has enough space and facilities to make a garden in the school. For some schools, it is impossible to have a garden due to space problems. There are mainly two types of gardens. And these are:

Now I will explain these two types of gardens that you can make in your school.

Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardens are for those school that does not have enough backyard to do gardening. You may need to do gardening in a room or a greenhouse. But it is not that bad. You can plant many things.

Indoor Gardens


If the school doesn’t have any extra place where they can make a proper garden, then it is best to make an indoor garden. You can use raised garden bed materials to make the garden in a small space. With the help of it, you can focus on growing the vegetables than on building and preparing the garden beds.

Other than this, you can make a DIY planter box that can help you to settle your garden in a small place. You can do some houseplants on it.

Proper care

All you need to care about is to see whether there is enough sunlight or not. If there is not enough sunlight, then you can get some grow lights. It will help you to get enough light to grow the plants.

Decoration Idea:

You can do some leaf collecting with the students and decorate the wall with it if you are planning to do the gardening in a room. It will look great on it. Other than this, you can let decide this decoration idea to the students.

They can use a T-shirt designed for the garden groundbreaking event. I will make some differences from the other indoor gardens. You can keep dummy security cameras to stop plucking trees.

Outdoor Gardens

If your school has a ground that is big enough to do some gardening, then you can make an outdoor garden. Outdoor gardens require a large area to do some gardening. You can grow there a lot of plants.

Outdoor Gardens


To maintain your garden, you need some ingredients that can help you to manage your garden. You can use flea spray for yard lowes to maintain your ground. It will reduce all the greasy weeds of your garden.

To kill the crabgrass, you can use a crabgrass killer. If you are troubling to find the proper crabgrass killer, then you can read our roundup crabgrass killer reviews. It will help you to find the best one.

You can plant many more things in an outdoor garden. Although it is not easy to maintain, with the help of students, you can do it better.

Decoration Idea:

You can place a house-shaped bird feeder in the garden. It will look good on it. You can also raise birds in the garden. Try to grow different kinds of flowers. It will give a colorful look. Other than this, you can let select this design idea for the students.

You can keep scarecrow sprinklers in the ground. It can give water as well as will keep your garden safe from the students who keep plucking the plants. You can keep Dummy Security Cameras to stop plucking trees.

Seasonal Pattern

You can plant the tress according to seasonal patterns. When the seasons change, you can also change the plants. It will make your garden looks better.

You can research about spring, summer, winter, and Autumn flowers, fruits, and vegetables. And then plant it. It is a fun way to teach students about seasonal plants.
They can know many more things about gardens with the help of a school garden.

Benefits of School Gardens

There are many benefits of school gardens. It will do a good many things for the students. It will help them to learn about gardens, plants, and geography.

With the help of gardening, students can make a strong bond with their classmates. This type of bond can make unity among themselves. It will be a good help to the school and the students.

In this digital era, students can connect children with nature because of gardening. They will know about nature.

It can stimulate children’s immune systems. It can make a balance in our immune systems into our overly purified world. Getting dirty because gardening is not bad at all.

It helps students to stay active and energetic. It is great for their health. They can do jumping, bending, lifting, and stretching with the help of gardening.

It can reduce anxiety. It is good for those students who are suffering from depression and anxiety. It will make them busy and lighten up their mood. It is an excellent way to reduce anxiety issues.

It can develop understanding and practice risk among the students. Students can get to know about the interdependency of nature.

When a student starts doing gardening, they eat more fresh vegetables than a normal student. So it is a great way to start to improve children’s diets.


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